Dulce de Papaya cocina yucateca

Recipe for Dulce de Papaya

1 papaya of 3 kilos approx.
1 kilo sugar
10 grams cinnamon sticks
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 liter water
3 tbs. baking powder
6 fig leaves
100 grams cubed Dutch cheese

Clean the papaya and remove the skin and seeds. Cut lengthwise in strips 4 to 5 cm. wide, then in triangles 7 x 5 cm. Soak in water with baking powder, enough to cover, for an hour, then rinse.

Put in a pot and add the sugar, water, vanilla, cinnamon and fig leaves. Cover and cook at low heat for 90 min. without stirring. Remove from heat and cool before chilling. Serve with cheese cubes.

Photo credit: Habaneros Restaurante

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