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What to do in Yucatán in January

04 january 2024
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The best way to start the year is to enjoy everything that Yucatán has to offer in January, from carnivals throughout the state, beautiful beaches, fairs, special dates, and the typical nature of this month, to recreational parks and more.



January 5 - 24: Merida Fest 2024

There's still one more week of art, music, tributes, cinema, and culinary treasures at the Mérida Fest! Check the activities on FB: Yucatán Today and FB: Visit Mérida MX. Remember, the last day is January 24.



January 6th: Happy Birthday Mérida

The Mérida Fest begins with Rosca de Reyes, but goes on through January 23! Remember there are in-person and online activities; check out the full program on social media FB: Mérida es Cultura.  



January 26 - February 5: San Felipe Festivities

Your new adventure should start in the port of San Felipe. In early February, enjoy not only the beach but also its patron saint festival with dances, traditional Yucatecan festivities, and, of course, lots of Yucatecan snacks. Through February 5.

FB: H. Ayuntamiento San Felipe Yucatán 2021-2024


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