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What to do in Yucatán in February

01 february 2024
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Another month of 2024, learn how to enjoy all the special dates that await us in the most Yucatecan way. Take advantage of these months to take photos with some of the most beautiful flowers in Yucatán; the Makulís (pink) and the Tajonal (yellow). The season ends in February.



February 1st - 14: Carnaval de Progreso 2024

The port of Progreso doesn't lag behind and also celebrates carnival from February 1 to 17. Don't forget to leave early; there's usually traffic. Check the schedule on Yucatán Today's social media.



February 2nd: La Candelaria

Did you get the figurine in the Rosca de Reyes (Kings’ Cake)? Then get ready to treat everyone to tamales on Candlemas Day (February 2). If you're buying them, order in advance; if you want to showcase your culinary skills, the recipe for Yucatecan tamales is on our website.


You can also enjoy tasty tamales at the Candelaria Fair in the Magical Town of Valladolid, throughout the last week of January. Check the calendar of activities and attractions on FB: Valladolid Pueblo Mágico



February 7 - 14: Carnaval de Mérida 2024

Fun in Mérida never stops! Now it's time for Carnaval. From February 7 to 14, enjoy concerts by renowned artists in different genres. Check the program on FB: Yucatán Today



February 14th: Valentine's Day

In Mérida, there are endless places to eat deliciously; make sure to book. Another romantic option is to visit any of Yucatán’s seven Magical Towns.



February 25: Car Race

If you're into exotic cars, don’t miss the race at Autódromo Yucatán Emerson Fittipaldi on February 25, and check out the best high-end, modified, tuned, and collector cars. 

FB: Autódromo Yucatán    



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