When you’re looking for adventures with children, Valladolid is always an excellent choice. Just 15 minutes from the city center, you’ll find Xuux Peek, which in Maya means “smart dog.” This ecotourism hotel from the Tecnohotel family is the first to offer a glamping experience. It also has two cenotes, hiking trails, a swimming pool, games, and camping areas. Xuux Peek is a perfect place for a full weekend getaway for families with babies, young, or older children, but also with friends or just your significant other.


The Glamping

Xuux Peek’s Glamping area features six cargo containers that have been converted into private rooms. They’re equipped with air conditioning, a private bathroom, beds, electricity, and a closet. Outside, each has a private terrace and common areas for campfires.



The cenotes

You’ll find two cenotes in Xuux Peek. One of them is for observation only; the other is a beautiful cenote with a cavern, where you can swim or take a kayak ride.


Other services

In addition to glamping, Xuux Peek offers six very comfortable rooms equipped with A/C, Wi-Fi, cable TV, telephone, and a private bathroom. It also has a restaurant area; where events such as destination weddings and Maya weddings can be held.


It has spaces for camping, signaled hiking trails, bike tours, and a very (!!) refreshing pool.


Experience with small kids

I visited Xuux Peek with my 2-year-old son. We had an amazing time: every activity was an adventure for both of us, from entering the cenote and hiking the trails to swimming in the pool and birdwatching. Also, being there, at night in the middle of the jungle, with the sounds of the crickets lulling us to sleep, and then waking up to the Heladez (the chill you get in Yucatán when it’s humid), the mist, and the chirping of the Chichimbacales (lesser goldfinches) and Cenzontles (tropical mockingbirds) typical of early morning hours in Yucatán’s magical towns…What a unique experience. 


This Is a great place to stay for at least one night; however, if you have the option, staying two nights is even better. Here, away from everything, you can really connect with nature and those around you, and enjoy the pleasure found in simplicity.




  • Hotel: From $1,800 pesos per night (2 adults + 2 children up to 12 years old)
  • Glamping: $1,200 pesos per night (2 adults per room)
  • Camping: $250 pesos per person per night
  • Day-pass: from $250 pesos per person per day

Rates include free access to Xuux Peek’s areas and services (pool, cenote, trails, restrooms, Wi-Fi, and restaurant area).



WhatsApp / Tel. 999 597 7095
IG: @xuuxpeek
FB: Xuux Peek Hotel Ecoturístico


By Jaziel Carballo


Photography by Jaziel Carballo for its use in Yucatán Today.

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