Ruta Puuc Uxmal by Yucatán Today


Begin your week by visiting the Puuc Route’s flagship site: Uxmal. When you’re done, add a special something to your visit with a visit to Choco-Story, the Cacao Eco-Museum. On your way to Maní, where you’ll spend the night, you can make a quick stop at the Santa Elena Museum, where you can learn about the Maya Social War, most widely known as the Yucatán Caste War.



Lol Beh Mukbilpollo en Maní by Yucatán Today


In the Magical Town of Maní, enjoy a delicious breakfast at El Poc-chuquero before going on the tour of the St. Michael former convent. Then, head to Restaurante Lol-Beh, where you’ll learn how to make your Mukbilpollo; while that’s in the oven, visit Doña Marilú Burgos and learn how traditional Xookbil Chuy (the Maya word for cross-stitching) garments are embroidered. Do keep in mind that these activities are by advance reservation. At dinner time, try the burgers at Hiccups.



Cenotes Santa Bárbara by Arianne Osalde


We’re off to Homún, where we’ll be visiting a few of its gorgeous cenotes; you’ll find everything from a simple cave opening filled with water (such as Cheel Paak) to a full-service visitor center (like Santa Bárbara). Make the most of the day, and then relax with an outdoor cinema and campfire night while glamping at Hameki.



Izamal Cuatritours by Sara Alba


Today’s the day to visit another Magical Town: Izamal. Explore the City of the Three Cultures and its charming corners, including the pyramid and convent. In the afternoon, explore its surroundings with Izamal Cuatritours, an ATV tour that will take you to watch an amazing sunset within an abandoned hacienda.  If the Yucatecan snack dinner you’ll be offered leave you wanting a drink, stop by El Rinconcito del Vate.



2306 Ejido San Crisanto by atnavarrete


How does a warm fall afternoon at the beach sound? Enjoy the Gulf in Chabihau, but keep tabs on the time so you can take the mangrove tour in San Crisanto; it’s hard not to love it. Right there you can camp in their rustic cabins, and spend the night lulled by the roar of the waves.



Parque de las Américas - concha acústica, shell (theater), García Ginerés


Today, Mérida is yours. Dive into the beauty and modernity of Paseo de Montejo, by visiting its museums (such as Palacio Cantón or Quinta Montes Molina), stores (like Casa T’HŌ or La Posheria) and outstanding restaurants (like Yerba Santa or Rosas & Xocolate). At night, visit Parque de las Américas in García Ginerés, and try the many different street snacks offered all around it.



 La Ermita parque, Mérida by Sara Alba


Join the Biciruta (cycling route) early to get a different look at Centro; use this opportunity to have an excellent breakfast (Johannes Comfort Food, in Santiago, and Restaurante Teya, in Santa Lucía, are excellent options) and visit Mérida’s new Magical Barrio. Make sure to grab lunch early so you can take your time visiting Palacio de la Música, the Mexican music museum.




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