Our route begins at the Sultana de la Sierra: Tekax. The Sartenejas II park and its caves will be your first stop. You can get there on your own, but consider taking an ATV tour: the road is rocky, and definitely not car-friendly. Cool off with a swim; both the TecnoHotel and the Kaalmankal campground have swimming pools you’ll be thankful for. At night, enjoy the breeze at the top of La Ermita de San Diego.




Let Co’ox Mayab take you on the Travesías del Puuc tour: a community tour of the San Agustín village and a visit to Gruta Los Chocantes park to see the crystal formations inside the caves and experience their amazing zip lines. You’ll be back in Tekax by sunset to walk around its central park, the San Juan Bautista church, and the wonderful mural paintings in Centro Histórico, depicting some of the town’s most beloved traditions.



Before leaving for Peto, visit the Caricoa chocolate workshop (reservation required) and make your own chocolate tablets from authentic cacao beans. Once you’re in the lovingly called Petolandia, get on a Tricitaxi (tuk tuk) and ask your driver to show you around town and tell you the legend of the Virgen de la Estrella.




Visit the Mercado for a hearty local breakfast and make your way to Tihosuco, in Quintana Roo; make sure to stop at the Chichankanab lagoon (in Dziuché) for a great view and pictures. In Tihosuco, visit the Caste War Museum and join one of the many tours offered by the half-destroyed church of Niño Jesús.



Today you’ll be letting Valladolid charm you. Visit its cultural sites and pick one of its many cenotes for a refreshing swim. At night, enjoy the video mapping at the Barrio de Sisal park, and try one of the many snacks available: Marquesitas, Elotes, and Sorbetes are local favorites.



Juego de Pelota Chichén Itzá


Have breakfast at K’uxub and, after a week off the beaten path, head to the most photographed site in Yucatán: Chichén Itzá. A guided tour is always a good idea, but keep in mind those don’t usually cover the entirety of the site; take the time to explore on your own as well. Feeling the heat? On your way to Mérida make a refreshing stop at cenote Chihuán, in Holcá.



Today you treat yourself: visit the spa at Casa Ki’óol and take the week off. Enjoy a cool walk down Paseo de Montejo and its cafés, restaurants, and museums; stop to visit the ones that most tickle your fancy. End the day with style at one of the many places in Centro that offer a unique atmosphere, like Dzalbay, La Fundación Mezcalería, or Fah Live Music & Food.



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