We’ll be starting in Mérida, the White City, where there is plenty to do in Centro alone. Take the free walking tour offered by VisitMérida. Then, pick a market to escape to, check out, and have a taco or two. Greta tells you what you’ll find at some of the city markets.




We’re off to San Antonio Mulix! This is the perfect place for cycling and trail hiking, swimming in their two cenotes, or trying some rural-style Yucatecan cuisine. This is a great option for families and groups of friends. Stay at their cabins or head to Chocholá and stay within the Cenote San Ignacio facilities. 




Our route goes on to the village of Maxcanú. Visit the church and ask about its incredible history. Check out the main square and the local market. You can eat there or head to restaurant Oxkintok, which is also the name of your inn for the night, and a nearby archaeological site you can visit. If you don’t want to drive, you can take a tuk tuk from Maxcanú.



How about a stay at a hacienda? Take off your hardest days at (Hotel) Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima. Visit the botanical gardens with its medicinal plants, the apiary, and the Maya houses. Then relax near the pool with a good book while enjoying the sounds of nature. This will be one of those experiences that stay in your heart forever.



Now that you’ve enjoyed the jungle, it’s time to head to the coast: we’re going to Celestún. Take the boat tour in the tranquil waters for the Ría. Afterwards, enjoy some time on the beach and have a fresh seafood lunch. After watching the sunset (always a treat on the west coast), stroll the main square and have a delicious ice cream.




Today’s journey is our destination: the road from Sisal passes by Kinchil and Hunucmá, where you will see marvelous churches, colorful markets and wonderful people. Visit the cenote “El Pocito (the well)” in Hunucmá and talk to the home owners where it is located. Don’t leave without trying Doña Guinelia’s regional food or some seafood tacos at El Amigo Cariño.



We will finish the week in the Magical Town of Sisal. Check out the historical buildings in Yucatán’s first port and then decide if you want a relaxing beach day or an adventurous day with a snorkeling, fishing or bicycle trip.



More trips in Yucatán planned for you:

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