Visit the archaeological site of Dzibilchaltún, the Temple of the Seven Dolls, and the Xlacah cenote, which happens to be one of the deepest cenotes known to date. After exploring, you’ll be feeling the heat; head over to the Lol-Ha Pool Bar at Hacienda Xcanatun to cool off with a refreshing cocktail and some of their delicious dishes.


2305 Arcano by Arcano


Today, we’ll take time to explore Mérida. Join the free tour starting from the Palacio Municipal, and after that, treat yourself to a delightful lunch with an unbeatable view at Picheta. In the afternoon, visit the Palacio Cantón Anthropology Museum, and then savor a unique dinner experience at Arcano.


Museo del Meteorito, dinosaur by Monica Starling


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the beach. Let’s head to Progreso to indulge in the sea, the Malecón, and the Chocolate Pier. Enjoy the freshest seafood by the waterfront and visit the Museo del Meteorito. Afterwards, take a detour to Chicxulub’s Jurassic Trail; if you’re unsure of what to expect, Monica provides some tips here.


2019 Xcambó by Yucatán Today


Continue your journey along the coastal road; our next stop is Xcambó and the nearby Xtampú salt mines. If you’re jonesing for the beach, this area offers several options for day passes at clubs and hotels, such as Casa K’u, Kokomo, and Tecnohotel Beach. If you prefer to explore on your own, the downtown area of Telchac offers great seaside options. Don’t miss out on trying fried fish and “postas” at the stalls behind the lighthouse!


2305 Proyecto Santa María by Sunny Snow


Contact the Proyecto Santa María team to inquire about visiting the sanctuary on your way to the Apiturismo Sinanche tour, which includes a tasting of mangrove honey and a glimpse into the native Yucatecan Melipona bees. Both experiences require reservations, so don’t leave it until the last minute, as space is limited for both.


2304 Dzilam de Bravo Tico's tours pesca lancha by atnavarrete


The road goes on to Dzilam de Bravo, where you can start the adventure early with an incredible tour, Sara tells you all about it here. At night, go back to the shore to immerse yourself in a bioluminescence tour—make sure to order a seafood pizza ahead to bring along. Your tour can include camping, or if you prefer, one of the many lodging options available on the mainland.



On the last day of the route, we will visit Motul, the birthplace of illustrious men and women. Explore the city’s main points of interest on a bicycle tour with Bicitul, including visits to the museum, the former hacienda Santa Cruz, and a cenote. The tour includes meals, but don’t fill up too much, as you’ll want to try some of the local snacks offered in the main square in the afternoon.



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