Mérida's bakeries - breadIn Yucatán, the purchase of something sweet is synonymous with a reunion, a visit to Grandma, or spending the afternoon with friends. After a rainy day, or to enjoy at breakfast with coffee, baked goods take us home and bring us together with family or friends. Mérida’s bakeries are places where you can get the best goodies, perfect for sharing. Here are a few of the places you should investigate.


Panadería Escargot

Entering the front door, you’ll immediately feel the French-style atmosphere. The recipes are a mixture of two cultures (Mexican and French), just like the traditional croissant and the delicious “pain au chocolat”. They use butter in their recipes and have a unique style to their baking; with a Mexican Maya team working with the heart. Don’t forget to try this amazing mix of flavors, also available in their Itzimná store. In Santiago, Escargot Rústico offers baked goods, coffee, and breakfast.


Tel. 999 927 2256
FB: Pan Montejo


Panadería Montejo

Out of the bakeries with the longest tradition in Mérida, with more than 60 years of history, it’s no wonder the locals love it. Here you will find a great variety of appetizers, cakes, and breads, with a vast array of flavors like the edam cheese “tuti”, olive bread, meringues, butter cookies, and “besitos”; each of their products will leave you wanting more. Find your favorite baked goods at any of their locations in Mérida.


Tel. 999 928 6999
FB: Panificadora El Retorno


El Retorno

An absolute Yucatecan tradition, in Panificadora El Retorno you will find more than only baked goods. Besides the usual cheese balls, “conchas”, donuts, and sliced loaves of bread, you will find delicious pieces to share with your friends. Try the “arrolladitos” filled with pâté, carrot and potato salad, sandwiches, and cakes to celebrate that birthday that’s coming up. In any of its 15 bakery locations, you’ll be dazzled by the choices.



Tel. 999 928 6999
FB: Panificadora El Retorno


Hojaldras Lily

Everything began more than 80 years ago with Mr. Serapio Velásquez. Today his family operates this bakery located in Colonia Alemán. With many years of experience, the flavor of the treats that they offer never disappoints their faithful clientele. You can find everything from the most traditional to one of the best recipes of “hojaldras” in the city. There are options filled with ham and cheese, peas, cream, corn, and even guava. Dare to visit “Hojaldras Lily” and fall in love with its flavors.



Tel. 999 926 7151
FB: Hojaldras Lily


Tere Cazola

With locations in four states, this bakery started its journey in Yucatán. It is the great variety of baked goods and the unbeatable taste that has made it a beloved icon for Yucatecans. Here you will find all kinds of snacks, bread, and cakes. Try the traditional (and delicious) “Rosca Brioche”, the famous cheese and ham “hojaldras”, and the traditional “sandwichón.” Fall in love with the flavor of each of its creations. Don’t miss out on “Tere Cazola.”



More than 20 locations in Mérida + delivery service
Tel. 999 930 0730
FB: Tere Cazola



Editorial by Claudia Améndola
Photos by Yucatán Today and Tere Cazola for Yucatán Today’s use

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