When Yucatecans talk about strange noises at night in houses or on vacant land, people who get sick, and supernatural phenomena, these actions are attributed to the “aluxo’ob.”

The J-men tell us that the “yuumtsilo’ob del bolon ti’ K’uj” (gods of the underworld) as well as the “óoxlajun ti’ K’uj” (gods of the sky), are under the orientation of “Junab K’uj,” (God the Creator), because the creation of all beings has a mission of caring for everything related to nature. The main figure is man, who interacts with mythical beings “bolon ti’K’uj,” such as the “aluxo’ob” and the “bakabo’ob,” whose function is to harmonize man’s existence with nature.

The Maya believed that in order to arrive to “óoxlajun ti’K’uj” after death, it was necessary to have observed, during your time on earth, harmony in relation to nature.

The “aluxo’ob” are magical Maya beings the size of a child of four or five years of age, dressed in loincloth and hat, vigilant, jealous guards of the pastures, loyal to their creators. It is said that if the house or land is sold to new owners, they may startle the new inhabitants if they are not advised of the departure of the original ones. It is also said that they whistle at dogs and on occasion give them a lash of a whip, and that when it gets dark they begin approaching houses. They can run faster than man.

Various illnesses such as fevers have been attributed to the Aluxo’ob, although they are mainly considered beneficial beings, protectors of the fields. Elder Maya recommend having a ceremony to advise the aluxo’ob of change of owners of a property, in this way insuring the continued loyalty and help from these magical beings.

This common prehispanic past has recently lost ground as a means of interpreting spirituality. The Maya culture, as well as traditional medicine, are part of this prehispanic past which still survives in organizations like “el Kuch kaabYéetel J-men Maaya´ob.” The Council of Maya Elders and Priests has expressed its concern about the imminent disappearance of these beliefs, giving more ground to Judeo-Christian beliefs which have an ever-growing number of sympathizers.

The religious phenomenon is also psychological, linguistic, sociological and anthropological, which can distort the original beliefs, a lessening which prevents accurate understanding, because the religious facts have their own shape. It is precisely the religious fact which requires an understanding based in history in order to reveal all its values and significance. It should not lose its historical context nor eliminate its origins, in order to understand its significance.

Por: Anabell Castañeda
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