Yucatán has always been a land of rich culture, traditions and gastronomy. Cerveza CEIBA has decided to recapture the wonderful tradition of producing Yucatecan beer, recovering little by little the delicious characteristics that locals and visitors to our land had fallen in love with in the past.  Their wish is that new generations can enjoy a beer like the ones which were more common in the past.

They import their grains of malt from Germany, the yeast from England, and the hops from Belgium, which, when combined with our Yucatecan water, makes this beer like none other. This ensures the best quality genuine premium limited production beer. They re-interpret styles and design their own recipes, fusing tradition and innovation, achieving its unique taste. This beer is 100% natural, without additives, preservatives, extracts nor additions of rice or corn which deteriorate and diminish the product.

The newest member of the family is Hefeweizen Citrus. It is a fresh, light wheat beer, with 4.9 % Alc.Vol. Only available at the German restaurant La Bierhaus.

Cerveza CEIBA is a completely handcrafted beer. This obliges them to maintain meticulous care in every stage of the manufacturing process, and step in at any moment of the production if something is not perfect. Because it is made from natural products and does not contain preservatives nor artificial elements, it is a healthier beverage as a result. All you need to do is pour the beer into a glass to be able to see that Cerveza CEIBA is not like what we are used to drinking. One could proudly say that Cerveza CEIBA tastes like Yucatán!

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