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A Seven Day Stay: Mérida, Progreso, Chichén Itzá, Temozón

13 june 2024
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7-Day Stay: Mérida, Progreso, Chichén Itzá, Temozón. What to do in Mérida, Progreso, Chichén Itzá, Temozón? 7-day itinerary in Yucatán.en Yucatán.

Start with a delicious 'social breakfast' 🥐☕ and be amazed this Pride Month🏳️‍🌈! June is perfect for enjoying the sea in Progreso and its surroundings 🌊, relaxing on the beaches of San Bruno and Telchac Puerto 🏝️, visit Chichén Itzá, and on your way back, continue the celebration in LGBTQ+ bars 🎉, finishing with a cultural Sunday visit to the Palacio de la Música 🎶. Don't miss these exciting activities!




2406 Cassandra Comfort Food Lugares LGBT Mérida Centro Fachada by Sara Alba (1)


We'll start this week with a nice social brunch. Mérida offers countless cool cafés to enjoy a group breakfast or brunch. If you’re looking to support the LGBTQ+ community this Pride season, Cassandra Comfort Food and La Abadía are two of the many safe spaces available to show your allyship or display your own Pride.





La casa del pastel club de playa Progreso


Life feels better by the sea, and this Tuesday is perfect to prove it in Progreso. Enjoy a delicious meal at one of the restaurants located on the boardwalk, like Crabster or Mobula. But if you prefer to spend the whole day on the literal beach, Progreso also has several beach clubs





2406 Hotel Casa Ku Club de playa Chicxulub San Bruno Terraza con piscina by Hotel Casa Ku


Today, you'll discover more beaches along the Emerald Coast. San Bruno and Telchac Puerto are great options if you prefer less crowded places. At San Bruno, Casa K’u Hotel offers a day full of exclusive activities, including a spa, restaurant, and accommodation. Later, take a stroll through Telchac Puerto, bring a chair, and enjoy the freshness of the beach!





2405 Tixkokob Hamaca de Sandia by Yucatan Today


If you're just getting here, learn about the art of sleeping in a hammock. If you'd like to experience true comfort, there's no better place to buy a hammock than in Tixkokob, Land of Hammocks. During your visit, don't miss exploring the San Bernardino convent or the local market.







On Friday, we'll visit one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, Chichén Itzá. Before your visit, don't forget to read our article about the restoration and conservation process of archaeological sites. In the afternoon, make a stop in Temozón and enjoy the best meats in the state as the main course.





2406 Bernadette Lugares LGBT Mérida Centro Show Escenario by Sara Alba (1)


Back in Mérida, this Saturday is for celebrating Pride in LGBTQ+ spaces. If you're thinking of enjoying a great night out, here we have several options for bars in the city where you and your companions can delight in drag queen shows, cocktails with unique names, neon lights, a lively atmosphere, and guaranteed fun for everyone.





2406 Palacio de la Musica Salidas familiares Merida Centro Fachada del Museo con niños by Monica Starling (1)


We wrap up the week with a cultural Sunday. Mérida boasts a large number of museums, but if you're interested in Yucatecan music (and Mexican music in general), you can't miss a visit to Palacio de la Música, learn all about this interactive museum.





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