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Palacio de la Música with Kids

10 june 2024
5 min. de lectura

El Palacio de la Música con niños, Palacio de la Música en Mérida: Actividades y recorridos interactivos con niños, ¿Qué hay en el palacio de la música? Horarios, Boletos.

Mérida’s Interactive Museum for Mexican Music

Palacio de la Música pays homage to Mexican music in the heart of Mérida’s historical downtown. The modern, award-winning building, on Calle 58 x 59 y 60, holds a state-of-the-art concert hall, music library, research center, recording studio, and an interactive museum for Mexican music. I recently went to explore the museum with my family, and we had a wonderful time at this kid-friendly place that encourages visitors to fully engage with the exhibits.


2406 Palacio de la Musica Salidas familiares Merida Centro Museo interactivo con niños by Monica Starling



Exploring Mérida’s music museum with kids

After paying a small fee for tickets in the front welcome area, we followed the kids down the long ramp into the underground level that houses the interactive museum. Bathrooms are conveniently located here in the lobby.

My kids were drawn right away to the listening stations set up around the first big room. With user-friendly touch-screens and headphones that are easy to reach, even little ones can navigate the stations. My oldest listened intently while reading the names of composers and performers, while my youngest enjoyed dancing to all the songs!



Maya indigenous music and dance at Palacio de la Música

Moving on from there, we walked through a few smaller spaces devoted to pre-Hispanic instruments, Maya music, and rituals, and then suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a Yucatecan courtyard that showcased traditional music and dance. My daughters embraced the scene and showed me the Jarana dance they’d been learning lately at school.



What makes Mérida’s Palacio de la Música interactive?

2406 Palacio de la Musica Salidas familiares Merida Centro Museo Interactivos con niños by Monica Starling

Our favorite section was the one dedicated to music in the media. We learned about famous Mexican composers and musicians in a setting that made it seem like we were stepping back in time. A couple of old-timey movie theaters were showing musical performances and scenes from black-and-white movies. A highlight for the kids was the man in the ticket booth, who told them stories and occasionally would fall asleep, requiring them to tap on the glass to wake him up.


One room held a collection of vinyl records that we browsed through and sampled at listening stations.  We saw classic television performances, and were mesmerized by the life-sized holograms of famous musicians. It seemed as if they were singing right in front of us. The curtains dividing the rooms in this section, reminiscent of stage curtains, added an extra layer of fun as the kids kept popping in and out of the rooms.


Last but not least, a section is provided for visitors to mix their own music, design their own album covers, and play a music trivia game. Everyone in my family found something to do here and it took a long time to finally make our way out.



Is Mérida’s Palacio de la Música worth the visit? 


2406 Palacio de la Musica Salidas familiares Merida Centro Fachada del Museo con niños by Monica Starling (1)


The interactive museum of Palacio de la Música does a wonderful job of narrating the evolution of Mexican folk music from its origins to present day. Throughout the museum, cutting-edge technology is used to give visitors of all ages an immersive and interactive experience. It took us two hours to fully enjoy the museum.

Leaving the building, the outdoor courtyard and charming sidewalk cafés invited us to sit for a while and savor the urban setting. At street level, the open-plan layout allows passers-by to stroll through, and while we were there an orchestra played for the public in the central courtyard. All in all, the museum for Mexican music makes a delightful family outing! 



Palacio de la Música


2406 Palacio de la Musica Salidas familiares Merida Centro Museo proyecciones by Monica Starling


Calle 58 x 59 y 60, Centro, Mérida
Tel. 999 923 0641
FB: Palacio de la Música - Centro Nacional de la Música Mexicana
IG: palaciodelamusicacnmm
Wed. - Sun. 10 am - 4 pm
General admission: $200 pesos
Nationals: $100 pesos
Yucatecan residents: $50 pesos
Children 0-3: $0 pesos
Children 4-12: $25 pesos
Children 13-17: $50 pesos

Monica Starling

Author: Monica Starling

Writer, architect and mom, living in the Yucatán since 2007.

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