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Indoor Activities With Kids for a Sunday Afternoon

22 march 2024
9 min. de lectura

Whether you’re looking for a nice family outing, or just need a place for your kids to run around, there are plenty of indoor options for families in Mérida. Though many play areas didn’t survive the pandemic, others have opened up too. Here is a roundup of indoor activities that will keep your family active and entertained.

2402 Niños en exposicion Gran Museo del Mundo Maya by Monica Starling c_ logo

Kid-friendly museums in Mérida


Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

This museum devoted to Maya culture offers free children’s workshops every Saturday and Sunday at 11 am. Pre-register at visitas@granmuseodelmundomaya.com. You can also take on a family tour of the Museum for a different kind of educational activity.


Calle 60, Xcumpich
FB: Gran Museo del Mundo Maya de Mérida
Wednesday to Monday 9 am - 5 pm


Palacio de la Música

An interactive museum of Mexican music that takes you on a sensory journey through sound, visuals, interviews, and holograms.


Calle 58 x 59 y 60, Centro
FB: Palacio de la Música - Centro Nacional de la Música Mexicana
Wednesday to Monday 10 am - 4 pm


Museo de la Luz

A science museum with color and light exhibits and interactive spaces. Bonus: it’s right beside the large food court and covered park at the beautiful Parque La Plancha.


Calle 50 x 43, Parque de la Plancha
FB: Museo de la luz Mérida
Tuesday tu Sunday 9 am - 1 pm and 4 pm - 8 pm


2404 Actividades para niños centro comercial by Monica Starling

Kid-friendly malls with indoor playgrounds in Mérida

One of the best ways to beat the heat in Mérida is to go to the mall. Plazas are a popular gathering place in Mérida, and on Sundays, there is a lot to do and see. Go and find a variety of pop-up performances, bazaars, and art installations in the mall’s main corridors. Most will have at least one indoor playground (check out The Harbor’s large play dome and slide)!


My favorite malls for taking a family stroll are:

  • La Isla Mérida
  • The Harbor Lifestyle Mall
  • Plaza Altabrisa Mérida
  • Galerías Merida

The plazas open daily at 11 am.


Get to know our listing of the best malls in Mérida.


2404 Actividades para niños trampolines by Andrea Mier Y Teran

Indoor trampoline and adventure parks in Mérida



Flip Out Mérida

Indoor trampoline park at Plaza Akrópolis, north of the city in Las Américas.


FB: Flip Out Mérida


2404 Parque extremos actividades para niños by monica starlingExtreme Jumping

Indoor trampoline park at La Isla Mall, Gran Plaza (north of Mérida), and Plaza Canek (in the western end of the city).


FB: Xtreme Jumping La Isla | Xtreme jumping | Xtreme Jumping Canek


Wild Place Adventure Park

An indoor adventure park with trampolines, zip line, climbing wall, and roller racers at Macroplaza, on the north-eastern side of Mérida.


FB: Wild Place Macroplaza Mérida


If your kids are the adventurous type and you don’t mind a little sunshine, there’s also a free adventure park in Mérida, known as Mérida’s extreme park. We tell you all about it in our article “Extreme Fun at Mérida’s Extreme Sports Park.".


Ice skating in Mérida


Ice Gallerie

Mérida’s sole ice skating rink, located in Galerías mall, north of the city.


FB: Ice Gallerie
Monday to Thursday 11 am - 4 pm

Friday to Sunday 11 am - 9 pm


Arcades in Mérida’s malls



Barrio Frenesí

The main attraction here is the outdoor amusement park but there are also indoor games. Find it at La Isla Mérida.



Arcade games at Plaza Altabrisa y Plaza Las Américas


Family-friendly bowling in Mérida


Sport Bowl Merida

Family-friendly bowling alley.


Periférico Norte Km. 25, Santa Rita Cholul.
FB: Sport Bowl Mérida


Altabrisa Bowling

Family friendly bowling and billiards. Altabrisa Mall, upstairs.


FB: Altabrisa Bowling


2404 niños en sala de juegos by cafe bar 500 noches

Restaurants with play areas in Mérida


Sirloin Mérida

This restaurant and seafood restaurant Villa Rica share a huge playground area with climbing structures, slides, and even movies. Located in Cordemex, in the Gran Plaza vicinity.


Calle 69 x 46 y 48, Cordemex
Tel. 999 666 4179
FB: Sirloin Mérida

Restaurante Habaneros

This Yucatecan food restaurant has a room with toys at their branch in San Ramón Norte (in front of the casino).


Calle 20 x 32-A, San Ramón Norte
Tel. 999 400 7871
FB: Restaurante Habaneros


La Casa de los Abuelos

A Mexican diner serving a wide range of Mexican options, La Casa de los Abuelos offers a room with toys and activities for the little ones at their Gran Plaza and Plaza Uptown restaurants.


FB: La Casa de los Abuelos Oficial


Los Trompos

Every full-service location of this local taco chain has a playground with climbing structures and slides, in addition to children’s entertainment on weekends.


FB: Los Trompos


Pollo Feliz

A grilled-chicken restaurant with a twist, also offering burritos and burgers. Their Altabrisa and Calle 60 restaurants have a playground with a climbing structure and slides.


Altabrisa: Av. República de Corea x 20-A, Col. Maya
Tel. 999 406 0400
Calle 60: Calle 60 x 25 y 27, Loma Bonita
Tel. 999 195 5752
FB: Pollo Feliz Yucatan



Mariscos Villa Rica

This restaurant and Mexican restaurant Sirloin share a huge playground area with climbing structures, slides, and even movies. Located in Cordemex, in the Gran Plaza vicinity.


Calle 69 x 46 y 48, Cordemex
Tel. 999 666 4180
FB: Mariscos Villa Rica


El Fabuloso Pez

At this restaurant, your children will find a pretend village with playhouses and toys.


Av. García Lavín x 59 y 61, San Antonio Cucul
Tel. 999 944 1816
FB: El Fabuloso Pez


Los Mariscos de Chichí

While they have several locations, it’s the one at Las Américas (north of the city) that has a play area.


Calle 53 x 108, Fracc. Las Américas
Tel. 999 931 7217
FB: Los Mariscos de Chichí


La Pigua

One of the most traditional seafood restaurants in Mérida, La Pigua offers a room with plenty of toys.


Av. Cupules x calle 62, Alcalá Martín
Tel. 999 920 3605
FB: Restaurante La Pigua Mérida


Izakaya Sushi

While there are children’s areas within La Isla mall where you could leave your kids (were you so inclined), Izakaya Sushi has an on-site room with toys of its own.


La Isla Mérida, Santa Gertrudis Copó
Tel. 999 166 9869
FB: Sushi Izakaya



Sonora Grill

Small play area with toys and activities, Monterreal


FB: Sonora Grill - Mérida


Mr. Pampas

Small play area with toys and activities, México


FB: Mr. Pampas Merida


Boston’s Pizza

All locations have a big playground area. Altabrisa, Caucel, Dorada, and Montejo.


FB: Boston´s Pizza



Soco Norte

Shaded outdoor play area. On weekends they have small events for the kids like face painting or spa day with the Mini Spa located upstairs.


San Ramón Norte
FB: Soco Mérida


Café Bar 500 Noches

Room with toys and nanny. México Norte


Av. Líbano x calle 7, México Norte

FB: Café Bar 500 Noches Mérida


So there you have it. Maybe I’ll see you out and about on a Sunday afternoon!


¿What to do on Children's Day in Mérida?

Just a little reminder, in case you were looking for activities with children in Mérida, and with air conditioning!, How to safely visit cenotes with children?, The family guide to Parque la Plancha, the Extreme Sports Park, and the workshops for children at the Grand Museum of the Maya World.


Photography by Monica Starling, Yucatán Today and Café Bar 500 Noches for its use in Yucatán Today.


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