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Choco-Story Uxmal, an interactive museum

11 august 2023
5 min. de lectura

Museo Choco Story Uxmal vasijas by Brenda ÁvilaChoco-Story is, in short, the cocoa museum in Mexico. However, to describe Choco-Story Uxmal like this is not to do it justice at all.


It is true that cocoa, the basis of what we know today as the wonderful chocolate that sweetens and makes our days happy, was an invaluable element for the pre-Hispanic peoples of Mexico, as a source of food, currency, ceremonial element... And you will learn about all that in this museum, and even about how cocoa arrived in Europe, where it became the delicacy we know today.

But you don't have to be a chocolate addict or a food history buff to appreciate this wonderful place, just outside the archaeological zone of Uxmal. Choco-Story Uxmal is an experience that transports you from the moment you arrive at what was once a sugar estate built around the 16th century. The first thing that will surprise you will be the abundant vegetation that will accompany you to the first of six exhibition rooms; Each of them is arranged like a Mayan house, which means that there are several natural sections between them. Thus, Choco-Story Uxmal is, in addition to a museum, also a botanical garden, with small signs that tell you the name and medicinal use of each species.


Museo Choco Story Uxmal venado by Yucatán TodayChoco-Story Uxmal is also an environmental management unit (UMA), which means that it is recognized by the government as a site for the protection and sustainable use of nature, and not only for the plants, but because it is also home to various species of animals that have been rescued from lives in captivity. Some of them, it is hoped, can rejoin the wild; Others only have to spend what remains of their lives in a place as large and spacious as Choco-Story, where they can receive the care they require. This is the case of several spider monkeys, two jaguars and a yellow-headed parrot, which you can admire from a distance that is comfortable for you, but especially for them.   


Museo Choco Story Uxmal Taller Chocolatería by Brenda ÁvilaI'm sure there is one stop that will be a favorite for many: the chocolate tasting room. Here you can try a traditional Mayan drink based on cocoa, in which you yourself can choose what to accompany your drink prepared according to the pre-Hispanic method. You will have varied options such as sugar, cinnamon, annatto and even habanero powder. I suggest you don't be afraid to add a lot of spoonfuls of sugar, as the drink is naturally and surprisingly bitter.

Museo Choco Story Uxmal by Yucatán Today con logo



However, one of the most special moments of the tour will surely be witnessing the performance of a Mayan ceremony. In it, to the rhythm of the Zacatán (also known as Huéhuetl) and the Tunkul (pre-Hispanic percussion instruments), the god of rain, Chaac, is asked for his favors so that the cornfield can develop and grow.

If you want to live an outdoor experience where you can enjoy and learn about chocolate, the Mayans and the nature of Yucatan, do not hesitate to visit Choco-Story Uxmal. If time prevents you, Choco-Story also has an interactive museum in Valladolid that you can also make part of your tour.


Choco Story Uxmal


999 289 9914

FB: Choco-Story Mexico

IG: chocostory.mexico  


General: $190 pesos
Seniors (over 60 years old), students and teachers: $130 pesos
Children (6 to 12 years): $90 pesos
Children (under 6 years): Free

Agencies: $140 pesos
Guide: $400 pesos   

Workshop Uxmal 

  1. Advanced Workshop "Belgian Chocolate"
    For adults and children over 12 years old, lasting two hours.
    1 to 5 people $3500 pesos
    5 to 10 people $4500 pesos

  2. Basic Workshop "Creative"

    For adults and children from 5 years old, lasting one hour.
    1 to 8 people $2500 pesos

Workshop Playa del Carmen 

  1. Advanced Workshop "Belgian Chocolate"
    For adults and children over 12 years old, lasting two hours.
    1 to 7 people $4000 pesos

  2. Basic Workshop "Creative"
    For adults and children from 5 years old, lasting one hour.
    1 to 6 people $2500 pesos


Photography by Brenda Avila and Yucatán Today for it's use in Yucatán Today.

Brenda Avila

Author: Brenda Avila

Turismológa. Pintora en su tiempo libre. Amante de la literatura, el mar y los esquites.

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