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The day when Mérida is painted with a thousand colors

13 june 2023
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2306 Mérida Pride 2023 by Carlos GuzmánJune  is a month that brings with it key moments: the beginning of summer, the halfway point of the year, and significant celebrations such as LGBTQ+ Pride Day. In fact, this month is known as Pride Month.   During this celebration, multiple activities take place, such as marches, parades, and festivities. They aim to seek equality in rights, dignified conditions, and the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community worldwide.  



Pride in Yucatán

In Yucatán, Pride is celebrated with an annual march called the "Marcha de la Diversidad Sexual" (March for Sexual Diversity). The first march in Mérida took place in 2003, organized with the help of civil associations and led by "Mamie Blue," one of the first Drag Queens in Yucatán.  



Pride Month in the Last Few Decades

The initial editions of the march did not have much attendance, mainly due to various sociopolitical factors experienced in our state during the 90s and 2000s.  


However, everything changed in the 2010s and 2020s as the movement gained more recognition and strength. More activities were carried out supporting LGBTQ+ rights, such as protests on the "International Day Against Homophobia" and the "Besatón," an event where hundreds of same-sex couples kissed in front of Monumento a la Patria.  


The peak of the march came in 2019 when over 8,000 people gathered peacefully to demand their rights, respect, and recognition. However, the 2020 and 2021 editions had several restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and they were not carried out on the same scale.


 While Pride has faced some challenges over time, thanks to years of struggle, perseverance, and previous movements, positive changes have taken place in Yucatán. One of the most significant changes was the approval of same-sex marriage in 2021.  



Pride Yucatán 2023

2306 Mérida Pride 2023 by Carlos Guzmán 3With each edition, the colors multiply in Mérida; this 2023, more than 20,000 people walked peacefully from the Monumento a la Patria to the Plaza Grande to the rhythm of music, songs, dance, and above all, joy. It is expected that this will grow even more in the coming years.  


Pride Day is more than just a march, event, or party; it is a moment and space where LGBTQ+ community members can come together and feel safe, supported, and heard. It is a time when we collectively fight for our rights and a world where prejudice, attacks, and toxic behavior no longer exist—a world where we can simply be ourselves.  
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Carlos Guzmán

Author: Carlos Guzmán

I am a man of few words but with many ideas and emotions that I like to express through my writings. I am passionate about traveling and exploring the world, especially my beautiful and beloved México. These days, I am the content coordinator at Yucatán Today, and I enjoy promoting the best that the state has to offer.

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