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Where to Celebrate Pride in Mérida: LGBTQ+ Places to Visit

27 june 2023
9 min. de lectura

June is coming to an end, and with it, the festivities for Pride Month. However, that doesn't mean we can't continue to celebrate diversity, love, and equality. Here are some LGBTQ+ friendly spaces where you can show your pride (or simply your allyship) all year round.  




Located in front of Parque Santa Lucía, Dix Bar has mad1e a mark on Yucatán’s nightlife scene. Every weekend, its doors open to welcome anyone in search of an unforgettable night, where singing until your voice is hoarse and dancing until your feet hurt is the norm. Since 2022, Dix has become the meeting place to witness dazzling shows by the most popular drag queens in the Yucatecan scene and to enjoy the different themes presented each night.  


Imagine watching a show where drag queens impersonate the biggest pop music stars, as it happened in the "Night of the Thousand Rihannas" (my favorite). But that's not all: you can also witness stunning lip-sync battles between the queens or even have a karaoke night.


From time to time, Dix brings special guests to elevate the excitement even further. Recently, Raquel Martínez, one of the judges from the famous Mexican competition "La Más Draga," performed here. Denali, one of the contestants from Season 13 of RuPaul's Drag Race, also graced Dix’s stage this month.  


Dix Bar LGBT pride month by Sara AlbaIf the previous description doesn't leave you wanting to go, their drinks menu with rather peculiar names surely will. Remember to bring your ID, check their weekly schedule (on Facebook or Instagram), and enjoy a night where drag talent and unique themes come together to provide you with something memorable.  


Calle 53 #495 Parque Santa Lucía, Centro Tel. 999 100 6953 IG: dixbar.merida FB: DIX BAR Mérida Tuesday to Sunday, 7 pm - 2:30 am Free admission Tue. - Thu. and Sundays Free admission Fri. - Sat. 7 - 9 pm Cover charge: $70 pesos starting from 9 pm You must be 18 years or older to enter.    



Tapanco Centro Cultural

Tapanco has been one of the most interesting independent spaces in the city for 11 years. Located in the heart of Mérida, this cultural center has a packed agenda of events, plays, and exhibitions that you shouldn't miss. With the aim of building critical and proactive societies, many of their activities revolve around reflection and dialogue sparked by art.  


If you're interested in avant-garde theater proposals brought to life by experienced actors and actresses, you need to check out their lineup. Don't forget to follow them on social media so you can stay tuned on their offerings, such as baby vogue workshops or singing courses.  


Calle 47 x 68, Centro, Mérida Tel. 999 429 5413 Cel. 999 969 0389 tapancoteatro@gmail.com

www.tapancoteatro.com FB: Tapanco Centro Cultural A.C. IG: @tapancocentrocultural Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 2 pm & 5 pm - 11 pm Sat. 9 am - 2 pm & 5 pm - 8 pm Sun. 5 pm - 8 pm    




If you're looking for a beautiful place to take lots of pictures with your friends, visit with your pets, and enjoy delicious vegan dishes, Crush is the place for you. As their logo says, Crush offers "guilt-free fast food" as their entire menu, including burgers, wraps, wings, and even desserts, is vegan. If you ask me, their “Tacos de Virria” (with a V for vegan) are an interesting option to try, but they also offer various choices for a tasty breakfast, such as oatmeal waffles and oatmeal bowls.


In addition to its tasty dishes, Crush also hosts various events, including LGBTQ+ bazaars with drag queen shows, yoga classes, and live music. Take the opportunity to browse through their store, where you can purchase local products like cute bracelets and bags, or take a picture with their colorful murals and signs as your backdrop.  


 Crush Restaurante LGBTQ friendly by Sara Alba 3To stay updated on upcoming events and tempting promotions on their exquisite dishes, make sure to follow their social media accounts closely. At Crush, each visit promises a fresh experience that will leave you wanting to come back for more.  


Crush Restaurante Calle 60 #447 x 49 y 51, Centro Tel. 999 103 2349 IG: crush.merida FB: Crush Restaurante Mid Tue. – Sun. 9 am – 10 pm  

Crush Store Tue. – Sun. 12 – 9 pm    




If you love drag queens, comedy shows, good music, and you're in the southern part of Mérida, Temptations is the place for you. This restaurant and bar, located in Cinco Colonias, is known for its great atmosphere and entertaining performances.  


Enjoy a night accompanied by cocktails and snacks. The hosts' interventions will make you cry with laughter, and the lip syncs by the Queens of Temptation Drag will leave you speechless.  


Keep an eye on their social media because that's where they announce their promotions, themes, and special guests.  


Calle 50 x 119 y 121, Cinco Colonias, Mérida Cel. 999 994 5112 Cel. 999 126 6126 IG: @temptationsclubshow FB: Temptations Mid Thu. - Mon. 9 pm - 2:30 am Tue. 9 pm - 12 am Entry: $50 pesos



La Inventada Cantina

Just a few minutes away from Parque de la Mejorada, you'll find this newly opened LGBTQ+ cantina/bar that stands out for its colorful, festive, and playful ambiance. With disco balls, neon lights, a great mix of music, and colors everywhere, it creates a vibrant atmosphere.


The menu is defined by an extensive and diverse selection of cocktails, beers, and house specialties such as "Licuachelas", "Kittychelas" and "Bears" (electric lemonades). It's worth mentioning that if you order any of these drinks, you'll be treated to delicious Botanas (snacks), although you can also choose from other snacks available on the menu.  


La Inventada LGBT pride month by Carlos Guzmán 2When it comes to live performances, this place offers something for everyone. You can enjoy comedy shows, pop diva tributes by the resident drag queens, showcases featuring local and national drag queens, and even live broadcasts of Drag Race México.  


Calle 46 #500 x 61 y 59, Centro Tel. 999 217 9098 IG: @lainventadacantina FB: La Inventada Merida Tue. – Sun. 1:30 - 10 pm    




This disco bar is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy a night filled with partying, dancing, and Go-Go Dancer shows with your friends until the early morning hours.   


Each day has a different theme that adds a special touch and is sure to surprise you. You'll be able to dance and sing along to the beats of reggaeton, pop, and if you stay until the end, even banda or regional Mexican music.   


The atmosphere is always energetic and full of excitement. Throughout the evening, you'll be entertained by excellent (and handsome) dancers, and, on certain occasions, you may even be treated to performances by national and international drag queens.  


Calle 72 #400-B x 33-A y 33-B, Av. Reforma, Centro Tel. 999 268 8316 IG: @papismerida FB: Papis Wed. – Sun. 7 pm - 2 am    



Casa Chica

If you prefer a quieter, more laid-back outing, this is the ideal place for you. Located in a beautiful colonial house in the iconic Paseo de Montejo, Casa Chica offers a divine experience.   


From the moment you enter, you'll fall in love with its spaces and decor, filled with pastel tones and tropical touches that create a relaxed and casual vibe.   


Refreshing cocktails like Wine Spritzers, Mojitos, or Mezcalitos are among their specialties. It's also a good option to try some of their delicious dishes such as pizzas, hamburgers, desserts, and even breakfast on weekends.   


In this restaurant bar, everyone is welcome, including your pets, as it is also pet-friendly!  


Tel. 999 233 8751 IG: @casachicabar  FB: Casa Chica Mon. – Fri. 6  pm - 3 am Sat. - Sun.  8 pm - 3 am  




I'd like to tell you precisely how it feels to enter Sempere: you enter the building and immediately find the stairs that lead you to its entrance - the first one on the right as you climb up. Its lobby prepares you with books and art; then, the light that enters through the windows (windows that provide a direct view of one of the busiest streets in the city), welcomes you to one of the most beautiful literary cafes in the whole city.   Once inside, you can feel how easy it is to relax and enjoy a calm atmosphere, ideal for creating stories from the conversations that accompany your cup of coffee, or for enjoying a good book in chosen solitude.  

Calle 62 #479 x 55 y 57, Centro, Mérida IG: sempere.mx FB: Sempere Wed. – Mon. 8 am – 10 pm    



Inkfraderma Tattoo

Marking our body holds special meaning for many of us. And beyond the bond formed with that mark, the person who creates it also carries significant weight, as a certain type of connection is formed with them.   Inkfraderma Tattoo is a private studio for tattoos and piercings, composed of a group of talented artists who will not only create high-quality, unique, and truly beautiful pieces on your skin but will also understand, because they have experienced it themselves, the origin of the need to create the image through which you want to present yourself to the world.  


Something as personal as a tattoo or piercing takes on a much deeper value when all the individuals involved in its creation share the same understanding of its meaning.


Calle 9 #376, Villas del Sol, Mérida, Yucatán IG: inkfraderma_tattoo FB: Inkfraderma Tattoo Availability by appointment only

Sara Alba

Author: Sara Alba

Panamanian with a Mexican accent since 2005. Editorial Assistant, a walking jukebox, and always lurking on social media, in the constant search of hidden gems to visit and share.

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