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14 Amazing Yucatán Beach Day-Passes

03 june 2024
15 min. de lectura

14 Amazing Yucatán Beach Day-Passes, where to stay in Yucatán Coast?

Yucatán’s year-long summer temperatures make it hard for you to find the wrong time to spend a day at the beach. While “crashing” anywhere on the coast is always an option, sometimes you’re looking for a day trip with certain luxuries: shade, showers, changing rooms, sunbeds, meals, maybe a swimming or kiddie pool…Luckily, there are several beach club options that offer several combinations of the above, so you can spend a perfect day by the Gulf of México. 






🍽️ Meals

🍺 Alcoholic beverages

🚽 Toilets

🚿 Showers

🏊 Swimming pool

🧒 Kiddie pool

🛝 Playground or other children services

🔞 No children allowed

🛶 Non-motorized water activities

🚤 Motorized water activities

🛏️ Lodging options

💆 Spa

🐶 Pet friendly




Tótem Beach Club

🍽️   🍺   🚽   🚿   🏊   🧒   🛝   🛶   🛏️  
Celestún, Yucatan
Day-pass fee:

Adults: $300 pesos
Children (6 - 12): $150 pesos
Tel. 999 326 4940
IG: totem.beachclub
FB: Tótem Beach Club



2406 Palmar Sisal Club de playa Sisal Terraza frente al mar by Yucatán TodaySisal

Palmar Sisal

🍽️   🍺   🚽   🚿   🏊   🛶

Calle 15 x 12 y 14, Sisal, Yucatán
Day-pass fee:
Adults: $350 pesos 
Children: $150 pesos (aged 10 and up)
Free for children under 10
Tel. 999 326 1045
IG: palmarsisal




Sergio’s Beach House

🍽️   🍺   🚽   🚿   🏊   🧒   🛶   🛏️  
Calle 15 #386 Chelem
Day-pass fee:

Adults: $100 pesos
Children under 12: $50 pesos
Tel. 999 163 7442
IG: sergiosbeachhouse
FB: Sergio's Beach House Restaurant & Beach Club Progreso, Chelem Yucatán




✨La Casa del Pastel

2406 La Casa del Pastel Club de playa Progreso Camastros y sombrillas junto al mar by La Casa del Pastel slogo-1

2406 La Casa del Pastel Club de playa Progreso Bebida by La Casa del Pastel slogo
2406 La Casa del Pastel Club de playa Progreso Comida by La Casa del Pastel slogo


🍽️   🍺   🚽   🚿
Malecón Tradicional x calle 60, Progreso


La Casa del Pastel (the Cake House) is one of Yucatán’s most iconic houses; its peculiar nickname comes from its unique shape and exceptional architecture, an outstanding example of Art Decó. At the heart of endless urban legends (for example, that it was the summer house of one of México’s most renowned movie stars, Pedro Infante), the fact is that La Casa del Pastel, built in 1946, is now a restaurant and beach club that stands out due to its sophisticated cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere and truly marvelous location. 

Throughout the week you’ll find different packages and promotions, such as one featuring bottomless mimosas; the beach club menu includes breakfast options and a raw bar, but you can also order off the full-service menu. It’s important to note that, while the beach club can be reserved for private events in advance, during normal business hours they don’t take reservations: their shaded sunbeds and Balinese beds are assigned first come, first serve. 


Day-pass fee: Free with your restaurant order (suggested at $250 pesos per person)
Tel.969 935 5225
IG: casadelpastel_progreso
FB: Restaurante La Casa Del Pastel



Marymar Beach Club

🍽️   🍺   🚽   🚿   🏊   🧒   🛝  🐶
Malecón de Progreso, entre el Muelle de Pescadores y el Muelle Fiscal


This restaurant and beach club is located next to the Progreso pier. Marymar Beach Club offers a relaxation area with hammocks and swings, and a children’s playground, in addition to volleyball courts, soccer field, and giant Jenga.


2406 Marymar Beach Club Club de Playa Progreso Piña Colada by Sharon Cetina-2
2406 Marymar Beach Club Club de Playa Progreso by Sharon Cetina-1


Day-pass fee:
Tue. - Fri.: Free with your restaurant order
Sat. and Sun.: $100 pesos adults, $50 pesos children ages 7-17
Restaurants Menú
Tel. 999 433 4218
IG: MaryMarBeachClub
FB: MaryMarBeachClub

Por: Sara Alba



El HaGuay Marea Bar

🍽️   🍺   🚽   🚿   🏊   🛝   🛶  
Calle 21 x 60, Progreso
Day-pass fee:
Adults: $200 pesos
Children: $100 pesos
Tel. 999 352 1596
IG: elhaguay
FB: El Haguay




Vistamar Beach Club

🍽️   🍺   🚽   🚿   🏊   🛏️
Calle 17 #29 x 20, Chicxulub
Day-pass fee: Free with your restaurant order ($250 pesos per person minimum)
Tel. 999 910 0070
IG: govistamar
FB: Vistamar beach club & restaurant



Marán Club De Playa y Eventos

🍽️   🍺   🚽   🚿   🏊   🔞   🛶   🛏️ 
San Benito: Km 25 Carr. Progreso - Telchac Puerto
Day-pass fee: Free with your restaurant order
Tel. 991 688 1020, 999 151 8481
IG: maran.eventos
FB: Marán Playa de Eventos



TecnoHotel Beach

🍽️   🍺   🚽   🚿   🏊   🧒   🛝   🛶   🛏️  
San Benito: Km 25.5 Carr. Progreso - Telchac Puerto


This hotel and its day pass are among Yucatecos’ favorites, due to its family-friendly atmosphere that includes amenities for children, in addition to two swimming pools (one with a wading pool), restaurant, and palapas.


Day-pass fee:
$100 pesos (general)
Free for children under 6
Tel. 991 688 1310 y 999 106 7841
IG: tecnohotelbeach
FB: TecnoHotel Beach



Kokomo Club de Playa

2406 Kokomo Club de Playa Chicxulub San Bruno Palapas y camastros by Kokomo Beach Club-1

2406 Kokomo Club de Playa Chicxulub San Bruno Comida Mariscos by Kokomo Beach Club-1
2406 Kokomo Club de Playa Chicxulub San Bruno Cuartos y piscina by Kokomo Beach Club-1


🍽️   🍺   🚽   🚿   🏊   🧒   🛶   🛏️  
San Bruno: Km 30 Carr. Progreso - Telchac Puerto
Day-pass fee:
Adults: $300 pesos
Children aged 6 - 12: $150 pesos
Tel. 999 268 4687
IG: kokomo.yucatan
FB: Kokomo Club de Playa



✨ Casa K'u Hotel

2406 Hotel Casa Ku Club de playa Chicxulub San Bruno Terraza con piscina by Hotel Casa Ku

2406 Hotel Casa Ku Club de playa Chicxulub San Bruno Jaccuzi frente by Hotel Casa Ku
2406 Hotel Casa Ku Club de playa Chicxulub San Bruno Bebidas by Hotel Casa Ku


🍽️   🍺   🚽   🚿   🏊   🔞   🛶   🛏️   💆 
San Bruno: Km 30 Carr. Progreso - Telchac Puerto


Sometimes, a regular day at the beach isn’t enough. Sometimes, what you really want is a true getaway: a luxury experience by the ocean, in a truly exclusive atmosphere you can enjoy either on your own or with the company of your choice. For those occasions, there’s no place like Casa K’u, a boutique hotel with a holistic approach and a unique design concept. Here, your day pass guarantees a day away from the crowds and with  total focus on total comfort and relaxation. 

Casa K’u Boutique Hotel also offers a high-end restaurant (your day pass fee includes restaurant credit) and spa. To ensure a truly exclusive experience for guests, the Casa K’u beach day pass is available by advance reservation only. 


Day-pass fee:
Mon. - Thu.: $800 pesos 
Fri. - Sun.: $900 pesos
Admission includes $300-peso credit in restaurant Nido.
No children under 15
Tel. 999 360 0272
IG: casakuhotel
FB: Casa K'u



Telchac Puerto

Hotel Caballito de Mar

🍽️   🍺   🚽   🚿   🏊   🛝   🛶   🛏️   
Km 2.8 Carr. Telchac - San Crisanto (46 km desde Progreso)
Day-pass fee: 
Adults: $400 pesos
Children: $300 pesos
Tel. 999 194 8046
IG: seahorsehotels
FB: Hotel Caballito de Mar - Telchac Yucatán



✨ Playa Sac Ha y Balneario Zac-Ha

🚽  🚿  🛶  🛏️  🐶  
Km. 6 Carr. Telchac Puerto - San Crisanto


In the middle of a natural paradise where the beach seems truly endless you’ll find Balneario Zac Ha. This area belongs to a Cooperativa (a community-run business) that manages several adventure and relaxation activities in San Crisanto, and offers a lookout tower with a nice view and an even better breeze. Make the most of your visit and take a pole-boat tour of the mangrove, a swim in the Dzonot Dziik freshwater spring, and a kayak tour, and you’ll get one of the fullest beach experiences Yucatán has to offer. 

Day-pass fee: $110 (general) 
Tel. 999 353 2293
FB: Zac Ha Servicio de playa



Palapas Chabihau

🚽  🚿   🐶
Day-pass fee: $40 pesos per hour 
FB: Las Palapas del amigo POMO Chabihau.



Visit the beach on your own

  • All beaches in México are public; if you’re willing to bring your own shade (parasol, tent, etc.), drinks and food, towels, chairs, etc., you can spend the day mostly anywhere you like.
  • The best places to do it are near each coastal village pier, as it’s common to find toilets and showers for rent, plus restaurants and bars.
  • No matter where you go, remember to leave no trace of your visit, but be especially mindful if you’re setting up in front of private property. 


The fees and amenities listed are valid at the time of publication; contact the beach club of your choice in advance to make sure no changes have been made. La Casa del Pastel, Casa K’u and Playa Sac Ha are advertisers in Yucatán Today.



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