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Let’s go camping in Yucatán!

29 march 2024
11 min. de lectura

If you're a nature enthusiast (or an adventure seeker), chances are you've felt a voice within, calling you to spend a night away from the city, even if it means temporarily giving up a plush, comfy bed in an air-conditioned space. Sounds like you? Well, you're in luck, because Yucatán offers you a plethora of options to do just that, within a wide range that spans from "Almost naked, but not afraid" to "Concierge under the stars".


Sounds enticing, right? Here are some options to consider, as well as the most important precautions to take when camping in the natural beauty of Yucatán.


First things first: is it safe to camp in Yucatán?

Camping in Yucatán is generally safe. The main risks have to do with the weather (too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy) and the wildlife (insects, but also, depending on where you camp, crocodiles or jaguars). However, it's always important to use common sense and take some precautions, both general and specific to Yucatán.


2404 Campamento Pijijí by them


What to pack for camping in Yucatán

The essentials:

  • Tent and accessories (some places offer tents for rent)
  • Water (for drinking and washing up)
  • Solar or battery-powered lamps and flashlights
  • Appropriate clothing
    • Pack lightweight attire for the day, something warmer for the night, and suitable footwear.
  • Sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, or hammock
    • Depending on your choice, an air pump for the mattress or sturdy ropes for hanging the hammock
  • Towels and sheets
  • Well-stocked cooler with several bags of ice
  • Ropes and tarps: Handy for setting up additional shelters or hanging wet clothes.
  • Basic first aid kit: Remember to include bandages, disinfectant, and common medications
  • Non-perishable and easy-to-consume foods, such as energy bars, dried fruits, and canned goods.
  • Isolated containers (or just cups) for drinks
  • Environmentally friendly sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellents (spray or cream, and spirals/incense)
  • Machete (for cutting sticks and firewood)
  • Swimsuit
  • Biodegradable personal hygiene items
  • Toilet paper
  • Wet wipes
  • Trash bags
  • Firestarter gel, lighter, or matches
  • Charged cellphone
  • Detailed map of the camping area


Extras to make your stay cozier:

  • Pavilions or mosquito nets
  • Beach umbrella
  • Portable stove (burner with gas tank) and cooking utensils
  • Solar charger or Power Bank for rechargeable devices
  • Comfortable and reclining chairs
  • Solar shower
  • Cast iron skillet for cooking over direct fire
  • Citronella candles (they don't repel mosquitoes, but they create ambiance)
  • Kayaks or paddleboards for water sports
  • Guidebooks on local flora and fauna: Enhance your experience by learning about the natural environment of the area
  • Binoculars for wildlife observation
  • Folding tables and chairs
  • Fishing gear


General tips for camping in Yucatán

  • Yucatán's natural wonders are teeming with life, including some critters that prefer their space. Here's how to share the wilderness:
    • Be respectful of wildlife—keep your distance, even if they seem curious.
    • Keep food sealed up tight to avoid any uninvited guests, and always clean up your campsite to keep it critter-free.
  • Leave no trace! Take all your trash with you when you go, leaving the beach just as pristine as you found it.
  • Don't forget to take a nighttime stroll outside your tent for some epic stargazing; Yucatán's night sky is a showstopper.
  • Remember, when it's time to pack up, leave nothing behind but footprints. Try to cut down on waste by reusing items, and be sure to bag up your trash to take back with you.
  • Bonus points if you pick up any extra litter you spot along the way—every little bit helps keep our natural paradise pristine.
  • Don't let pesky bugs ruin your fun! Arm yourself with bug spray to fend off those buzzing nuisances.
  • Sunscreen is your best friend under the Yucatán sun—protect your skin with long sleeves and a good dose of sunscreen. And don't forget to stay hydrated!

Tips for beach camping in Yucatán

  • When the breeze kicks up on Yucatán's beaches, it's no joke—pitching your tent might be trickier than you think. Let the wind flow through as you set up camp (to prevent any unexpected take-offs or tears), and don't be shy about asking for a helping hand.
  • Mind the tide: Check the tide schedule to avoid pitching your tent in flood-prone areas.
  • Sun safety: Besides slathering on sunscreen, bring along umbrellas or canopies to create shady spots—beach shade isn't as easy to come by as in the jungle.
  • Guard your gear: Sand, water, and wind can wreak havoc on electronics and personal items. Use waterproof bags and keep your valuables secure at all times.


Tips for jungle camping in Yucatán

  • In the Yucatán jungle, you’re unlikely to find a picturesque clearing waiting for your tent. Be prepared to clear rocks and sticks before setting up camp, and if you're using sleeping bags, consider bringing extra padding to cushion the tent floor.
  • Dress the part: Long sleeves and sturdy pants are your best defense against bug bites and scratches from the vegetation.
  • Keep someone in the loop: Always let someone outside the expedition know your route and estimated return time.
  • Wildlife etiquette: Observe wildlife from a safe distance, without feeding or disturbing the animals in their natural habitat.
  • Especially during the hotter months (usually between March and June), ticks can be a concern; protect yourself with appropriate clothing and repellent.


Where to camp in Yucatán

Key: 🚽Toilets | 🚿 Showers | ⛺ Tent rentals |💡 Energy | 🛜 WiFi | 🔥 Fires allowed | 🐾 Pet-friendly | 🍽️ Kitchen | 👩‍🍳 Meals | 🏊 Swimming pool | ❄️ Air Conditioning


Camping at the beach in Yucatán

Playón Las Dunas, Chuburná

This beach area is one of travelers’ favorites due to its massive size, which truly makes you feel like you’re on virgin land. Heads up: it’s usually very, very windy, and the lack of services can be a challenge.


Comfort level: 0/5
Location: Chuburná Puerto
Available services:none


Balneario Zac-Ha


The virgin beaches and colorful view from the Zac-Ha tower make you feel like you’re in a movie. Take the time to explore the coconut groves and the fauna along the beaches; you’ll find there’s plenty to see.


Comfort level: 1/5
Location: San Crisanto
Tel. 999 353 2293
FB: Zac Ha Servicio de playa


Campsite fees:
Camping: $180 pesos per person, 7 am to 3 pm the next day
Day pass: $100 pesos per person
Discounts for parties of 20 or more.


Campamento Pijijí, Dzilam de Bravo

🚽🚿💡🔥 🐾⛺

This camping area is available on weekends and vacation periods, by advance reservation only.


Comfort level: 2/5
Location: Dzilam de Bravo
Phone number: 999 152 2255
IG: campamentopijiji
FB: Campamento Pijijí


Campsite fees:
Camping: $100 pesos per person
Tent rental: $50 pesos


2404 Campamento Pijijí en Kayak by them


Palapas Chabihau

🚽🚿 💡🔥 🐾⛺

A spacious area with many palapas ready to be used, as well as amenities such as toilets, electricity, and a shower. It's located past the coastal town of Chabihau and is situated between the coastal road and the beach, so cars are not an unusual sight.


Comfort level: 2/5
Location: Chabihau
Phone number: 991 106 0719
Extra services: palapas and personal attention in case you need anything from the village.


Campsite fees:
Camping: $100 pesos per person
Daypass: Palapas for rent, $40 pesos per hour


2404 Las Palapas del Amigo Pomo Chabihau


Aldea Celestún

🚽🚿 💡🛜 🔥 🐾👩‍🍳⛺❄️

Here, the camping area is located just a few hundred meters from the beach, near the Celestún pier, so it's in a slightly busier area than you might expect for a night “out in nature”. They also offer rustic cabins and air-conditioned, hotel-style rooms.


Comfort level: 3/5
Location: Celestún
Phone number: 999 398 7518
FB: Cabañas Playa Celestún


Campsite fees:
Camping: $100 pesos
Tent rental: $150 pesos
Hammock rental: $100 pesos
Day pass: $70 per person


Dos Lunas, zona de camping, glamping y caravanas

🚽🚿 ⛺💡🛜 🔥 🐾🍽️

Comfort level: 4/5
Location: Celestún
Phone number: 556 619 9881
FB: Dos Lunas- Zona de Camping, Glamping y Caravanas


Campsite fees:
Camping: $150 pesos
Tent rental: $100 pesos (includes padded mat)
Daypass: $100 pesos for adults, $50 pesos for children 6 - 13, free for children under 6


Palula Beach

🚽🚿 ⛺💡🛜 🔥 🐾🍽️👩‍🍳

Palula Beach exudes a great vibe and a sense of community. Enjoy a campfire with friends old and new as you wait to catch some bioluminescence in the waves. Witness the sunrise from your tent, and you might even be lucky enough to spot dolphins, starfish, and horseshoe crabs.


Comfort level: 4/5
Location: San Crisanto
Phone number: 999 737 2003


Campsite fees:
Camping: $150 pesos (free for children under 10)
Tent rental: $100 pesos
Daypass: $100 pesos for adults, $50 for children
Extra services: Kayak rent.


Camping in the Yucatán jungle

Cenote Suhem

🚽🚿 ⛺💡🛜 🔥 🐾👩‍🍳🏊

2404 Cenote Suhem Pixyah by themThe Pixyah cenotes in Telchaquillo (near Mayapán) are surprisingly popular, given how secluded they are from anything resembling a main road. This makes the thought of camping at one of them, like Suhem, an especially enticing experience. Just picture how the sky looks from there on a clear night! And if you're not in the mood to cook over a campfire, you can arrange to have meals prepared (when booking) to indulge in at least that luxury.


Comfort level: 1/5
Location: Telchaquillo
Phone number: 999 749 2458
IG: @cenotesuhem
FB: Cenote Suhem Pixyah


Campsite fees:
Camping: $170 pesos per person
Tent rental: $50 pesos
Day pass: $100 per person
Extra services: meals (by advances request) and cenote swim by night.


Campamento "El tío Juan"

🚽🚿 ⛺💡🛜 🔥 🐾🍽️

Comfort level: 3/5
Location: Tixkokob
Phone number: 999 247 7669
FB: Campamento Tío Juan


Campsite fees:
Camping: $100 pesos per person (free for children under 5)
Tent rental: $50 pesos (includes padded mat)
Cabins: $600 pesos (includes bed, hammock, fan)
Daypass: $60 pesos per person


Mirador de Muna

🚽🚿 ⛺💡🛜 🔥 🐾👩‍🍳🏊

The Mirador de Muna (Muna lookout point) is one of the highest points you can visit in Yucatán. As such, you can count on great views and an unforgettable experience in the very heart of the Puuc area.


Comfort level: 3/5
Phone number: 997 110 1618
FB: Mirador Muna


Campsite fees:
Camping: $150 pesos
Tent rental: $100 pesos
Extra services: meals (by advanced request), parking and nature guide (extra fee).


Luxury camping and glamping sites

Vocho Hotel Valladolid

🚽🚿 ⛺💡🛜 🔥👩‍🍳🏊

This is definitely not your usual glamping site: the “tents” here are converted classic VW Beetles, VW Buses, a small plane, and a treehouse. Vocho Hotel Valladolid also offers a campsite to set up tents, whether you bring your own or prefer to rent one from them.


Comfort level: 4/5
Location: Valladolid
Phone number: 985 125 5593
FB: Vocho Hotel Valladolid


Campsite fees:
Camping: $250 pesos (breakfast is included)
Tent rental: $50 pesos
Daypass: $300 pesos (includes breakfast or lunch)


Hameki Glamping

🚽🚿 💡🛜 🔥👩‍🍳❄️

If “roughing it” isn’t for you, how about glamping? Located in Homún, Hameki is your chance for a fun night outdoors, with the comfort of sleeping in a regular, plush bed. In addition to the onsite pool, remember there are literally dozens of cenotes you can visit in Homún; you can ask the site to arrange a tour or go out exploring on your own.


Comfort level: 5/5
Location: Homun
Phone number: 999 242 4700
IG: glampinghameki
FB: Hameki


Campsite fees:
Luxury tent for two: $2,500 pesos
Daypass: Starting at $250 pesos per person, including meals and activities; check out their social media for current offers.


2404 Hameki by them


Article written by Cecilia Abreu, Keny Ek, Gonzalo N. González and Yucatán Today.


Photography by Cassie Pearse, Campamento Pijijí, Las Palapas del Amigo Pomo Chabihau, Hameki, and Cenote Suhem Pixyah.

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