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A Seven Day Stay: Telchaquillo, Teabo, Valladolid, Cenotillo

25 march 2024
6 min. de lectura

Are you free for a week in Yucatán? We'll help you create the perfect experience for you! Explore the cenotes of Telchaquillo, the tacos of Teabo, the magical town of Valladolid, and learn a little about the legacy of one of the state's most prominent artists, Fernando Castro Pacheco.



2404 Fruta Pitahaya by Andrea Mier y Teran


Exploring the traditional markets of a place is a great way to immerse yourself in its culture and way of life. In Mérida, the Lucas de Gálvez market is the largest and oldest in the city, and what better time to visit than on a Monday morning! Discover more about the most common fruits and vegetables you'll find in this and other Yucatecan markets.




On Tuesday, you can enjoy two activities in one day, as we’ll head to Telchaquillo, in Tecoh. This place is known for its cenotes, and the cenote located in the main park is a good place to start. After cooling off with a good swim, visit the archaeological site of Mayapán, which is just five minutes from the town.




2404 Taqueria el paradero by ely chavarrea (1)


Teabo will be celebrating its patron saint festivities from late April to early May, so it's definitely worth a visit. During your stay, don't miss the chance to try the delicious Escabeche tacos from Taquería El Paradero.




Before arriving in Valladolid, we'll make a mandatory stop in Kaua. Here, you'll find a unique culinary experience: delicious Huevos Encamisados, eggs cooked inside corn tortillas, prepared by the Tías of Kaua. This fresh breakfast will leave you craving more as you enjoy the cozy atmosphere of this charming town.




2312 Ixkatik Restaurante en Valladolid sopa de pepita de calabaza by Andrea Mier y Teran


Friday will be a day full of flavors in Valladolid. Alicia will take you on an exciting culinary tour, perfect for all tastes, palates, and budgets. Discover the best secrets of local cuisine and let yourself be tempted by the delicious delicacies that this Magical Town has to offer.




Cenotillo, known as the “City of Cenotes”, will be our next stop. If you consider yourself more on the adventurous side, the Xooch cenote is perfect for you. Enjoy a guided bike tour (or by car if you prefer to rest your legs) from the town to the cenote. In the end, allow yourself to try the town's Chinese food, a legacy of its migrant history.




2311 Centro Cultural Fernando Castro Pacheco Exposición Fernando Castro Pacheco by Brenda Avila


We will end our journey where we started: in Mérida. This city is packed with museums and galleries waiting to be explored. Make a stop at Centro Cultural Fernando Castro Pacheco, the artistic legacy of one of the state's most prominent artists that you can find.





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