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A Seven Day Stay: Homún, Chichén Itzá, Valladolid, San Felipe

08 may 2023
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We’re starting off in Mérida. Discover two facets of the Maya culture in the Palacio Cantón Museum and Gran Museo del Mundo Maya. For dinner, the Maya de Asia restaurant awaits in The Harbor. We’ll spend the night in the facilities of charming Hacienda Xcanatun.    




Today, we’ll focus on Mérida’s colonial side, visiting the Cathedral, Palacio de Gobierno (the Governor’s Office), and Paseo de Montejo; don’t forget to stop by the Montejo 495 museum, El Minaret, and its restaurant, Yerba Santa. At night, the Santa Lucía neighborhood offers an endless list of restaurants and coffee shops.  



Cenotes Cascabel


Every weather forecast predicts a hot Wednesday: a perfect day to head to Homún and explore its wonderful cenotes. When you drive into town you can hire a guide to take you to three different cenotes; for example, Tza Ujun Cat (the sound of clay), a well-lit open cenote, with various depths for different levels of guts, or Santa Bárbara’s three different options.  



It’s time to see one of the seven wonders of the world: the archeological site of Chichen Itzá. The best way to appreciate the details of this site is with the help of a guide; verify they’re certified if you don’t want to be fooled by made-up stories and legends. The day should be piping hot, so make sure to bring cold water, a hat, and constantly apply generous amounts of sunscreen; once you leave, head to the Olbil hotel in Valladolid.  




Today, we’ll meet the Magical Town of Valladolid. Have breakfast at the market, stroll down Calzada de los Frailes, discover the city’s history and be delighted by its vast and outstanding local cuisine. Also, visit the Zací cenote (pronounced sakee ) in the middle of the city’s Centro, or if you want to visit one more hacienda, head to San Lorenzo Oxman, southwest of the city.    



Ek Balam - Xibalbá


You’ve visited Chichen Itzá, now’s the time to visit Ek Balam. After touring around its buildings (which you can still climb), dive into the neighboring cenote of X’Canché. You can savor a tasty Poc Chuc here, or if you prefer something different, make a gourmet stop in Tizimín, where you’ll find local dish options, international dishes, and many lamb specialties.  



San Felipe - Isla Cerritos


Last stop: San Felipe and Río Lagartos. For a full experience, take a boat tour through the mangroves, admire the infinite amount of bird species, and enjoy its stunning beaches. For lunch, options are endless, but the staple traditional restaurant is “El Popular Vaselina”, in San Felipe. Get ready to be surprised!  



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Alicia Navarrete

Author: Alicia Navarrete

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