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This route starts at the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula, in the port of El Cuyo. You will have to make a difficult decision: relax on the beach doing nothing or trying some of the many available water sports. There are no wrong answers on this, but if you can do both, you should




One day is never enough for an El Cuyo stay. However, if you have swum in the ocean and tried the delicacies served at El Camaron restaurant, we’ll say you’re ready to head to Tizimín. On the way, consider taking a detour to check out Las Coloradas and the pink lagoons. This is a photographers’ dream-come-true type of place.



Tizimín, Tres Reyes


If you are in Tizimín during the festival of The Three Kings (during the first half of January), you won’t need us for suggestions of things to do: you’ll have way more options than you can do in just one day. Visit the church to see the statues of the Magi and try Casa Makech for breakfast or lunch.



Ek Balam, Valladolid


You can’t leave Tizimín without tasting the delicious Cuban bread, but once you have, let’s continue on to Ek Balam. Your visit should include the incredible archeological site and the spectacular cenote X’Canche. Hungry? It’s time to choose again: smoked meat in the village of Temozón or one of the many options in Valladolid, where you’ll spend the night.



Le Muuch, restaurante K'uxub


After a delicious breakfast at K’uxub, we will continue on to Holcá where you can spend the day (and night) at the very special Villas El Encanto. If you are up for seeing another cenote, stop at Yokdzonot. This is a good place to marvel at the diversity of the cenotes and cool off with a swim, but also to stretch your legs.





Get an early start to visit the Maya site of Mayapán; once you have finished, take advantage of the fact that you are near the village of Tekit, the Capital of the Guayabera. Check out their fair and choose some pieces of this traditional, fresh and elegant clothing for the whole family. Once you’ve tried the clothing, make a quick stop in one of the local bakeries for some Hojaldra–ham and cheese in a puff-pastry-type crust.



Wearing a piece of your new clothing from yesterday in Tekit, it is now time to check out the White City of Mérida. Start with breakfast at Tala in Hotel Casa San Ángel then rent a bike at Biciruta to check out some of the neighborhoods in Mérida. To end the week on a high note, go to hotel Villa Mercedes Curio Collection by Hilton, where you can choose between traditional Japanese cuisine and rich Mexican flavors with a modern touch. For a twist on local flavors, check out our page 20.


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