The week starts in Izamal, the yellow city that is also one of the Magical Towns in Yucatán. Explore its history and architecture, and make time to try Papadzules with Longaniza at Kinich restaurant. On your way to Mérida, don’t hesitate to take a quick detour to Kimbilá to buy some embroidered garments.


2017 Paseo de Montejo by Yucatán TodayTuesday

Start your day in Mérida with a walk through Paseo de Montejo. Don’t forget to shop around its different establishments: from contemporary art to local liquor tastings; variety will take you by surprise. In fact, wouldn’t you like to try a Rosewater Margarita? Boo tells you all about it.


Palacio de la músicaWednesday

Early breakfast at Siqueff so you can make it on time for the free walking tour of Centro. Later, explore the Palacio de la Música interactive museum, ideal for those who love rhythm, Yucatán, architecture, and the perfect combination of all three. Afterwards, delight yourself in some of the dishes from María Raíz y Tierra, at Villa Mercedes hotel.


2302 Maní Jardín Mootsil Kuxtal by Joaquín Bautista


The road to Maní isn’t long, but a stop in Tecoh for a taquito and maybe purchasing a hammock isn’t a bad idea.
In Maní, take the tour of the former convent and then visit U Lu’umil Kuxtal to try its honey-baked ribs and learn about the different types of stingless bees (reservations required for both, page 34). At night, stop by Venzze Pizza, a fan favorite.



Today we’re off to the Puuc route.
Start your day off by admiring the figureheads from the God of Rain, Chaac, at Kabáh. Then, on your way to Tekax, you’ll be able to choose between Sayil, Xlapak and Labná, all on your way; they’re all UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and each one has its own charm. If you have time, stop at them all. To spend the night, TecnoHotel Express in Tekax is a great option.




Have a delicious breakfast at the market and then spend the day at Parque Gruta Chocantes; between the caves, zip line, and every activity offered, you’ll wonder where the time went. By the evening, visit the church of San Dieguito de Alcalá and its dazzling lookout point, besides having a great view and breeze from the Yucatecan hills, it also has an endless amount of spots to take gorgeous pictures. Tip: Arrive before sunset, the climb feels better if you do it calmly.


Cacao - chocolateSunday

Start your Sunday with a visit to Caricoa, where you’ll learn to make chocolate bars and taste the diverse and marvelous ways to prepare cacao (reservations required). But make sure to leave space, because the next stop will be Doña Mirna’s kitchen, where, being Sunday, you’ll get to try some of the homemade specialties…How does a Queso Relleno sound?


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