The flat plains start disappearing as you drive, turning into a rolling landscape peppered by cows, farmgrounds, and small depressions, sometimes filled with water. Large trees can be seen in the distance, like green clouds sprinkled with red (Flamboyan, Delonix regia) and yellow (Lluvia de Oro, Cassia fistula) flowers. It’s a fascinating sight that leads to our destination: Tizimín, the heart of Yucatán’s cattle farming area. Without a doubt, a large part of the economy with over 1,200 cattle farmer members in the local livestock farming association. 


Feria de Tizimín, reina Known as the city of kings, arriving in Tizimín is diving into the joyful bustle of a city with over four centuries of history, founded by Franciscan priests in 1544. It’s famous for its colonial buildings, but the Maya constructions in nearby Kulubá are equally impressive. Walk down its streets, beginning with its Parque Principal, featuring a gazebo and the city’s giant letters. Both are great for pictures. In the afternoons, you’ll find the ever-present Marquesitas and other delicacies. 


The Fair of Kings

While Tizimín is always lively, nothing compares to the festive days in celebration of the city’s patron saints: the Three Wise Men or Biblical Magi. The tone changes, colorful street flags are set, and the activities take off: masses, pilgrimages, parades, traditional dancing, exhibitions, and a makeshift bullring. It’s quite the party! 


The fair begins at the end of December and goes on through mid-January. If you’re planning to be in the area, or just want to find out more about the celebration, check out Goretty’s article, she will give you all the information in further detail. 


Where to eat

Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Casa Makech is where I go to pamper my tummy, as well as my eyes. Here you’ll find modern classics, many of my favorites: French Toast, Brioche sandwiches, and a wide variety of burgers and pasta. Plus fair prices. Sit down and enjoy both a nice dish and wonderful decoration, where murals shine among the vegetation that makes it a lovely garden terrace.


Feria de reyes - Tizimín

Are you in the mood for a Yucatecan classic? Tres Reyes, a neighbor of Casa Makech, is a must: perfect to try mouthwatering Lomitos de Valladolid. If you’re there for breakfast, they have several packages to pick from. Whatever you do, make sure to try one of their Aguas Frescas.


In truth…

I’m about to run out of space; one page isn’t enough to tell you about all the wonders of Tizimín and its surroundings, including Kikil—with its iconic blue cenote, botanical gardens, and hammock areas—and San Manuel Km 11, with over 100 cenotes. Looking for beaches? Paradise is just one hour away: El Cuyo. But now I’m out of space. Thank you for reading!



Editorial by Olivia Camarena Cervera
Yucatecan communicologist. Your favorite Assistant Editor. Writer, blogger, and bookstagrammer in her spare time. She also experiments with TikTok.



Photography by Leoh Campos and H. Ayuntamiento de Tizimín for use in Yucatán Today.

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