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Tour of the Best Bars and Cantinas in Mérida

10 may 2024
22 min. de lectura

Welcome to Yucatán! Our wonderful land, renowned for its scorching temperatures that might leave you thirsting for more, greets you with open arms. Whether you're leisurely wandering through our state, arriving to stay, or simply on the lookout for a new spot to unwind with a drink in your hand and a smile on your face, you've landed in the perfect place. Here we present the first of a series of articles where we invite you to discover several bars and taverns, each catering to the various stages we encounter on our partying adventures.

A chill pre-game

2405 Tropico 56 Bar by charlie gTrópico 56 

If you're up for adding a beachy, tropical vibe to your day without venturing far from Mérida, Trópico 56 is the spot for you. This cozy bar serves up mouthwatering seafood, tasty snacks, and refreshing cocktails. You can find it in two locations; one at the end of Paseo de Montejo, and the other inside the Culinary Market at La Plancha Park.


Among their top picks are the "Mezcalitas" but they also shine with their Mojitos, Aperol Spritz cocktails, and a wide array of beers. As for food, Baja tacos and ceviche take the lead, but they've got you covered with burritos, Arab tacos, and burgers too. Vegetarians and vegans, rejoice! There are options like Falafels or the Fattoush Salad with Falafel, and for the veggies lovers, there are Tacos 56, packed with a medley of vegetables and panela cheese. Prices vary depending on your choice; for instance, house cocktails range from $105 to $150 pesos, and food ranges from $90 to $250 pesos. Plus, keep an eye out for their 2-for-1 deals (all day long) on Aperol Spritz, Gin & Tonic, Mezcales, and Mojitos.


2405 Mojito bebida Tropico 56 by charlie gThe decoration of the place gives off a coastal vibe, with lively colors, lush greenery, and tropical touches like wooden signs showcasing the specialties of the house. Trópico 56 comes alive starting on Thursdays and keeps the party vibes going strong all the way through the weekend.

Without a doubt, Trópico 56 at La Plancha is an excellent option if you're looking for a chill outing with your friends. But if you're up for some serious partying, head over to their spot at the end of Paseo de Montejo. They host live music nights, karaoke on Thursdays and Saturdays, and DJ sets on Fridays.


Mercado Gastronómico del Parque La Plancha (Sucursal La Plancha)
Tue. - Sun. 2 - 9 pm 
Calle 56 A #425A, Remate del Paseo de Montejo, Centro (Sucursal Paseo de Montejo)
IG: tropico56mid 
Tue. - Wed. 3 - 11 pm
Thu. - Sat. 3 pm - 2 am
Sundays, 3 - 10 pm



Esmeralda Tap Room 

2405 Esmeralda Tap Room Bar en La Plancha by Charlie GAttention all beer lovers out there, especially those who savor the taste of craft brews: make it a priority to swing by Esmeralda Tap Room as soon as you can! Another great option you can find at the Culinary Market of La Plancha is the official Tap Room of Esmeralda Brewing, a 100% Yucatecan craft brewery. Renowned for its diverse range of flagship beers, seasonal specialties, and experimental concoctions, Esmeralda Brewing is also a hotspot for mouthwatering cocktails and tasty snacks.


2405 Esmeralda Tap Room Bebidas en la Plancha by Charlie G


Some of their house specialties include Yucatán (a Pale Ale style infused with sour orange), Colorada (Tropical Ale style), Oasis (Oatmeal Stout style), and Celestún (American Pale Ale style). They also offer experimental combinations like Jamaica (hibiscus) Ale, Coffee Blonde, and Horchata Brown Ale.


2405 Bebidas botellas Esmeralda Tap Room by Charlie gTheir cocktail selection includes Gin & Tonic, Mezcal Mule, summer wines, and a diverse range of Carajillos. When it comes to food, they serve up treats like guacamole with Longaniza, sandwiches, hot dogs, and burgers. Prices vary, with beers ranging from $50 to $70 pesos, cocktails from $90 to $140 pesos, Carajillos from $125 to $199 pesos, and food from $95 to $180 pesos.

The vibe here is youthful and modern, with décor featuring various bottles of their flagship beers and iconic brand symbols like their flamingo. Weekends tend to be the busiest days at this Tap Room, so if you're looking for a lively atmosphere, that's the time to go!

If you're a beer aficionado or love exploring unique beverages, Esmeralda is the place for you. And if you're just passing through Yucatán and want to grab a souvenir, any of their bottles would make a fantastic choice. They showcase iconography and names that truly capture the essence of the state.


Mercado Gastronómico del Parque La Plancha
IG: esmeraldataproom 
Mon. - Fri. 5 - 9:45 pm
Sat. - Sun. 1 - 9:45 pm

Murciégalo Mezcalería

2405 Murciegalo Bar by Charlie GAs the saying goes, "For every problem, there's mezcal, and for every celebration, too"; Murciégalo Mezcalería embodies this sentiment perfectly. Tucked just around the corner from the José Peón Contreras Theater, you can spot it easily by its neon green bat sign.


True to its name, Murciégalo Mezcalería excels in its extensive array of mezcal-based creations, skillfully crafted by Chef Jorge Luis Manzanilla. Their diverse menu boasts tantalizing and invigorating cocktails like the Murciégalo (featuring Divino Maguey’s tamarind-flavored mezcal infused with grapefruit, lemon, activated charcoal, and pink salt), the Jamaica (hibiscus) Mezcalina, La Dosis (served frozen with passion fruit, Divino Maguey’s tamarind mezcal, citrus, and grenadine), and more. You'll also find specialties like the Carajillo Pibinal and a crowd-pleaser, the Mojito 4:20. If mezcal isn't quite your speed, fear not! Murciégalo offers alternative libations prepared with gin, whisky, rum, beer, vodka, or tequila. And if one generous pour isn't enough, you can order one of their mezcal tasting boards and continue experimenting with this delicious beverage.


2405 Murciegalo Bebida by charlie gThe price of mezcal cocktails ranges from $145 to $160 pesos; mezcal tasting boards, from $300 to $450 pesos; shots of Divino Maguey mezcal, $90 - $199 pesos, just to give you an idea. As for food, their culinary offerings include appetizers, main dishes, and desserts ($75 to $220 pesos).

Murciégalo Mezcalería combines decorative elements like plants, metal walls, and vibrant neon colors, creating a modern ambiance with urban flair. When it comes to music, expect a diverse blend of electronic beats, dance tunes, and urban vibes, ensuring there's something for everyone to groove to.

Drop by Murciégalo and treat yourself to one of México's most traditional beverages, the delightful mezcal.


Murciégalo Mezcalería
Calle 57 #500 x 58 y 60, Barrio de Santa Lucía, Centro (around the corner from Teatro José Peón Contreras)
IG: murciegalo_mezcaleria
Sun. - Wed. 4 pm - 12 am
Thu. - Sat. 5 pm - 1:30 am 



El Viento

2405 Anima El Viento en el Corredor Gastronomico by charlie gÁNIMA, a standout restaurant along the Culinary Corridor, is home to a gem called El Viento, a listening bar that promises a unique experience for music lovers and cocktail connoisseurs alike.


2405 Anima El Viento by Charlie GWhat sets El Viento apart are its vinyl records, the main feature of this space. The bar hosts various nights throughout the year where different DJs curate sets exclusively on vinyl, adding an authentic and nostalgic touch to the ambiance, draped in green velvet curtains. Although they don't identify as a speakeasy and their location isn't a secret, the décor exudes the elegance and warmth reminiscent of 1920s jazz lounges.

The ambiance at El Viento is perfect for unwinding with friends while enjoying good music and excellent drinks. Speaking of drinks, prices here range between $130 and $310 pesos. One of the crowd favorites is undoubtedly the "¡Hay ta Ella!" cocktail, crafted with Avión tequila, jalapeño syrup, and house-made tepache. But don't hesitate to explore and try something different; this place is sure to spark your curiosity.


El Viento en Ánima
Calle 47 #461, Centro
IG: elvientoooooooooo
Tue. - Sat. 5 - 11 pm
Sunday, 2 - 10 pm


Let’s get this party started!

El Lucero

2405 Mesas en el Lucero by charlie g
2405 Botanas en el Lucero by charlie g
2405 Coctel bebida el Lucero by charlie g

When you step into the magical world of Botaneros (venues where you get seemingly endless free snacks when you order drinks and live music beckons you to leave your cares behind), there inevitably comes a point in the day (or night) when you think, "I could stay here forever". And rightly so, coupled with the enveloping atmosphere and delectable snacks, El Lucero has that hypnotic effect that makes time fly by while you're inside.

El Lucero (or El Lucero del Alba, as it was locally known for many years), a contemporary cantina located on the Culinary Corridor of Calle 47, is a clear example of this unique experience. Beloved by both locals and tourists, this establishment has been a Mérida staple for decades. They offer a wide variety of drinks, from beers to classic and original cocktails, such as the "Ritual Maya" or the Jarrito Lucero, all priced under $200 pesos on the bar menu.


But when it comes to snacks, there's something for everyone! From refried beans to Cochinita, passing through Relleno Negro, there are plenty of options to choose from. And if you find a snack you love, feel free to order more rounds without hassles!

But if you prefer heartier dishes, El Lucero also has a menu full of local delights worth trying. With prices ranging from $110 to $400 pesos and frequent promotions, you won't want to miss out. And for those who don't drink alcohol, they have virgin cocktails available too, so everyone can have a good time.


While El Lucero retains the essence of traditional cantinas, it has also incorporated modern comforts over the years. Recently, they opened an air-conditioned lounge, thus expanding options for their customers. With a terrace with a palapa and this new space, at El Lucero, you'll always find a comfortable place to enjoy an endless party.


El Lucero
Calle 56 #493 x 47, Centro
IG: elluceromx
Sun. - Thu. 12 - 10 pm
Fri. - Sat. 12 pm - 12 am 



La Fundación Mezcalería

If you've ever wondered whether people from various generations, social circles, and even different nationalities can come together in one place to belt out classic latino tunes like "La Gata Bajo la Lluvia," "Como La Flor," or some classic reggaeton at the top of their lungs, then it's high time you checked out La Fundación Mezcalería.

At La Mezcalería, known as the house of mezcal, the party never seems to end. When you step inside, it might take a beat to get used to the vibe of the place. You'll see various groups going through the classic stages of a party: from initial icebreakers, the gradual rise in energy, mingling between groups to chat, all the way to the peak of the celebration. But fear not, you'll quickly pick up on the atmosphere and end the night mingling with folks from different corners of the city (or sometimes even the globe).

The energy is kicked up a notch with DJ sets from different local artists, each bringing their unique style and rhythm to the mix, guaranteeing you'll be dancing non-stop all night long. If you're curious about who'll be spinning the tunes during your visit, keep an eye on La Mezcalería's social media for their weekly schedules.

La Mezcalería, or La Mezca for friends, offers a diverse selection of mezcals for you to explore. And if mezcal isn't your go-to, they also offer cocktails like summer red wine or mojitos in various flavors. If you're up for trying something from the house, their most popular cocktails include Electric Lemonade, Mezcal Margarita, and Mango Chamoy. Cocktail prices range from $60 to $130 pesos per glass and between $110 pesos and $265 pesos per-Pomo (a one-liter container).

For those with a more refined palate when it comes to mezcal, La Mezcalería offers mezcal trios, which consist of three mezcal shots. The prices of these packages vary depending on the group's level of experience.

And if hunger strikes during the night, there's no need to worry, as they have a full menu of dishes that will perfectly complement your drinks. Lastly, it's important to note that occasionally there is a small admission fee ranging from $25 to $50 pesos, but it includes a welcome drink, such as a mezcal shot or a small cocktail.


La Fundación Mezcalería
Calle 59 #509 x 60 y 62, Centro
IG: lafundacionmezcaleria
Every day, 6 pm - 3 am



La Pulquerida - Cantina Latina

Just around the corner from Santiago Park, you can find a little corner full of flavor and Latin vibes: La Pulquerida - Cantina Latina. A place that stands out for its incredible party atmosphere, and every night promises to be legendary.

The ambiance of the place is a combination of urban style and Latin culture. Adorned with eclectic paintings, quirky signs, and neon lights, it's a feast for the eyes. And the music? Expect a fantastic mix of electronic beats, urban grooves, and hints of pop.

It has two air-conditioned interior lounges where the DJ is located, which inspire dancing all night long, as well as a terrace. Regarding the menu, you can find a wide variety of alcoholic beverages such as tequila, whiskey, rum, vodka, mezcal, brandy, and more, served up by the glass or bottle, beers by glass, jar, or bucket, as well as classic cocktails based on pulque or the famous "Coctechelas," to name a couple. It also offers a variety of appetizers (such as French fries, cheese sticks, or guacamole) and main dishes (such as nachos, sandwiches, and tacos), as well as sharing plates.

The price list varies. For example, alcoholic beverages can range from $40 to $2200 pesos (depending on whether you order a glass, liter, cup, or bottle); buckets, $175 pesos; shots: $21.90 pesos; and food, between $75 and $280 pesos.

The busiest (and best atmosphere) days are weekends, especially Fridays and Saturdays. To make sure you have the best time possible, it's a good idea to reserve your spot in advance. The cover charge is $30 pesos, and the ticket you get can be swapped for a refreshing beer at the bar.

So gather your crew and get ready to dance the night away at La Pulquerida - Cantina Latina!


La Pulquerida - Cantina Latina
Calle 70 #478 x 57 y 59, Barrio de Santiago, Centro 
Wed. - Sun. 7 pm - 3 am 
IG: lapulquerida 

So, where to next?

Dix Bar 

2405 Dix Bar Baile by Charlie GLet the music never stop and the party continue at Dix Bar, a 100% LGBTQ+ space located just a few steps from Santa Lucía Park. This place stands out as one of the most popular spots for nightlife in Mérida.

Here you'll find an excellent mix of pop and reggaeton music, colorful lights, lots of sparkle, and drag shows. Indeed, one of its strongest points is the drag performances featuring local, national, and international talent. Each performance is a unique experience, with themes that change every night, ensuring there's always something fresh and exciting to enjoy!

Their menu is packed with a delightful array of snacks and refreshing drinks, including vodka, tequila, beers, etc., in their full versions (bottles) or liter glasses, buckets, or tubs. The prices range from $100 to $150 pesos for liters (of any alcoholic beverage); $200 - $300 pesos for buckets; and $800 pesos and above for bottles, to name a few. Snacks range between $100 and $200 pesos (approximately).


2405 Dix Bar Drag Show by Charlie G


The fun ramps up at Dix around 11 pm to midnight when the drag shows kick off. Each segment of the show is accompanied by (mostly) two DJ sets per hour, the perfect moment to dance. There's no cover charge on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Plus, on Fridays, entry is free from 8 to 9 pm, and afterward, it's just $80 pesos. Saturdays are a bit different – there's a cover charge all night, but the price varies depending on the theme or special guest of the evening. So mark your calendars and get ready to party!

The night is always better at Dix Bar, a joyful, free, safe place where everyone is welcome.


Dix Bar
Calle 53 #495 x 56 y 58, Parque de Santa Lucía, Centro
IG: dixbar.merida 
Wed. - Sun. 8 pm - 2:30 am 



Delorean Bar

2405 Bar Delorean by charlie GuzmanDelorean Bar is the ultimate chill-out destination after a wild night, complete with a frosty beer in hand. Strategically located next to Palacio de la Música and facing the stops of the Va-y-Ven night routes, it's an excellent option for a final pit stop before calling it a night.


2405 Delorean hot dogs con papas a la francesa by charlie gThis outdoor bar is all about beers, making it the ideal choice to beat Yucatán's climate, with prices ranging from $30 to $90 pesos depending on your choice. Additionally, they offer several attractive promotions, such as the Snoop Dog combo for $100 pesos, which includes a hot dog and a beer, or two Carajillos for $190 pesos.

And it's not just about the drinks – Delorean Bar also serves up snacks and local favorites like wings or boneless wings, perfect for pairing with your beverage of choice. With mostly rock music setting the vibe, you're in for a lively atmosphere. Plus, catch live performances by various local artists and bands playing different musical genres later in the night, adding that extra special touch to your evening.

For true fans, Delorean Bar has its own line of merch, so you can take home a souvenir of the incredible night you'll surely have.


Delorean Bar
Calle 58 x 57 y 59, Centro
IG: deloreanbar
Every day, 1 pm - 2:30 am


As you've probably noticed, Mérida offers a fantastic array of venues to enjoy the nightlife and, most importantly, to cool off from the heat with a refreshing drink in hand. This is just the beginning of our journey; stay tuned to our website and social media for more installments. In the meantime, let's keep raising our glasses to Mérida! Cheers!

NOTE: The promotions, discounts, and rates presented are valid at the time of this edition's closure, but they may vary at any time.


More Bars and Cantinas in Mérida's Centro

It’s true, we have a very particular “going-out culture” in Mérida; arriving fashionably late, and bar-hopping are clear examples of this. However, once Yucatecos finally meet up, there’s no way the party is ending any time soon. This month, I have been tasked with touring some of the classic bars and cantinas of Mérida’s Centro and sharing my journey with you. What are you waiting for? Set a date with all your best friends and visit some of these iconic hotspots.  



El Cardenal Cantina

Bares y Cantinas en el Centro de Mérida

Located in the very heart of Centro, you will find different special events daily: such as Jazz Mondays, Unplugged Tuesdays, and Jukebox Wednesdays. You will also find a variety of dishes such as shrimp tacos (fried, “a la diabla,” or garlic); guacamole or cheese pizza, nachos, and burgers. Don’t miss out on their promo of 3 Corona “caguamas” for $120 pesos, daily from 1 pm to 5 pm. This is one of the most established - and popular - cantinas in Mérida, where you will always find a really great ambience and friendly servers.  


Calle 63 x 70, Centro, Mérida
Tel. (999) 518 1729
FB: El Cardenal Cantina

Open daily 1 pm - 10 pm    



Malahat Speakeasy & Mixology

Malahat Speakeasy

For a taste of the speakeasy experience from the 1920s, check out Malahat Speakeasy in Parque de Santa Lucía. When you step inside the secret entry, you will instantly feel transported back in time. The small, dimly lit bar is intimate but full of the happy sounds of the conversation and laughter of its patrons. Its regulars always say that what makes Malahat Speakeasy unique is the feeling of privacy. Combined with its ambience from an era gone by, while maintaining a sophisticated feel because of its delicious, elegant cocktails, there really is no place like it. Malahat has brought the speakeasy back to life.  


Access: Apoala Mexican Cuisine
Parque de Santa Lucía Calle 55 x 60, Centro
Tel. (999) 923 1979
FB: Malahat · Speakeasy & Mixology
Wed. - Sat. 8 pm - 2 am    



La Negrita Cantina

2405 La Negrita Bar y Cantina by Charlie G

This cantina is a traditional stop for tourists and locals alike; it has a unique feel to it, and is the ideal place if you’re looking to dance, meet lots of people, and find a refuge from the city’s heat. They feature a live band every day so that you can move your body and dance a little. Here you will find traditional Yucatecan eats such as tacos, Relleno Negro, Salbutes, and Panuchos;­­ and lots of drink specials: a liter of Electric Lemonade for $50 pesos; 2x1 margaritas and lots of other promotions. This popular, hip cantina is one you won’t want to skip.  


Calle 62 #415 x 49, Centro, Mérida
Tel. (999) 121 0411
FB: La Negrita Cantina
Open daily 12 pm - 10 pm    



Hermana República Taproom

Enjoy this bar’s somewhat more mellow vibe which makes it a perfect place to spend an evening catching up with friends. The menu features an international and varied offering with Cuban, Lebanese, Yucatecan and Peruvian dishes. Don’t miss their daily 2x1 deal on beers and select spirits from 1 pm to 8 pm, and their live music which is a staple at this bar on the weekends. This bar is Cervecería Patito’s taproom, so you can be sure that they know how to set the tone for the perfect beer drinking experience.  


Calle 64 x 55 y 57, Centro, Mérida
Tel. (999) 968 5139
FB: Hermana República
Mon. - Wed. 1 pm - 11 pm
Thu. - Sat. 1 pm - 1 am
Sun. 1 pm - 6 pm    



Pipiripau Dive Bar

Live music daily and beer bucket deals for only $100 pesos (5 pm to 8 pm) are some of the things you can expect from this bar. Head over in the afternoon for a little Cumbia dancing on their patio. The menu features a great variety of snacks and traditional bar food such as wings, nachos, Tortas de Pastor, French fries, and more. This bar is the perfect place to start your evening because it’s close to lots of other bars and restaurants, so you can visit more than one in a night. Pipiripau is open daily, so put it on your to-do list and head over.  


Calle 62 #458 x 55 y 53, Centro, Mérida
Tel. (999) 291 6255
FB: Pipiri Mérida
Mon. - Thu. 5 pm - 2:30 am
Fri. - Sun. 1 pm - 2:30 am    



Tour Cantinero MID

This is a unique opportunity to tour classic cantinas which are usually only visited by locals; you’ll have a great time learning about cantina culture and meeting new people who will turn into your party buddies by the end of the evening.  


With the help of “Loren,” Andrés, and their team, you’ll hear all about the history of Mérida’s cantinas, how they started out, and how they’ve changed with time. You’ll visit traditional cantinas and have the experience of learning about the cultural wealth of these establishments.  


The tour costs $400 pesos and includes: a beer at each stop, fascinating stories told by the charming “Loren,” and games and activities you can participate in throughout the outing.  


This tour is open to the public once a month, but you can also reserve private tours for bachelor and bachelorette parties, or just for a night out with friends. Get information on all their events and contact them through their Facebook page, they will let you know where the meeting point is and what the route will be. Dare to do something different!  


Calle 57 #519 x 64 y 66, Centro
Tel. (999) 315 6622
FB: Tour Cantinero MID  




The "Tour of the Best Bars and Cantinas in Mérida's" is a collaboration between Sara Alba and Carlos Guzmán. "More Bars and Cantinas in Mérida's Centro" was written by Claudia Améndola.


First published in Yucatán Today, in June 2023.

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