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Mérida’s Culinary Corridor: A guide

11 january 2024
15 min. de lectura

In recent years, downtown Mérida (Centro) has gone from a somewhat abandoned residential area into a hub of culture, art, entertainment, and, of course, good food. In 2023, local authorities decided to formalize the epicenter of Yucatán's gastronomy and revitalize the main streets that house some of the most outstanding restaurants in southeast México.


15 Delicious Places to Eat in Mérida’s Culinary Corridor

  1. Sandunga | Comida tradicional oaxaqueña
  2. Micaela Mar & Leña
  3. La Libertad Centro
  4. Ánima
  5. Catrín
  6. Latte Quattro Sette
  7. Centro Cultural Punto MID
  8. Marmalade 47
  9. Baretto | Espresso bar
  10. El Lucero
  11. Mercado de Santa Ana
  12. Manjar Blanco
  13. Win-Chang
  14. Cate de mi Corazón Centro
  15. Pizza e Core

As of January 2024, there are more than 51 restaurants spread across approximately two kilometers. How do you know which one to choose? Here’s a quick look of what you'll find in the area.


Calle 47: from La Plancha Park to Calle 64

Sandunga (traditional Oaxacan cuisine)

Oaxacan food, just like Yucatecan, is a whole other ballgame from the rest of Mexican food. Its ingredients, preparations, and unique flavors have slowly permeated contemporary Mexican food. However, if you’re in Mérida and want to try traditional Oaxacan food, Sandunga is a great place to visit. This restaurant offers a cozy setting and a wide menu, encompassing classics such as Tlayudas, Tetelas, and different varieties of Mole, in addition to breakfast and dessert options and Mezcal-based drinks. It will surely win you over. —YT


Calle 47 x 50 y 52, Centro, Mérida
Tel. 999 923 6055
IG: sandunga.mid
FB: Sandunga- Cocina Tradicional Oaxaqueña 


Micaela Mar & Leña

When you’re strolling through the Calle 47 Culinary Corridor, you’ll come across a lovely sign that reads “Bésame en esta esquina:” kiss me at this corner. This eye-catching spot marks the entrance to Micaela Mar y Leña. 



This restaurant is known for its eclectic menu, on which you’ll find seafood, steak, dessert, and an extensive selection of cocktails, wine, and mezcal labels. It’s also known because of the touch of woodfire smoke boasted by every dish. When you enter you might instantly fall in love with the casual, colorful decoration and aesthetic vibe that practically begs to be photographed. —C.G.


Calle 47 x 52 y 54, Centro
Tel. 999 518 1702
IG: micaelamarylena
FB: Micaela Mar y Leña 


La Libertad Centro

The fountain at the entrance of La Libertad is a sort of sign from above, encouraging to go in and have an outstanding meal. Between its high ceilings and white walls, La Libertad offers a nice atmosphere, elegant enough for a special occasion with friends, family, or your significant other. Even if you’re on your own, the terrace is perfect for enjoying a good book over brunch. 


If anything characterizes La Libertad, it’s the fact that its prices match the quality and quantity they offer, from their coffee selection, pastry of the day, and personalized juice options to their now classic waffle sandwich. All of their options will leave you entirely satisfied. And that’s just one of the reasons why La Libertad (which offers two additional restaurants north of Mérida) is usually pretty crowded; it’s always a good idea to book a table in advance! —P.F.


Calle 47 #459 x 52 y 54, Centro
Every day 8 am - 4 pm
$200 - $300 pesos per person
Tel. 999 223 1541




2401 Anima platillos by Andrea MierThe lobby at Ánima will leave you breathless: its red walls with figures alluding to cave paintings and the fire of life—the basic elements of human civilization—might just make this spot one of your favorites. 


After such a welcome, you’re ready to discover what’s inside this restaurant: the food, perfect for both vegetarians and omnivores, is cooked over an open fire in a spacious terrace; the accompanying drinks are tailor made to ensure a good, smoky pairing. But that’s not all. Its listening bar, El Viento, offers a more intimate, dreamlike space where you’ll be able to enjoy a vinyl selection that will have you humming the rest of the night. —P.F.






Calle 47 #461 x 52 y 54, Centro
Tue. - Sat. 5 - 11 pm 
Sun. 2 - 10 pm 
$500 pesos per person
Reservations: animaelviento.mx or 999 960 3666



2401 Catrin platillos y botana by Andrea MierOne thing most restaurants on the Culinary Corridor have in common is how surprising each of them hides behind its façade. That’s especially true at Catrín: looking at it from outside, you can’t even begin to imagine what awaits inside. The place, boasting art based on central México’s “Calacas” (skulls) and 20th-century aesthetic, perfectly captures the color, joy, and soul of México; at the back terrace, the decoration and a fun video mapping show create a non-stop party atmosphere.


But Catrín isn’t just about the atmosphere; the food shines on its own. With options spanning the entirety of México, dishes go from tacos and esquites (street corn) to mains such as Arroz a la Tumbada or Mole. Drinks are also a show-stopper, with a bar covering both classic and contemporary creations featuring very Mexican ingredients. Catrín is definitely a must-try.


Calle 47 #463-B x 52 y 54, Centro
WA: 999 437 8797
IG: catrinmid
Sun. - Wed. 1 pm - 12 am
Thu. - Sat. 1 pm - 3 am
$200 - $500 pesos per person


Latte Quattro Sette

If you’re looking for a cozy space to have a coffee, Latte Quatro Sette might be the place for you. This coffee shop is perfect for a pleasant morning and a delicious breakfast. The menu—simple, but not limited—will satisfy you with traditional alternatives, such as avocado toast or a ham and cheese croissant, as well as sweet offerings (yay for muffins and pains au chocolat!) and a nice cup of either coffee or tea. Reasonably priced, beverages range between $35 and $75 pesos, and the most expensive breakfast dish is $95 pesos. Two final things to consider for your visit: order at the counter,  and plan your visit: early mornings are very busy.  —E.M.


Calle 47 x 56 y 54, Centro
Tel. 999 924 8895
IG: lattequattrosette
Lun. - sáb. 8 am – 1 pm
$40 - $135 pesos per person


Centro Cultural Punto MID

This coffeehouse bookstore is a perfect corner for both book and caffeine lovers; here you’ll find a wide variety, ranging from books to collectors’ vinyl. Enjoy coffee with friends while you read or discuss a book, or just stay on the terrace enjoying a drink. Another highlight is that Centro Cultural Punto MID is pet friendly, which is great for hanging out with people who share a third passion. Some occasional activities you’ll find here include markets and workshops with a focus on art; some of the disciplines they cover include drawing, sculpture, and book clubs. Follow them on social media to find out about upcoming events.  —F.C.


Calle 47 #479 x 56 y 54, Centro
IG: punto.mid
Mon. - Fri. 8 am - 7 pm
Sat. 9 am – 8 pm
Sun. 9 am – 5 pm
$200 - $300 pesos per person


Marmalade 47 

Marmalade is a warm restaurant, perfect for breakfast with friends or family. Its menu offers everything from pastries and coffee to chilaquiles, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, and even burgers. It’s a cozy place that’s worth a laid-back visit. If you’re planning to stop by, expect to pay around $300 pesos per person for a main and a drink. —C.A.


Calle 47 x 54 y 56, Centro


Baretto | Espresso Bar

2401 Baretto Espresso Bar Postres by Andrea Mier

A ladies’ brunch, breakfast with mom, or just coffee to go with a good book: anything is a good excuse to visit Baretto, a quiet, comfy place; its minute size makes it even cozier. Coffee with a warm pastry becomes an entire experience at this coffee shop; everything, from the service to the decor, is just pleasant. 


While the house specialty is coffee and espresso-based drinks, the menu also features both pastries and bread, panini, salads, etc., with a good balance between price, quality, and service. —G.R.


Calle 47 #478 x 54 y 56, Centro
Every day, 7:00 am a 2:30pm
$40 - $180 pesos per person



El Lucero 

2401 Lucero del Alba Platillos by Andrea Mier

A member of Mérida’s long-standing Cantina tradition, El Lucero (known to Yucatecos by its old name, El Lucero del Alba) is what is known as a Botanero: as soon as you order your drinks, a waiter will fill your table with an assortment of traditional snacks, from beans and Sikil P’aak (Pepita dip) to Tacos de Cochinita or Relleno Negro, heartier and heartier by the round. Whether you choose a table at the terrace or at their new air-conditioned area, El Lucero is family-friendly, but also great for conversations and drinks with friends. 


If you’re not content with waiting to see what the future (ie, the waiter) holds, the menu offers great regionally-inspired options, perfect for either sharing or hoarding; the Gorditas (Pib, Poc Chuc, or Lechón Negro) are loved by everyone who tries them. 


Calle 47 x 56 #493, Centro
Tel. 999 924 8099
Sun. - Thu. 12 - 10 pm
Fri. and Sat. 12 pm - 12 am


Mercado de Santa Ana

The Santa Ana Market is widely known by Mérida residents for its delicious traditional food options. Panuchos, Salbutes, and Tortas (sandwiches) are only the beginning of the long list of offerings available, with fillings as traditional as chicken or turkey or the more elaborate Poc Chuc, Cochinita Pibil, or Relleno Negro. You’ll also see stands offering juice, Aguas Frescas, and other natural beverages, in case you want to pair your meal with something other than soda. 


As soon as you approach the seating area, waiters from different stands will do everything in their power to get you to try their own menus; don’t let them intimidate you. Thank them and politely keep going over to the stands to see what each offers, compare options, and choose for yourself. —YT


Calle 47 x 60 y Paseo de Montejo, Centro.
Every day 7 am - 10 pm


Manjar Blanco

If you’re looking to experience a traditional breakfast (fresh, hot, and lovingly cooked), Manjar Blanco is the spot for you. Manjar Blanco is (literally) across from the Santa Ana park, and just a few steps away from the Remate de Paseo de Montejo. If you’re going in the morning, their breakfast packages are a great way to start your day; they include bottomless coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice, a fruit bowl, and a main that can be eggs with Valladolid sausage (Longaniza), Huevos Motuleños, or Chaya Omelette, among other delicious options; they all come with black bean soup,  fried plantains, or Edam cheese, in addition to hot Yucatecan Francés baguettes. 


For lunch, you can also enjoy iconic Yucatecan dishes, such as Cochinita Pibil, Panuchos, and Queso Relleno, among others.  —C.G.


Calle 47 #496 x 58 y 60, Centro
999 547 6237
IG:  elmanjarblanco_ 
FB: Manjarblanco 



If you’re in the mood for a quick bite and Chinese food, this place, across from the Santa Ana park, is the perfect solution. Another thing it has going for it: compared with other establishments in the area, you can get a hearty meal on a low budget.  


A full meal at Win-Chang will set you back $125 pesos, considering their combo platters (main, rice, and noodles) start at $99 pesos and drinks, at $26 pesos. If you’re sharing, options go from $139 to $220 pesos. Seating is available, and the atmosphere is family friendly, despite not having a playground available. -C.A.


Calle 47 x 58 y 60, Centro
Tel. 999 923 0785
Every day, 10:30 am to 7 pm


Cate de mi Corazón Centro

2401 Cate de mi corazon by Kate BuckleCate de mi Corazón is an avocado lover’s (or ‘cate lover,’ as per the menu) dream, where the kitchen gets through 25-35 kg of avocado on a weekly basis. The plush interior features avocado references in every corner, from table decorations to avocado-shaped bathroom mirrors. 


The menu features avocado-heavy breakfast, brunch, and lunch options, including avocado pancakes, smoothie bowls, sandwiches, pastas, burgers, and even avocado tiramisu for dessert. There are several vegan and vegetarian options, and an extensive drink menu that features coffees, teas, smoothies, and cocktails. Some sheltered outside seating is available.  Expect to pay around 500 pesos for a meal and drinks for two people. —K.B.


Calle 47 #504-A x 60 y 62, Centro
Every day 8 am - 4pm 



Pizza e Core

2401 Pizza e core by Monica Starling

Further down Calle 47, past the corridor’s newly renovated facades, Pizza e Core is a hidden gem that offers an authentic Italian experience. With an Italian owner, fresh ingredients, and a wood-fired oven, their pizzas are unrivaled in flavor and authenticity. Beyond the must-try pizzas, the menu includes traditional dishes like bruschetta and lasagna, along with tempting specialties and a beer and wine selection. Entering the restaurant you will be welcomed by a friendly staff and an open kitchen where you can observe the pizza-making process. Upstairs, in the air-conditioned dining area, rock music departs from clichés and sets a casual tone — perfect for a hangout with friends, a cozy date, or a family outing. Priced at $200-$300 for pizzas, Pizza e Core invites you to savor true Italian excellence in an unassuming setting.


Calle 47 x 64 #408-A, Centro
Mon. - Sat. 6 - 10:30 pm


This article is a colaboration made by Carlos Guzmán, Carlos Arguelles, Fernanda Casanova, Elena Murillo, Kate Buckle, Monica Starling, Cecilia Abreu, Alicia Navarrete, Pamela Fernández y Goretty Ramos.




Photography by Carlos Guzmán, Kate Buckle, Monica Starling, y Yucatán Today for its use in Yucatán Today.

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