“Everyone has a memory of a special book,” says Juanita Stein, owner of Between the Lines, Mérida’s very welcome, brand-new English-language bookstore. She looks around her delightful shop in Barrio Santa Lucía and continues, “In this digital age, putting pen to paper, receiving a hand-written note, or breathing in the crisp scent of real pages, is a luxury. But increasingly, one that is being re-embraced by readers everywhere.”

Books hold more than stories; they are a connection to our earliest days. Don’t you remember the one that helped you to think in novel ways, that introduced you to characters who amazed you, and made your imagination wander to places you’d never been?

On the shelves, you’ll appreciate Juanita’s carefully curated collection of books for children, treasured classics, glossy hard-covers, and coffee table must-haves: just what you want for yourself, or for your favorite bibliophile.

Not only that, you’ll discover delicious stationery and adorable greeting cards, games and puzzles for all ages, trendy reading glasses and sun readers, journals and sleek pens that urge you to confide everything from your most creative thoughts, a secret or two, or maybe even your grocery list.

And in the spirit of going back to all things nostalgic, Between the Lines also offers two items that you would not expect to encounter in a bookstore/stationery boutique: authentic handmade Venetian Carnival masks (very fitting in a city with its own Carnival tradition), and dramatic, elegant fans direct from Sevilla, Spain, each with its own unique, hand-painted design: a perfect way to cool off in style.

Between the Lines is tucked inside Carmesí, Josefina Larrain’s innovative small new concept house, which includes three other select boutiques: Básica Sociedad, Ummbah Hamacas, and Miel Nativa, as well as Voltacafé, adjacent to Between the Lines. With your new book purchase in hand, step out onto the café terrace and order something delicious to accompany your new reading adventure.

Make this eclectic collection of shops the next meeting place for you and your friends, and chat with Juanita, or if she’s away for a bit, with David, her delightful and knowledgeable assistant. Chances are your next favorite book will be waiting for you in Between the Lines.

Calle 62 #450 x 53, Santa Lucía, Centro
Cel. 9992 46 66 65
FB: Between the Lines Mérida
IG: @betweenthelinesmerida


Editorial by Maggie Rosado
Photography by Greta Garrett for its use in Yucatán Today

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