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Volunteering in Yucatán: Give Your Best in 2024

30 december 2023
19 min. de lectura

There is no better way to start the year than by giving back to society; the feeling you get from helping others has no comparison. Volunteering goes beyond just donating material things or giving a bit of your time; it is a noble action that allows you to discover different stories and perspectives, and connect with other people and the world around you.


Make volunteering one of your most important goals and commitments for 2024. In case you're unsure where to go, which association to help, or how to do it, check out this list of civil society associations in Mérida that will be more than happy to receive your support.



HUNAB Proyecto de Vida A.C.

In 1995, at just 10 years old, Maritza Morales planted the seed of the green revolution. After witnessing the mistreatment of plants and animals in her neighborhood, she decided to start a children's movement to defend all forms of life and promote environmental education among the youngest. After several years of workshops in various communities and countless local, national, and international recognitions, the HUNAB Park opened its doors in 2013.


This environmental center is not just a learning place for children, but a reflection of HUNAB's values: humanity, unity, nature, harmony, well-being, kindness, and beauty. From fishponds to a labyrinth celebrating water culture, the park offers practical experiences that strengthen the connection between humanity and nature.


Arbol central de HUNAB Proyecto de Vida A. C. 2402 by Charlie G.


How to volunteer at HUNAB

As an environmental education center for children, HUNAB needs acrylic paint and enamel for the maintenance of educational spaces, construction material and blacksmithing, tables, chairs, and children's bookshelves for the library, as well as material for the school laboratory and computers.


If you want to volunteer, HUNAB also seeks people who can paint, plant, weed, and perform other maintenance activities in the park. Professionals in carpentry, first aid, electrical installation for decorative projects, and instructors in specialized environmental topics are also needed.


HUNAB Proyecto de Vida A.C.
Calle 48 #420 x 27 y 29, Nuevo Yucatán
Tel. 999 101 5492
Coordinator: Maritza Morales Casanova
IG: hunab_ac
FB: HUNAB proyecto de vida AC



Cinco Patas A.C

This non-profit civil association is dedicated to the protection and care of animals facing situations of violence or abuse. Their activities include education campaigns, free sterilization, reporting, and rescue.


Additionally, Cinco Patas A.C. helps provide a temporary home for animals during their recovery, facilitating their adoption by responsible families with violence-free spaces. Each year, they offer protection to around 400 dogs and cats.


2403 A cinco patas by Charlie G


How to volunteer at Cinco Patas A.C.

Cinco Patas A.C. doesn't have its own shelter, and the number of animals in need of temporary homes in Mérida continues to grow. That's why Cinco Patas A.C. is always looking for volunteers aged 16 and above who can assist with daily activities during campaigns.


If you are a professional in the fields of design, marketing, or communication, you can also volunteer by supporting their fundraising campaigns. Finally, they also welcome donations of food, medicines, and animal hygiene products for both cats and dogs. Additionally, they accept loaned furniture such as tables, chairs, sound equipment, refrigerators, and/or vehicles for transportation that can be used during sterilization campaigns.


Cinco Patas A.C
Calle 29 x 14 y 16, Col. Santa María (near Macroplaza)
Tel. 999 902 5131
Coordinator: Gabriela Guadalupe Romero Solís 
IG: cincopatas5
FB: Cinco Patas A.C



Amistad Erie-Yucatán, A.C.

Since its establishment in 1971, Amistad Erie-Yucatán A.C., also known as Mission of Friendship, has served as a link between the Diocese of Erie in the United States and the Archdiocese of Yucatán. With a strong commitment to solidarity and mutual aid, the Mission of Friendship has developed six programs aimed at making a positive impact on the lives of Mérida and Yucatán residents.


Among its featured programs is "Los Amiguitos," a childcare facility providing a safe and educational space for children aged three months to 4 years. Additionally, the medical dispensary offers affordable healthcare, benefiting members of the community. The family sponsorship initiative, called "Amigos," provides economic support to children and their families, strengthening ties between communities. Lastly, Estancia Nueva Vida stands out as a safe and educational environment designed for girls aged 6 to 12. More than just a shelter, this program becomes a space where girls find emotional, educational, and social support.


2403 Los Amiguitos Erie by charlie G


How to volunteer at Amistad Erie-Yucatán, A.C.

Amistad Erie-Yucatán is always in search of committed volunteers to participate in any of its six programs. The contribution of cleaning products such as bleach, wipes, and disinfectants, as well as basic pantry items like beans, rice, and milk, is always welcome and vital to the organization's functioning.


Moreover, providing educational materials for children's activities is a meaningful way to support their educational growth. If you're looking for a more personal way to get involved, you also have the option to sponsor a family, provide in-kind donations, or make monetary contributions.


Amistad Erie-Yucatán, A.C.
Calle 119 #471-C x 56 y 58, Mercedes Barrera
Tel. 999 231 6430
Coordinator: Azucena Santos Martín
FB: Mission of Friendship Yucatán-Erie



Asociación Yucateca de Autismo 

With over twenty years of history, Asociación Yucateca de Autismo (the Yucatecan Autism Association) emerged from the collaboration of six families. At a time when autism care for children was scarce in the state of Yucatán, these families, whose children needed specialized care, decided to take matters into their own hands. Unable to find a suitable facility within the state, they joined forces to seek personnel from outside Yucatán who could train the first generation of autism-specialized therapists in the state.


The association's primary mission is to provide comprehensive care to children, youth, and adults on the autism spectrum, thereby improving their quality of life and facilitating their integration into society. Without fanfare, their focus is on providing practical and essential support. From specialized therapies to building bridges for inclusion, the association has evolved to meet the changing needs of the autism spectrum.


How to volunteer at Asociación Yucateca de Autismo

You can support this association with materials for therapies such as board games, clay, puzzles, flashcards, sensory materials, and materials for fine and gross motor skills. If your vocation is in the healthcare field, the association is always in search of interns from health-related professions and individuals with experience in the autism spectrum. Nutritionists, neurologists, physical education teachers, and community managers are professionals needed to strengthen the team and expand the association's reach.


Asociación Yucateca de Autismo
Calle 40 #477 x 25 y 27, Los Pinos
Tel. 999 996 4705
Coordinator: Jacqueline Vázquez Lara
IG: centroayuda_autismomid
FB: Centro Ayuda Autismo Merida



Centro de Atención a Madres Solteras de Yucatán, CAMSY

In a twist of fate, Reina Osorio, found a greater purpose after losing her job. Faced with closed doors in her search for support, her commitment to single mothers in vulnerable situations was born, giving rise to Centro de Atención a Madres Solteras de Yucatán (the Single Mothers Care Center of Yucatán), CAMSY.


Approaching its 15th anniversary, CAMSY focuses on mothers of children aged 6 to 12, providing a space that nurtures comprehensively, offering nutrition, psychological therapy, school counseling, and educational workshops. But it doesn't stop there. Its work extends to the recovery of fundamental values, with the aim of reducing the risks of alcoholism, vandalism, and drug addiction from an early age.


How to volunteer at Centro de Atención a Madres Solteras de Yucatán, CAMSY

Basic pantry items are well-received at CAMSY, but if you wish to volunteer, students can support children with their school tasks. Additionally, professionals such as psychologists and elementary school teachers are also needed.


Centro de Atención a Madres Solteras de Yucatán, CAMSY
Calle 179 #669 x Av. 86 y 88, San Antonio Xluch
Tel. 999 357 0647
Coordinator: Reina Guadalupe Osorio Reyna
FB: CAMSY Centro de Atencion a Madres Solteras de Yucatan




This association provides support to transgender and transsexual individuals living in Yucatán, as well as their families, especially those with limited resources. The project offers education and companionship for trans people, helping them improve their quality of life. They also aim to prevent social, physical, and psychological events that may arise during their gender identity transition.


YUCATRANS was established as a collective in 2008 and works directly with the trans population in various municipalities. In 2018, it was officially constituted as a civil association, becoming the recipient of social projects for better healthcare and the overall well-being of trans people aged 18 to 65.


2404 Yucatrans fachada clogo by charlie g


How to volunteer at YUCATRANS

You can contribute by donating food items such as cookies, coffee, water, cleaning products, or materials like laptops or chairs. They also welcome the assistance of professionals in the fields of psychology, social work, and graphic design.


Calle 62 #603 x 78 y 81, Col. Centro
Tel. 999 136 1342
Coordinator: Miranda Abigaíl Trillo Herrera 
FB: Yucatrans, Asociación Transgénero Yucatán A.C



Refettorio Mérida - Fundación Palace Resorts

Beyond being a project, Refettorio is a community dining hall designed to offer a valuable culinary experience with the highest quality standards for people in vulnerable situations. In this space, food, beauty, and service are used as tools to create social change.


While the project originated in Italy in 2015, its operation in Mérida was established in 2020 in collaboration with the Palace Resorts Foundation. Currently, Refettorio provides its services to around 2,000 people ranging from 1 to 90 years old, without any distinction.


How to volunteer at Refettorio Mérida

Refettorio welcomes volunteers every day to attend to various areas of the dining hall and the diners themselves, performing simple tasks related to beneficiary care and service. It's worth mentioning that all volunteers receive prior training before starting their activities. You don't need to commit long-term; your volunteering can consist of a single day, typically from 11 am to 3 pm, and includes a portion of the prepared food for that day.


If you are a professional in the fields of social work, communication, marketing, gastronomy, arts, or psychology, you can also contribute. Lastly, you can donate cooking supplies such as beans, rice, lentils, chickpeas, sugar, salt, and oil.


Refettorio Mérida - Fundación Palace Resorts 
Calle 60 #550 x 69 y 71, Centro
Tel. 999 497 7354
Coordinator: Claudia Bolio Pacheco
IG: Refettorio Mérida
FB: Refettorio Mérida



Asilo Brunet Celarain

This nursing home aims to provide care and attention to elderly individuals who find themselves in vulnerable situations, both men and women, aged between 65 and 99. Currently, they have 135 beneficiaries.


How to volunteer at Asilo Brunet Celarain

Given that the elderly residents require assistance in various activities and have both physical and interaction needs, volunteers are sought to accompany them during meals, walks, and recreational activities. Volunteers play a crucial role in helping strengthen their memory and activate their physical and intellectual condition.


For trained personnel, individuals with expertise in the healthcare field, such as doctors or nurses, are needed. Donations of diapers, personal hygiene items, household cleaning products, detergents, sugar, yogurt, vegetables, and materials for construction and maintenance (such as cement, paint, waterproofing materials, electrical or plumbing supplies) are also welcomed.


Asilo Brunet Celarain
Av. Cupules #509 x 62 y 72, Col. Reforma 
999 244 2344
Coordinator: Victoria Zavala Martínez
IG: asilobrunet
FB: Asilo Brunet Celarain



Red de Personas Afectadas por VIH, A.C.

This association provides psychological care and medical and legal guidance for 300 people with HIV/AIDS, but its efforts go beyond that. Their work also aims to empower and organize beneficiaries with activities for prevention and political advocacy in health, HIV, and human rights.


Founded in 2002 as a space for people with HIV coordinated by psychologists with HIV, it consolidated in 2005 and began supporting society at large from 2008 with various activities and rapid HIV and other STI testing. In their community center, they have assisted more than five thousand people with this condition as well as their partners and family members.


How to volunteer at Red de Personas Afectadas por VIH

If you wish to make a donation, items that are always useful include supplies for coffee breaks during talks or workshops, as well as stationery and materials for the hygiene and cleanliness of the place. In terms of specialized personnel, they are looking for the support of lawyers and psychologists who can assist with the processes of the network's beneficiaries.


Red de personas afectadas por VIH, A.C
Calle 54 #414C x 47 y 49, Centro
Tel. 999 178 3406 y 999 152 6565
Coordinator: Pablo Alemán Góngora 
IG: repavih
FB: Repavih AC



Asociación de Mujeres Yucatecas Contra el Cáncer A.C.

Since its inception in 1996, Asociación de Mujeres Yucatecas Contra el Cáncer A.C. (the Association of Yucatecan Women Against Cancer) has been a beacon of support for women facing the battle against this disease. Initially, the association focused on providing support talks to women affected by cancer, but in 2003, it took a crucial step by introducing early detection activities. Focusing on young women, the association began offering free breast and cervical screenings, emphasizing the importance of self-exploration and encouraging annual studies such as breast ultrasounds and Pap smears.


The Association of Yucatecan Women Against Cancer aims to empower women with the knowledge and tools needed to face and overcome adversity. Their tireless work not only impacts the medical field but also transcends the social realm, providing comprehensive support to those who need it most in the Yucatán Peninsula.


How to volunteer at Asociación de Mujeres Yucatecas Contra el Cáncer

You can check with the association to find out what medical resources are needed. It's important to note that only women who are available to volunteer two days a week from 3:30 to 7:30 pm are requested. Professionals such as gynecologists and radiologists who are available to work on Mondays or Wednesdays from 4 to 7:30 are also needed.


Asociación de Mujeres Yucatecas Contra el Cáncer A.C.
Calle 31 #146 x 16 y 18, Miguel Alemán
Tel. 999 900 1374
Coordinator: Elena Victoria Eugenia Rodríguez García
IG: amyccayuda



El Albergue Comedor Despertares, de la Asociación Bendiciendo con amor, A.C.

This shelter-community dining, part of the Bendiciendo con Amor Association, is a high-impact social project that provides comprehensive assistance to people living on the streets, the elderly, and migrants in Mérida's Centro. Its main objective is to contribute to improving the quality of life for these individuals and to integrate them into the productive chain.


Albergue Comedor Despertares offers free meals, distribution of pantry items, accommodation, personal hygiene items, assistance with official documents or specific requirements (with the corresponding institutions), workshops, and strategic alliances to channel migrants.


How to volunteer at Albergue Comedor Despertares

The association welcomes volunteers who can assist in both the kitchen and the community dining area. They are also seeking the help and cooperation of psychologists, lawyers, and social workers. Finally, they accept donations of basic pantry items, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, soil, seeds, paints, and materials for bathroom construction.


El Albergue Comedor Despertares, de la asociación Bendiciendo con amor, A.C
Calle 39 #310 x 18 y 20, Col. Leandro Valle
999 363 6711
Coordinator: Elena Orozco Zuñiga
FB: Bendiciendo con Amor AC



El Renacer del Mayab A.C.

El Renacer del Mayab began its operations in 2005 when a committed group addressing the social issues of the state decided to join forces to contribute to the development of children, youth, and women facing poverty situations, both in the south and west of Mérida.


The organization has established community dining rooms with the aim of preserving the physical well-being of people through proper nutrition. Additionally, it promotes emotional well-being through comprehensive activities based on a human rights approach.


How to volunteer at El Renacer del Mayab

As of the publication of this article, El Renacer del Mayab's priority is to complete the roof and floor to finish the first stage of its Social Assistance and Integral Development Center. In addition to construction materials, they request perishable and non-perishable food items. Professionals such as administrative assistants, marketers, communicators, and a fundraiser are needed. Support is also sought in the collection of sporadic donations and assistance in the kitchen.


El Renacer del Mayab A.C.
Office: Calle 13-D x 44, Fracc. Gran Santa Fe
Western zone: Calle 19-A Lote 2 x 44-C y 48, Col. Paseos de Chenkú 
Southern zone: Calle 62 No. 346 x 157 y 159 Col. Nueva San José Tecoh
Tel. 999 173 0835
Coordinator: Laura Marcelina López Gutiérrez
IG: elrenacerdelmayab
FB: El Renacer del Mayab A.C.



Salud Integral Pediátrica de Yucatán (S.I.P.Y) A.C.

SIPY is a non-profit civil association dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to children aged 0 to 18. Founded in 2022 in Chelem, the organization began by offering early stimulation and intervention therapies to children aged 0 to 2. The main objective was to enhance their developmental skills and detect any delays in their psychomotor development to provide timely attention.


This project arose from the identification of the lack of access to early stimulation services, as well as the lack of awareness of the positive impact this can have on children.


Given the high demand and need in the area, the association decided to expand its services. Consequently, they implemented pediatric nutrition services for children and adolescents aged 6 months to 18 years, and later added pediatric consultations for children and adolescents aged 0 to 18. Currently, SIPY offers its services at Centro Médico Esparza. In the future, they plan to add psychology services and a larger space with greater availability of hours.


How to volunteer at SIPY

SIPY requires the collaboration of passionate volunteers to contribute to the success of the association. They are currently seeking committed individuals who are willing to help in various areas. From actively seeking donors to giving talks and workshops for parents, every contribution is invaluable. Additionally, the association accepts monetary donations, donations of time, and donations of products which can range from pediatric medical supplies to educational materials and cleaning products for their clinic. Volunteers are also needed to collaborate in administrative, communication, and social work areas.


Salud Integral Pediátrica de Yucatán A.C.
Calle 19, #735 x 26 y 28, Chelem, Yucatán.
Tel. 999 364 1592
IG: sipyfundacion
FB: Salud Integral Pediátrica de Yucatán (SIPY)


These associations are part of the Directory of Social Impact Projects on the Mérida Nos Une mutual aid network platform. For more information about these projects, we invite you to visit their official page.


Through the Mérida Nos Une network, Ayuntamiento de Mérida (the Mérida City Council), hand in hand with civil society, has sought to connect aid to different vulnerable sectors of the population and environmental causes, linking people and organizations that can provide help with associations and individuals who require support. This is how the Mérida Nos Une network collaborates by connecting people who, selflessly and without profit, can donate material resources, their skills, and talent as volunteers to various projects in need.


If you don't know where to help, you can contact the network to find various ways to join, support, and make a difference. Contact them at the phone number 999 338 8592, send an email to meridanosune1@gmail.com or meridanosune@merida.gob.mx, or fill out the "I Want to Help" form on the Mérida Nos Une Platform.



This article was written by Sara Alba y Carlos Guzmán,  exemplary contributors of Yucatán Today.


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