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Footprints That Make a Difference: Cinco Patas A.C.

27 february 2024
6 min. de lectura

A pet can make a tremendously positive change in a person's life. In addition to being a source of extreme cuteness and our partners in both good times and bad, each of these little balls of fur ends up finding a way to become a key part of our daily life.   

While education regarding animal care has evolved and improved in recent years, there are still cases of pets wandering the streets, abandoned by their owners or mistreated by society. Faced with such a hostile environment, groups have emerged seeking to provide a new home and opportunities for these defenseless animals, such as Cinco Patas A.C.


What is Cinco Patas A. C.?

Cinco Patas A.C. is a non-profit civil organization that cares for the protection, welfare, and well-being of homeless cats and dogs, as well as those experiencing episodes of violence or abuse. The organization accepts animals of all ages and conditions, but specifically focuses on severe cases that come to their attention through social networks or direct encounters.


A Cinco Patas A. C. Asociación by Charlie G.Cinco Patas A.C. does not have its own physical spaces; instead, it operates through "temporary homes." In other words, Cinco Patas collaborates with volunteers who offer their homes or spaces to shelter the animals throughout their journey from rescue to adoption. Each of these homes undergoes a careful selection process, including requirements such as having fences or gates and the agreement of the entire family to host the pet. In fact, Cinco Patas conducts regular visits to these homes to ensure they meet their standards and maintains constant monitoring.


They dedicate their efforts to a good cause

A-cinco-patas-french-by-Charlie-AnWhat's truly remarkable about Cinco Patas is how they guarantee every furry friend is cared for, even without physical facilities. They coordinate temporary homes, adoptions, and all the essentials like food, medical care, and transportation. They achieve this through donations and fundraising events.


The organization is committed to being with the dog or cat at every step of the adoption process, and even maintains constant communication after the pets have found their forever home.


To achieve an optimal adoption experience, they have a very organized process in place with specific requirements.


A-cinco-patas-by-Charlie-G. Perrito Café.From signing a responsibility agreement to even visiting the potential adopter's home to ensure it's the perfect fit for the pet, depending on its size or needs. And as an extra, they provide the family with a talk on responsible adoption.


After the adoption is completed, they stay in touch with the owners. For the first year, they make regular visits to make sure everything's going smoothly for both the family and the furry friend; after this period, the visits become annual, and they also ask for reports or photos to know the status of the pet.


How to help?

Anyone can support Cinco Patas A.C. with their noble work; whether as a volunteer, donor, host of a temporary home, or, of course, by adopting a dog or cat.


A Cinco Patas Perrito Wero by Charlie G. If you want to volunteer, you can do so in any of the various areas they handle, such as events, education, adoption, monitoring, legal, and transportation (for the latter, it is essential to have a vehicle); anyone from 15 years old and up can lend a hand. Participating in the volunteer program is pretty straightforward; you just have to contact them through their social media and fill out a quick form to share a bit about yourself, and they'll find the perfect spot for you to make a difference!


Among the donations they accept are food, leashes, toys, cash, or even products that are not necessarily for pets but that can be useful to them for raffles. These donations can be taken to various places that lend their facilities and are called "friendly houses."


Another way they raise money is through an annual charity event called "Hanal Peek Xan," which is a pet costume contest held during November at Parque de las Américas; alongside the contest, there is a bazaar where local entrepreneurs participate.


Likewise, the organization is committed not only to the furry ones but also to Mérida society through free neutering campaigns (between 1 - 3 times a year), funded entirely by them, in various parts of the city—especially in the less privileged areas. They're also big on spreading the word about independent adoptions on social media to help as many animals as possible find loving homes.


As you can see, Cinco Patas A.C. is more than just a group that seeks to support abandoned animals with adoptions; it is an association that’s committed to the well-being of these creatures throughout their lives. Their mission extends beyond raising awareness about responsible adoption, they also encourage people to help out and volunteer towards a shared goal.


Donativos Cinco Patas A. C.If you can support them in any way, go for it as soon as you can! By doing so, you'll help an animal find a new home, bring joy to a family by adopting a pet, and most importantly, you'll be helping this association keep up its wonderful work.


Cinco Patas A.C.

IG: cincopatas5

FB: Cinco Patas A.C.


Cinco Patas A.C. is part of the mutual aid network Mérida Nos Une. This network provides a space for citizens to connect, share resources, ideas, and experiences, and work together on projects and activities that benefit the community at large.


If you're unsure where to help, you can contact the network to explore various ways to get involved, support, and make a difference together. Reach out via cell phone at 999 338 8592, send an email to meridanosune1@gmail.com or meridanosune@merida.gob.mx, or fill out the "Quiero Ayudar (I Want to Help)" form on the Mérida Nos Une Platform.


Get to know more of this causes here: Volunteering in Yucatán: Give Your Best in 2024.  


Photography by Carlos Guzmán for use in Yucatán Today.

Carlos Guzmán

Author: Carlos Guzmán

I am a man of few words but with many ideas and emotions that I like to express through my writings. I am passionate about traveling and exploring the world, especially my beautiful and beloved México. These days, I am the content coordinator at Yucatán Today, and I enjoy promoting the best that the state has to offer.

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