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Restaurant of the Month: Siqueff

14 april 2014
4 min. de lectura

April, 2014


This iconic restaurant known for its Lebanese cuisine has a fascinating history going back to Motul in the 1930s. The Siqueff Febles family founded the café restaurant and bakery “La Sin Rival” in Motul, which quickly gained fame for its undisputed culinary creations like “Huevos Motuleños” and “Pan Cepillo”. Jorge Siqueff Febles later opened the renowned “Panificadora Montejo” bakery, right on the Monumento a la Patria glorieta.


In 1959 Don Jorge, by then a renowned chef, together with his wife Doña Margarita, opened the Lebanese restaurant “Siqueff” in its original location on Calle 59 in Santiago, in the antique casona where they lived. Soon their dishes such as venison filet, fried kibi, French fried chicken, and Huevos Motuleños became true regional icons.


The two succeeding generations of the Siqueff family, son Jorge with his wife Doña Estela, and their daughter María José, have continued to provide the same consistent quality of food and service all these years. Their attention to detail makes every meal a special event. Their menu has evolved with the passage of time but they have not forgotten their culinary roots and business values.


The restaurant is now located on Calle 60, just a block south of the Hyatt Hotel. They serve breakfast and lunch until the late afternoon, Lebanese food of course, as well as regional specialties, meats, and seafood. They are still famous for their Huevos Motuleños, kibis, and fried chicken! They are proud of their slogan “HECHO FAMOSO POR SUS CLIENTES” (made famous by their clients)!


The breakfast menu includes: fruits, chilaquiles, fajitas, various egg dishes including Huevos Motuleños and Arabic recipes, sandwiches, and more. They also have various breakfast packages.


The appetizers include : labné, garbanzo, eggplant, kibis, stuffed grape leaves, rice with lentils, and more, and there are some pastas and soups as well.


Main courses include : fish filet in a variety of styles, shrimps, and paella on Sundays only. Their famous fried chicken can be ordered as a quarter or half, and they also have Yucatecan specialty Pollo Pibil. The meats include various steaks and pork specialties, as well as Lebanese Kafta (ground beef on skewers), and a delicious lamb kebob.


There are various combos: two which include Lebanese specialties and one which includes Yucatecan specialties; and on different days of the week there are various special combos as well.


There are many desserts to choose from accompanied by a strong Arabic coffee; no better way to linger over your wonderful meal. The restaurant also offers a full bar and wine list.


Calle 60 No. 350 x 35 y 37, Centro
Tel. (999) 925 5027
Tuesday to Saturday 8 am to 6 pm
Sunday 9 am to 5 pm


Plaza Luxury Place
Ave. Andrés García Lavín x 27 y 29, Col. Montebello
Tel. (999) 406 3763
Monday to Saturday 8 am to 11 pm
Sunday 8am to 6pm


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