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Restaurant of the Month: Osteria Piccoli Cucina Italiana

13 february 2014
2 min. de lectura
Osteria Piccoli

February, 2014


Osteria Piccoli Cucina Italiana on Prolongación Montejo offers an authentic Italian food experience in Merida. The ambience is pleasant, and the chef is the real thing…straight from Italy. Together with his Yucatecan wife who oversees the very attentive service, Treviso-born chef Luca Piccoli will satisfy your cravings for delicious, traditional Italian food.

Luca was trained in Falcade Belluno, Italy, with a degree in culinary arts with specialization in Italian cuisine. His impressive CV of work in Italian kitchens includes Ristorante Da Mariam in Treviso, the waterfront Grand Hotel San Giorgio in Venice, the iconic Ristoranti Quadri in Piazza San Marco, Venice, the exclusive Ristoranti Sans Souci in Rome, the stunning gourmet Ristoranti Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, the luxurious Gran Hotel Villa La Massa in Florence, the 5-star mansion Grand Hotel Villa Cora in Florence, and the popular Ristoranti Garibaldi and Ristoranti Oliandolo in Florence.


While he was working at Ristoranti Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Chef Luca Piccoli gave a one-week course on Tuscany cuisine at the sumptuous Gran Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice.


Chef Luca is in his kitchen at Osteria Piccoli in Merida every single day. He does the shopping and the cooking, including breads, fresh pastas, and desserts. He oversees all of his kitchen staff to the smallest details. No plate leaves the kitchen without his approval. The recipes are his and the ingredients are fresh each day. The menu offers an ample wine list and a careful selection of of the most delicious dishes known in Florence, Rome, and Venice, where Chef Luca spent 25 years in some of Europe’s top restaurants.


Appetizers include calzones, patés, carpaccios, and bruschettas, and the incomparable INVOLTINI DI ASPARAGI E PROSCIUTTO CRUDO GRATINATI: baked asparagus wrapped in prosciutto with grated cheese. One of the salad highlights is CESTINO DI PARMIGIANO: a crunchy parmesan cheese basket filled with arugula, Italian salad, mushrooms in olive oil, sundried tomatoes, asparagus, and oregano. Pasta specialties include lasagne, pasta with Italian sausage and rosemary, ravioli with ricotta, seafood pastas, portobello risotto, and the decadent RISOTTO AL PROSECCO CON GAMBERO NASCOSTO: risotto with prosecco and shrimp carpaccio. There are also classic pasta dishes including pomodoro, cabonara, bolognese, carrettiera, amatriciana, pesto, and alfredo.  Meat specialties include seafood, chicken, beef, and the delicious COSCIA D’ANATRA ALLE NOCI, UVA PASSA Y BRANDY: duck leg and thigh with nuts, raisins, and brandy sauce. The desserts are decadent and made fresh daily: tiramisú, profiterol, crème bruleé, apple cake, pannacotta, gelatos, and the irresistible TARTUFO DI CIOCCOLATO E FRAGOLE IN SALSA VANIGLIA: chocolate truffles and fresh strawberries in vanilla sauce.



Prolongación Montejo No. 112 x 23 y 25, Colonia Mexico (Plaza Blockbuster)

Tel. 926 2316

1 pm – 12 am

Closed on Tuesdays

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