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Restaurant of the Month: Los Almendros

03 december 2008
2 min. de lectura
Los Almendros Mejorada lomitosEach month Yucatan Today visits a restaurant in order to describe what it has to offer. This is not a review; it is a summary of the menu, service, ambience, prices, and opening hours.

December 2007


Cuisine: Traditional Yucatecan.
 Chef: A production team of people from the Maya villages.
 Ambiance: Los Almendros, local dining room and Gran Almendros, colonial high ceiling dining room. 
Specialty of the House: Sunday puchero (3 meats); Monday frijol con puerco/black beans and pork, Wednesday pavo en escabeche de pueblo/village style turkey with pickled onions in broth and hand-made tortillas.
 Popular dishes: Cochinita pibil, queso relleno/stuffed Edam cheese, Valladolid lomitos, poc-chuc plus hand-made tortillas.
 Seating: Los Almendros 160, Gran Almendros 200, and 2 private salons.
Avg. price for 2 including 2 drinks: $250 pesos.
Music: Los Almendros - trio and trova; Gran Almendros - instrumental, sax and piano.
Credit cards: Visa, MC, Amex.
 Schedule: Los Almendros 10:30 am - 11 pm and Gran Almendros 12 noon - 6 pm.
 Location: Calle 57 between 52 & 50 by Mejorada Park.
P arking: yes.
 Reservations: good idea on Sunday.
 Telephone: 928 5459.


With 60 years of history, Los Almendros and Gran Almendros restaurants both have long track records as far as tradition goes. Known for their authentic Yucatecan cuisine, both restaurants have seen a long line of VIP's and local Yucatecans pass through their doors and savor their food. VIP's go because of the restaurants' excellent reputation; locals, who know their gastronomy, go because they know it is going to be superb and have homemade flavor.


Los Almendros is the creator of  the Yucatan favorite Poc-Chuc, a grilled pork skirt steak that is served with a wonderful tomato sauce, pickled onions, smooth bean soup and handmade tortillas. There are Los Almendros restaurants in Mérida on the Mejorada Park, in Ticul (in the Puucroute region on the high way to Chetumal), and in Cancún on Tulum Avenue next to the police station.


Their menu is pure Yucatecan - queso relleno/stuffed Edam cheese, sopa de lima/lime soup,cochinita pibil/roast suckling pig, salbutes, panuchos and more.
The restaurants have the same menus and prices, it's the setting and music that are different.

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