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Restaurant of the Month: Bryan’s Modern Grill

08 november 2011
5 min. de lectura
BryansEach month Yucatan Today visits a restaurant in order to describe what it has to offer. This is not a review; it is a summary of the menu, service, ambience, prices, and opening hours.

October, 2011


“Wow!” will be the first word you say when you enter Bryan’s Modern Grill in north Mérida. It is obvious why the fourth and newest restaurant in the Trotter’s group has already become an icon: its grand scale architecture and modern design details place it in a class of restaurant found in cities like Toronto, London, or New York. Indeed, this New York style modern grill, with its enormous floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, huge street-side open air terrace, polished stone and dark wood finishes, and subtle lighting, takes center stage in Mérida when it comes to contemporary gastronomy settings.


With such an impression made upon entering Bryan’s, the next question, of course, is whether the gastronomy measures up to the setting…and the answer is yes, yes, yes! The high quality, contemporary food comes to your table directly from the impeccable open kitchen, and the attentive service is equally impressive. You will probably want to accompany your meal with a bottle of wine from the enormous upstairs wine attic which is visible from the dining area below. (Hint: if you like Merlot, try the Stimson Estate from the US state of Washington, reasonably priced at 440 pesos.) There is an ample selection of whites, rosés, sparklings, reds, as well as a dozen fascinating blends; wines are sourced from Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, and USA. Wines by the glass are also available.


The menu opens with appetizers which include an addictive baked sundried tomato / three cheese / chard / asparagus dip served with tri-color tortilla chips; but you may be equally tempted by the steak tartare, tuna carpaccio, calamari fritti, seafood casserole, blue corn empanadas, or their justifiably famous fresh mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese, cilantro, and white wine; breaded and served with two yummy sauces. (Price range 95 to 230 pesos.)


There are five creative salads to decide upon; or you can opt for the smaller but equally delicious house or Caesar salad to accompany your meal (if you do this, be sure to specify if you want the salad served before the main course). (Price range 70 to 190 pesos.)


The pastas (homemade fresh daily) are not to be overlooked: Tuscan-style chicken served on fettucini; shrimp and scampi Mediterranean style, served on black spaghettini; linguini with lobster butter and seafood; smoked chicken and roasted red pepper spaghetti; and raviolis stuffed with chicken and two cheeses. Each of these has a creative sauce which will simply leave you wanting to try them all. (Price range 145 to 165 pesos.)


The specialties at Bryan’s include an Angus burger, chicken with shiitake mushrooms, BBQ pork filet, tuna steak, Alaska salmon, and sea bass. (Price range 145 to 280 pesos.)


Angus steaks include the flat iron, two filet options, and a rib eye. Bryan’s takes its steak seriously and steak lovers will not be disappointed. (Price range 295 to 450 pesos.)


Freshly prepared, mouthwatering desserts change daily…ask your waiter…the apple tart is amazing.

Bryan’s is waiting to impress you!


Av. Cámara de Comercio Norte between Boxito Kalia and Inst. Cumbres. Tel. 948 2034.
1 pm – 3 am daily.
Happy hour 6 pm – 9 pm, 50% off beverages at the bar.
Bryan’s lunch Mon. – Fri. 1 pm – 5 pm.
Sunday any pasta or hamburger for 99 pesos after 6 pm.

The other three Trotter’s restaurants are: Pancho’s, La Tratto, and Trotter’s. www.trottersmerida.com

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