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Toll Road in Yucatán

01 july 2023
2 min. de lectura

Highway 18 from Mérida becomes the 180 toll road, also called a " cuota" or " carretera de cobro," going east to Cancún. This four-lane speedway is by far the fastest route to Cancún. Using it, you can avoid 146 topes and 43 villages. Along the way, you will encounter toll booths or " casetas de cobro." Have pesos in hand because the exchange rates at the toll booths are less than generous. There is also a toll road to Playa del Carmen.



Exact tolls are:

  • Mérida to Chichén Itzá - $129 pesos
  • Mérida to Valladolid - $223 pesos
  • Chichén Itzá to Valladolid - $94 pesos
  • Valladolid to Cancún - $385 pesos
  • Mérida to Cancún - $609 pesos
  • Mérida to Playa del Carmen: $544 pesos

Activities in Mérida, and nearby:


Activities to do in Valladolid:

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