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14 Kid-Friendly Hacienda Day Passes

03 may 2023
12 min. de lectura

You’ve seen them in pictures, and they have surely stolen more than a second of your time. They are visions of the past. Haciendas are these gorgeous colonial buildings, in pastel or vibrant colors, with the greenest gardens stretching into the distance, and elegant restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Yucatecan dishes.   Have you thought about visiting them with your family? If kids are on the passenger manifesto, let me tell you that that’s no problem. In fact, they will love to be pampered as well.   



1. Hacienda Santo Domingo de Yunkú

Piscina Hacienda Yunku Camino del Mayab by Nora Garrett


This hacienda located in the southwest of the state used to be a cattle station and later became a sisal plantation. It has three buildings: the machine house, the administrator's house and the main house. During your family visit, you can enjoy the pools, hammocks, charming gardens, an incredible cenote,  an exquisite restaurant and bar that are located on the hacienda. Access to food, drinks or pets is not allowed.  


Carr. Muycuché - Sacalum, Km 4.9
Bookings: Tel. 999 970 2162
IG: Hacienda Santo Domingo de Yunkú
Tue. - Sun. 9:30 am - 5 pm.
Entry fee: $200 pesos per adult.
Kids ages 8 -13 pay $120 pesos.



2. Hacienda Santuario Noc Ac

A little less than half an hour from Mérida, Noc Ac is any child’s dream. I would have loved to visit it and roam in its gardens as a kid. The day pass includes a tour of the four buildings  (where you and the kids will learn about the restoration work, including a photographic memoir), a respectful visit to the sanctuary, horseback riding, bicycles to explore the area, and access to their impressive gardens, where the children can play freely as well as swim in their four pools.  


The day pass also allows you to enjoy snacks and lunch (regional appetizers and main course, dessert, and drinks) at Oro Verde, their restaurant, and the option to try a cocktail or beer at their bar.   It's worth mentioning that a group of 50 people or more is required to reserve a day pass. This must be reserved with a minimum of 15 days in advance. 


Limited access, booking through WhatsApp: 999 230 6320
Hours: 10 am - 6 pm
Entry fee: $750 pesos per person
They have access ramps 



3. Hacienda Santa Cruz

A new world in green awaits just 30 minutes away from Mérida. Kids won’t want to go back home after trying their two heated pools and the restaurant’s delicious dishes. It’s worth mentioning that hacienda Santa Cruz has three different day-pass options, but they all include access to the hacienda’s facilities (pools, artificial cenote, and Maya village), a courtesy drink (or drinks, depending on the package), bicycles, and 15% discount on national beverages. Additionally, the Gold package includes a main dish (chef’s choice), while the Diamond includes a main dish and your own deluxe room.   


Bookings: Tel. 999 902 7107 / 999 637 9171
Hours: 12 - 6 pm
Entry fee: $480 pesos (Silver), $700 pesos (Gold) and $1,150 pesos (Diamond); kids from 6 to 12 pay half; free admission for kids under 5   



4. Hacienda Chichén Resort

Forget about the city! Let the children play by the pool for as long as they want, and explore the lush gardens. Hacienda Chichén has different packages available, among them, the Individual Day Pass. This one includes a meal with three menus to choose from, private parking, pool, and towel service.   


If you want to get spoiled even further, their Deluxe Day Pass may be what you’re looking for. In addition to the previous stuff mentioned, you can enjoy drinks (a Margarita, two domestic beers, two sodas, or water), a meal from one of their two menus (gourmet or vegetarian-organic), a room with a bathroom, and a terrace overlooking the gardens (you know, in case a little one needs to recharge their batteries with a nap).  Don’t forget to ask for their night Day Pass (One Night Pass)! 


Tel. 999 920 8407
FB: Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa 
Individual Day Pass: $60 USD + taxes.
Deluxe Day Pass: $75 USD + taxes.
Two adults minimum, four maximum. 



5. San Antonio Hool

Located 15 kilometers from Mérida, is the captivating Hacienda San Antonio Hool. Its name refers to Saint Anthony of Padua and the word Hool (hole in the earth in Maya) and includes a historical tour around the Hacienda and its cattle ranch beginnings. You will be greeted with a welcome cocktail and Aguas Frescas. In addition, you can enjoy bike rides around the facilities, savor a rich three-course menu and get into the pool. The little ones will have a good time in the children's area, included in the pass.  


Calle 3, Periférico – San Antonio Hool, Mérida
Bookings: Tel. 999 688 5990 y 999 297 1213 / info@sanantoniohool.com
FB: Hacienda San Antonio Hool
Entry fee: from $2,200 pesos, two adults minimum.



6. Haciendas: Cuzumal Tixnuc, and Tamchen

Three haciendas in one day! Let the kids roam free until they’re exhausted. Look at the bright side: they’ll be out for nighttime. At Cuzumal, Tixnuc, and Tamchen - in the middle of the Yucatecan jungle - you’ll see bits of the past and more contemporary interventions. The best? They are located 45 minutes from Mérida, in Kinchil and Samahil. The day pass includes, among other things, an Ojo de Agua (water source), a Maya pyramid, ponds with water lilies, sisal fields, and the Casa de Máquinas.   


Of course, you can swim in a refreshing pool, relax in one of the hacienda’s rooms, and enjoy a wonderful three-course meal, Aguas Frescas, and other complimentary beverages.


Bookings: reservations@privatehaciendas.com
Entry fee: $750 USD (per group) + $50 USD per adult.
Children 3 - 12, $25 USD.
Free admission for children under three.



7. Tekik: Art and circular gastronomy

This hacienda is like no other. Tekik has architecture from different historical eras, and the kids will love to explore the many corners. The day pass also includes a taste of their circular gastronomy and a guided tour of the Hacienda Tekik de Regil, the Casa de Máquinas, the chapel inspired by the Madeleine Church in Paris, a traditional Maya house, and an iconic mural by artist Calocho Millet. In addition, a three-course meal with signature dishes, a room, Aguas Frescas, and beverages in courtesy.   


Bookings: reservations@privatehaciendas.com
Entry fee: $750 USD (per group) + $50 USD per adult.
Children 3 - 12, $25 USD.
Free admission for children under three.



8. Itzincab: Mysticism in the Maya jungle

Did you know Itzincab was built over Maya vestiges? Here it’s so quiet, you can hear the wildlife around the hacienda. The little ones can climb to the top of the pyramid and taste food made with ingredients that come from the Milpa. Are your kids nature lover? They’ll have a blast visiting an orchard full of seasonal crops. The whole family can learn about the care of regional species, and enjoy the restored hacienda.   


The day pass includes a guided tour, a room, a three-course meal, Aguas Frescas, courtesy beverages, and a well-deserved swim in the main house’s pool.   


Bookings: reservations@privatehaciendas.com
Entry fee: $750 USD (per group) + $50 USD per adult.
Children 3 - 12, $25 USD.
Free admission for children under three.



9. Hacienda Xcanatun

Are long trips a no-no? Hacienda Xcanatun is just outside of Mérida, a few minutes’ drive. This is an extraordinary option to get away from the noise of the city and let the kids run free in the garden (which is huge). From 9 am to 6 pm, you’ll enjoy their pool and hotel’s common areas (the staff will let you know what’s available and what’s not; you can also ask the guards). The day pass includes a breakfast at their restaurant, Casa de Piedra, $600 pesos in credit for hotel services, and a 10% discount in their spa.


Bookings: Tel. 999 930 2140 
FB: Hacienda Xcanatun
Entry fee: $1459 pesos (adults) and $600 pesos (kids under 11)



10. Hacienda Kaan Ac

This charming, recently restored hacienda located in Valladolid is perfect for an express visit. You can walk through its extensive green areas, learn more about the history of the Kaan Ac Hacienda in its museum, and swim in its pool. Your little ones will be surprised by its medieval-style castle. The pass includes entrance to the historical museum, garden areas and pool area for 3 hours. The restaurant is open to the general public.  


Restaurant's open hours: Mon. - Fri. 8 am - 4 pm / Sat. - Sun. 8 am - 8 pm.

Cruzamiento Periférico km 3, Valladolid
Bookings: Tel. 998 881 1999
FB: Hacienda Kaanac
Entry fee: $100 pesos per person  



11. Hacienda Misné

Don’t want to leave Mérida? Hacienda Misné is a quiet place within the city, but also an invitation to forget that you’re here. Its day pass offers you and your adult companion a superior room from 10 am to 6 pm, a special menu to have lunch at the restaurant, and access to all the facilities.


Bookings: Tel. 999 305 5335 / reserva@haciendamisne.com.mx
FB: Hacienda Misné Mon. - Sun. 10 am - 6 pm.
Entry fee: $2,700 pesos (2 adults, meal included), kids under 18 represent additional fees.  



12. Hacienda Yabucú

If you are in Acanceh, Hacienda Yabucú is ideal to visit with the family or in larger groups. In this former sisal hacienda you can take a dip in the pool, ride a bike and walk along its paths. When your appetite awakens, you can enjoy a delicious three-course menu. Hacienda Yabucú has two types of day passes: the family one, for two adults and two minors (under 15 years of age), and the individual one.  


Carretera Seye - Acancéh Tablaje Catastral 424
Bookings: Tel. 999 256 6838
FB: Hacienda Yabucú
Mon. - Sun. 10 am - 6 pm.
Family Day Pass: $2,600 pesos, includes a based quadruple room.
Individual Day Pass: $1,100 pesos.  



13. Hacienda Mucuyché

A somewhat different day pass. Thanks to a guided tour, you and your children will learn about one of the haciendas that lived through the sisal boom. Don’t worry about the heat, you’ll get to swim in their famous cenotes too; the one known as “El Canal” is highly instagrammable. Before ending your visit, stop by the restaurant to have your favorite regional dishes (meals not included in the package). Few of the areas are restored, so you can take in the original look of these buildings.


Tel. 999 547 6087 / 999 649 9203
FB: Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché
Entry fee: $650 pesos (adults), $390 pesos (children), $390 pesos (seniors); $450 pesos (local adults), $290 pesos (local children), and $290 pesos (local seniors)  



14. Hacienda Selva Maya

And if you’re near - or in - Valladolid, Hacienda Selva Maya has a very comprehensive day pass for the entire family. Yes, to relax, but also to experience a bit of adventure. The cool waters of their very blue cenote Saamal, a zip-line, and a delicious buffet to eat to your heart’s content await you and yours. The best? It’s just 5 minutes from Valladolid’s historic downtown! Please keep in mind that everyone will need their mask to enter the buffet.   


WhatsApp: 985 852 6095
FB: Hacienda Selva Maya
Entry fee: $350 pesos and up per adult and $280 pesos and up per kid  

Olivia Camarena Cervera

Author: Olivia Camarena Cervera

Yucatecan communicologist. Your favorite Assistant Editor. Writer, blogger, and bookstagrammer in her spare time. She also experiments with TikTok.

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