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Ice Cream Shops in Mérida to Survive the Heat

11 may 2022
6 min. de lectura

I'd say this article is perfect for ice cream lovers, but who am I kidding? If you're in Yucatán, in the middle of May (or any month of the year), frozen treats are necessary to cool off. And when it comes to those, Mérida has many ice cream shops. I only have space to talk about five places, but I’ll include a few extras you can check out.   Would you like to take a tour of ice cream shops? These five stops can be done in four hours (wink, wink).  


1. ArteheladoArtehelado - Heladerías, ice cream shops

You’ll find artisanal Italian-style gelato with a very Mexican twist. In my neighborhood, Artehelado is an institution. The first I heard of them was about their macarons with a thick slice of ice cream inside. Yes, you read that right. A (big) frozen macaron. Their combinations are very Mexican, varied, and lovable; choose the one that appeals to you the most, no hesitation. If you prefer a more traditional dessert, get a gelato in a cup or cone. For an unfamiliar flavor, ask for the Helado Negro (Black Gelato; try to guess the mix); other options recommended to me were the Viva México (tamarind with Mmezcal) and Papantla vanilla.  


Calle 7 #250 x 36 y 38, Campestre

IG: @arteheladomerida

Mon. - Wed. 1 - 8 pm, Thu. - Sun. 1 - 9 pm


2. Las Rellenas de la 60

Las rellenas de la 60 - Heladerías, ice cream shops

Their motto is “you've never tasted anything like this before!” and they actually mean it. In this cute place on Calle 60, just a few steps from Santa Ana, you'll find endless flavors and fillings to pick from. They have milk- and water-based options, something quite common in the Mexican frozen treat world. Before you start deciding on a flavor (learned this from our lovely editor), ask if any of their options are sold out! My favorite is the Arroz con Leche (rice pudding) popsicle filled with Cajeta (thickened caramel). It’s literally made with rice; you can ask my friends how much I loved it, I almost took a bath in it. Craving a cheesy Marquesita? Please try the Nutella-filled Queso de Bola ice pop. It's literally a frozen Marquesita. For lovers of all things spicy, the Chamoy-filled mango popsicle is to die for.   


Calle 60 x 43 y 45, Santa Ana, Centro 

Tel. 999 386 9007

IG: @lasrellenasdela60

Mon. - Sun. 11 am - 10 pm  


3. Pola Gelato

 Pola Gleato - Heladerías, ice cream shops

We know a classic when we see one, and Pola fits the bill. It has very traditional flavors, like Cremita de Coco and Flan de la Cubanita (with bits of crunchy caramel). Each serving is accompanied by a small wafer that should last forever (but doesn’t, so disappointing). They also have delicious sorbets, such as Xcatik chili, avocado, passion fruit, and pineapple with Chaya. Pola Gelato is a mandatory stop if you’re in the Santa Lucía area!  


Calle 55 x 62 y 64, Santa Lucía, Centro


IG: @polagelato

FB: POLA Gelato Shop

Mon. - Sat. 12 - 10 pm, Sun. 11 am - 10 pm   


4. Montoneras Donas

Montoneras donas - Heladerías, ice cream shops

I had a craving for an ice cream-filled donut, that's the truth. All of Montoneras’ options are very different, fatty, and tempting: perfect for sugar lovers. On this occasion, we asked the young man taking care of us to recommend one, and the winner was Cuca La Loka. This Montonera is made of Cookies and Cream ice cream, sandwiched by a donut topped with caramelized marshmallow, chocolate-chip cookie pieces, and Oreos; it’s mind-blowing. It's such a large dessert that splitting it between two people is the best advice (the staff can divide it for you). I've tried many ice cream sandwiches and this has been my favorite. In case you don't want an ice cream donut, they also have a variety of plain donuts, frozen drinks, ice cream, and milkshakes.  


FB: Montoneras Donas La Isla Mérida.


5. Domo Gelato Helado Artesanal

 Domo Gelato - Heladerías, ice cream shops

Domo Gelato is a jump away from me, so it's totally justifiable that I'm obsessed with them…right? They have a myriad of artisanal flavors with an Argentinian touch, and you can choose up to three of them to combine in your cup (or two in the cone). They usually place each flavor vertically (they don't mix them, relax!) so you can try both in one spoonful. My favorite combination is Tiramisú and berries, but all flavors are delicious.  


IG: @domogelato

Mon. - Sun. 2 - 9 pm  



When it comes to ice cream and sorbets, shopping malls offer endless options. My favorites include Cucara Macara Gelato (La Isla, Galerías, and City32), for their ice pops, and Moyo’s taro-flavored frozen yogurt (Altabrisa and Galerías). Amorino, at The Harbor, is a place that many love, but I have yet to try them.   If you’re looking for traditionally Yucatecan ice sorbet shops, stop by one of El Colón’s branches (for the nicest views check out the Plaza Grande and Paseo de Montejo branches), La Principal, Helados Polito, or Helados Lugo. None will disappoint.   


Photography by Olivia Camarena and Natalia Bejarano for use in Yucatán Today.

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