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6 Museums in Valladolid You Can't Miss

10 march 2023
6 min. de lectura

Oh, the picturesque and peaceful Valladolid! You can walk along its colorful streets, enjoy its video mapping with a delicious Marquesita or try the varied cuisine offer that its charming restaurants have for you. But you know what you can't miss? The museums in Valladolid.   


Don't try to visit them all in one day; it's a marathon that won't do justice to these venues and won't allow you to enjoy them as they should be enjoyed. You’ve been forewarned!  



Casa de Los Venados

Can you imagine more than 3,000 pieces of Mexican folk art in one place, in a renovated colonial house with yellow walls reminiscent of Izamal? If your answer was “no” (or “yes,” hehe), run to Casa de Los Venados and take one of their guided tours (in English or Spanish). Dorianne and John Venator's collection will blow you away; plus, with your donation, this museum/private house has the opportunity to benefit the local community in multiple ways.   


If you’re an architect or passionate about architecture, I'm afraid this is a must-see. In addition to an exquisite arrangement of art pieces, the house was renovated with inspiration from Mexican architects such as Luis Barragán.


Calle 40 #204 x 41, a few steps from the zócalo.
Tel. 985 856 2289
FB: Casa de los Venados
Tours: daily from 10 am to 4 pm, in English and Spanish
Admission: Requested donation of 5 dollars or $100 pesos  


San Roque Museum

San Roque Museum

This museum covers the essentials of pre-Hispanic times in the vicinity (Ek Balam, for example), the founding of Valladolid, colonial times, and even a look at the presence of pirates in Yucatán. Glass casings feature unique handcrafts, bones, and documents.   


Outside, stroll down the Parque de Los Héroes, which honors the masterminds behind the first spark of the Mexican Revolution, laid to rest here. Its history extends beyond the site that was once a church and later a hospital.   


Calle 41 #193 x 38, Centro, Valladolid
Tel. 985 856 2529 and 985 856 1866
Tue. - Fri. 9 am - 8 pm, Sat. and Sun. 9 am - 6 pm
Free admission



altarpiece Former Convent of San Bernardino de Siena

Former Convent of San Bernardino de Siena Museum

Seat of the Franciscans in their time, the museum tells us about the historical events that took place in the Convent San Bernardino de Siena during the colony, the Caste War, and the years after it. The museum contains objects recovered from the underground cenote onsite. In addition, you can learn about some of the sacred art that resides there, such as the church's beautiful - and impressive - altarpiece. As an observation, currently, it's only possible to view the main nave from the second floor unless there's mass.   


Looking for the reddish pink-walled building in every photo of Valladolid? This is the place. The complex includes a waterwheel, the garden, the main nave of the church, a chapel for indigenous people, and the convent itself.   


Tip: Schedule your visit in the morning and ask for Don Julio for a guided tour.  
Tue. - Sun. 9 am - 5 pm
Admission: $40 pesos (general), $20 pesos (Sundays, students, and seniors with INAPAM).
Free for children under 10



Museo de Ropa Étnica de México (MUREM)

Surrounded by lush trees, MUREM houses an amazing collection of traditional costumes from different ethnic groups and regions of the country. You can visit with or without a guide. My recommendation? Take the tour: you’ll learn about the use, elaboration techniques, and history of the garments; it lasts approximately one hour. When you finish, you can return to your favorite stops and scan the QR codes for more information, or explore their library.  


If you want to see the entire collection, you'll have to return multiple times. MUREM rotates its displays.   


Calle 49 #202-A x 40 y 42, San Juan, Valladolid
Tel. 985 113 6334
IG: @muremvalladolid
FB: Museo de Ropa Etnica de Mexico-MUREM
Mon. - Sun. 10 am - 6 pm
Admission: Suggested donation



Casa Ramón Mendoza

This museum is dedicated to the life, work, and legacy of Ramón Mendoza, a renowned professor from Valladolid. Walk through it at your own pace. It’s covered with portraits (he was an excellent portrait painter), paintings depicting everyday scenes, and those related to Maya mysticism, posters, photographs of the time, and objects that belonged to him. If you want to find out a little more, ask at the door.   


Also, if you are a fan of Diego Rivera's work, you’ll surely identify a bit of his style in the work of professor Mendoza, who was a student of his. 


 Calle 41-A #230 x 45 y 49, Sisal (inside Idilio restaurant)
IG: @casaramonmendoza
FB: Casa Ramón Mendoza, centro cultural y gastronómico
Free admission  



Choco-Story Museum

For chocolate lovers, the Choco-Story Museum is a perfect tour of this delicacy’s history. You’ll travel from pre-Hispanic times to contemporary times, including how the production process has changed, and other curiosities. This interactive museum offers audio guides available in Spanish, French, German, Russian, English, and Chinese. 


Calle 40 x 37 y 39, Centro, Valladolid
Tel. 999 289 9914
Mon. - Sun. 9 am - 7 pm
IG: @chocostory.mexico
FB: ChocoStoryMexico
Entry: The general admission fee is $190 pesos, and for children aged 7 to 12 it is $90 pesos. Students, teachers, and adults over 60 years old have a special price of $130 pesos. For agencies, this cost will be $140 pesos.



Extra stop

Palacio Municipal, across from the main square, has a free display of paintings depicting important moments and people in Valladolid and Mexico’s history. 
Olivia Camarena Cervera

Author: Olivia Camarena Cervera

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