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Museums in Mérida

18 october 2021
12 min. de lectura


Museo Fernando García Ponce - MACAY

Permanent exhibitions of the work of Yucatecan artists, including additional paintings by Fernando Castro Pacheco, the painter of murals in the Governor's Palace. Museo MACAY also hosts visiting exhibits from other parts of Mexico. There is also usually a sculpture exhibit just outside the entrance in the walkway between the entrance and the cathedral. This is a must-see for anyone interested in contemporary art.


Calle 60, Next to Cathedral.

Tel. (999) 928 3258

Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm

Admission Free


IG: @museo_macay    



El Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

Extensive exhibit of local Maya history and anthropology. 


Calle 60 #299-E, Unidad Revolución, Prolongación Montejo.

Tel. (999) 341 0435

Open: Wednesdays to Mondays from 9 am to 5 pm

Admission Non-Mexicans: $150 pesos. Mexicans: $100 pesos. Kids under 12 and adult Yucatecan residents: $50 pesos.

Yucatecan kids under 12, students, and seniors: $25 pesos.




Anthropology and History Museum

Installed in a completely refurbished mansion is an extensive exhibit of local Maya history and anthropology. Also occasionally hosts traveling exhibits. There is an excellent book and gift shop at the entrance.


Palacio G. Canton Paseo de Montejo and Calle 43.

Tel. (999) 923 0557

Open:  Tuesday to Saturday 8 am to 5 pm.

Admission $90 pesos. Free admission to Mexican national students, teachers, and those under 13 and over 60, with -valid- credential.

Free entrance on Sundays for Mexican nationals.

FB: Museo Palacio Cantón (check before visiting, as it closes when new exhibits are to be set up)

IG: Museo Palacio Cantón    



Museo de Arte Popular


Closed for maintenance.

Mayan art exhibitions, habits and crafts.


Calle 50-A x 57, neighborhood of Mejorada.

Tel. (999) 928 5263

Open: Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm Sundays 10 am to 3 pm Free entry.

FB: Museo de Arte Popular de Yucatán

IG: Museo de Arte Popular de Yuc    



Merida City Museum

The cultural heritage that is housed in the beautiful and majestic Ex-Federal Post Office palace, shows the historical development of the city of Mérida. This important building, inaugurated in 1908 by then governor Enrique Muñoz Aristequi, has special architectural characteristics that make it historically valuable. With French tendencies, it shows there was a definite economic wellbeing at the beginning of the 1900’s – the era of the green gold – the henequen fiber. Since June 29th, 2007, this building now houses the City of Mérida Museum.


Calle 56 between 65 and 65-A, Centro.

Tel. (999) 923 6869

Open: Tuesday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm Free entry.

FB: Museo de la Ciudad de Mérida

IG: @museocdmerida    



Yucatecan Music Museum

Exhibition of objects and works of Yucatecan music. Also pre-Hispanic and Afro-Cuban instruments. Includes a gift shop.


Calle 57#464-A near Calle 48 near Plaza Mejorada.

Tel. (999) 923 7224

Open: Tuesday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm Admission $50 pesos. Students and valid INAPAM credential $25 pesos

FB: Museo de la Canción Yucateca A.C.

IG: Museo De La Cancion Yucateca



Casa Montejo Museum

This majestic and restored 16th century museum is characterized by art exhibitions and cultural events.


Calle 63 506, Centro. In front of the Government Palace.

Tel. (999) 923 0633

Hours: Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm

Free entry.



Museum Peón Contreras [CLOSED]

Continually changing art exhibitions from around Mexico. Exhibits are usually of contemporary artists and can include sculpture, photography, painting, fabric, and just about anything else.


Peón Contreras Theater

Calle 60 entre 59 y 57 Centro.

Tel. (999) 922 2655

Open:  Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm

Free entry.

FB: Teatro José Peón Contreras    



Casa Museo Quinta Montes Molina

For an inside glimpse of one of the finer mansions on the PaseoMontejo, take a guided tour of the Quinta Montes Molina. Still owned by the same family, they have turned the property into a museum and reception place for weddings, XV años birthday parties, conventions and congresses. The house features European furniture, Baccarat and Murano crystal chandeliers, clocks, art deco, art nouveau, porcelain and alabaster sculptures.


Calle 56 A between 33 and 35, Paseo de Montejo.

Tel. (999) 925 5999

Guided visits: 40 minutes, $100 pesos per person.

Spanish and English. Mon-Fri. 11 am, 12, 3, and 4 pm. Sat. 11 am and 12 pm.

Regular service includes a historical introduction and afterwards visitors can tour the place at their own pace unlimitedly.

Adults $85 pesos and children 6-12 $60 pesos.

FB: Quinta Montes Molina

IG: @laquintamm    



Palacio de la Música

The recently completed Palacio de la Música in the Centro Histórico is a state-of-the-art homage to popular and traditional Mexican music. There is an acoustically-perfect concert hall for musical performances, an academic program still in the making, and an interactive museum that will delight visitors of all ages and musical tastes, whether Mexican music is something new to them, or it is something they grew up with and runs in their blo


Calle 58 x 59, Centro.

Open: Tuesday through Saturday.

General Admission: $200 pesos,

Mexican nationals: $100 pesos,

Residents of Yucatán $50 pesos, free on Tuesdays

Children 0 - 3 years old free

Children 4 - 12 years old $25 pesos

Children 13 - 17 years old: $50 pesos

Teachers and students with valid ID: $25 pesos

Seniors with INAPAM card: $25 pesos

Persons with disabilities: $25 pesos

FB: Palacio de la Música - Centro Nacional de la Música Mexicana

IG: Palacio de la Música




Korean Museum (Museo Conmemorativo de la Inmigración Coreana)

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History of the first Koreans in Yucatan, and their work in the henequen industry. Every last Sunday of the month, they have an event at 11 am at the Museum, it is called "Tell me a Jalmoni story", it is free and a grandmother from the community tells the legends of Korea and other stories of their culture.


Calle 65 No. 397-A x 44 and 46 Centro.

Tel. (999) 287 1034

Open: Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm

FB: Museo Conmemorativo de la Inmigración Coreana a Yucatán    



Hacienda Yaxcopoil

Authentically maintained henequen hacienda not far from Mérida. Includes a museum of Maya artifacts, guest house, gift shop and snack bar.


20 miles (33 km) south of Mérida on Highway 261 to Uxmal at the 220 KM marker.

Tel. (999) 900 1193

Open: Monday to Saturday 9 am - 6 pm Sunday 9 am - 2 pm

Admission $ 150 pesos. Children with parents free.

Discounts for groups of schools, university, and similar, properly identified.

FB: Hacienda Yaxcopoil

IG: @haciendayaxcopoil    



Governor's Palace


On the northeast corner of the Zócalo (Plaza Grande).

Calle 61 x 60 Centro

Tel. (999) 930 3100

Open: Daily from 8 am to 9 pm

Admission free.



Pinacoteca Museum "Juan Gamboa Guzmán" [CLOSED]

Exhibits a sample of Yucatecan painting from the colonial era and portraits made from 1821 to 1911, to governors and prominent men for the history of Yucatan, actors of the most important historical passages of the 19th century. The name of the museum honors the greatest Yucatecan plastic artist and is located in the architectural spaces that formed the church of El Jesús and the Jesuit University of San Francisco Javier, founded in 1624.

Calle 59 x 58 y 60

Tel. (999) 924 5233

FB: Museo Pinacoteca Juan Gamboa Guzmán



Museum of Natural History

A space for all ages where you can learn interactively about the world.


Calle 59 x 84 and 84-A.

Tel. (999) 924 0994

FB:  Museo de Historia Natural, Mérida Yucatán    



Railroad Museum (Museo de los Ferrocarriles en Yucatán) [CLOSED]

It exhibits locomotives, wagons, cabins and vans of the early twentieth century, among which not only can you observe, but also climb.


Calle 43 # 429 Colonia Industrial in front of the park Article 123, near "La Plancha".

Tel. (999) 923 3073

FB: Museo de los Ferrocarriles de Yucatan

IG: @museodelosferrocarrilesyucatan    



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