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Restaurant of the Month: Restaurante El Principe Tutul Xiu

03 december 2008
2 min. de lectura
Principe Tutul Xiu


Each month Yucatan Today visits a restaurant in order to describe what it has to offer. This is not a review; it is a summary of the menu, service, ambience, prices, and opening hours.


November 2008


Kitchen: Yucatecan cuisine. Setting: Rustic furniture, Yucatecan village ambience, servers in traditional Maya dress. Schedule: 11 am to 7 pm every day. Location: Calle 123 No. 216 x 46A y 46B, Colonia Serapio Rendón, 929 7721. Two other locations in Maní (997 978 4257) and Oxkutzcab (997 975 2907). Credit cards: VI, MC. Specialty of the house: Poc Chuc.


For a real Yucatecan treat, don't miss the exquisite and authentic cuisine at El Príncipe Tutul Xiu. This Maní landmark (since 1973) is now in Mérida and Oxkutzcab, and offers the same authentic and mouth-watering menu from their 100% Yucatecan kitchen. The most important ingredient is tradition: the food is prepared as it would be in a typical village kitchen.


Start your meal with a delicious and refreshing drink, from lemonade to jamaica to tamarind or horchata, the rice-based beverage which is so Yucatecan. (This location does not serve alcoholic drinks, but the others do.) While sipping on your fresh drink, have a look at the short and sweet menu of Yucatecan essentials.


For appetizers, you can choose from lime soup, consommé, or guacamole, served with crispy homemade tortilla chips. The "sopa de lima" is simply delicious and full of big chunks of turkey.


Speaking of turkey, for a main course, consider one of the turkey specialties. "Pavo Escabeche" is prepared over charcoal, with Tabasco, Maggy, oregano, onion, clove, salt, "epazote" leaves, garlic, mint, and chile xcat-ic. "Pavo Relleno Negro" gets its dark color from roasted chile de arbol. "Pavo Relleno Blanco" is prepared with turkey broth.


Another option for the main course is the stuffed cheese, "queso relleno." A bed of Edam cheese is filled with a delicious ground beef and pork mixture, which contains tomato, olives, and raisins...superbly rich and decadent.


The charcoal grill is also underway at Tutul Xiu. Grilled tender beef filet is one option, or you can give in to the house specialty: Poc Chuc. Selected pork loin and leg is charcoal grilled, and accompanied by a bowl of bean soup, as well as tomato sauce, chile, grated onion, and slices of avocado and radish.


No matter what you choose, homemade tortillas are served as accompaniment. They are served hot and are divine...the real thing.


Servings are generous, so if you still have room for dessert, think about the regional specialties such as: stewed payaya, plums, camote, circote, or nance. Also on the menu are Flan Napolitano and a variety of ice creams.

Yucatán Today

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