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Restaurant of the Month: Hennessy's Irish Pub

06 may 2011
3 min. de lectura
Hennessys Chicken CurryEach month Yucatan Today visits a restaurant in order to describe what it has to offer. This is not a review; it is a summary of the menu, service, ambience, prices, and opening hours.

April, 2011


Hennessy’s Irish Pub, opened in December 2010, has been turning heads. There is something about the ambience of this traditional Irish pub which has converted many into regular customers. Although the bonny shores of Ireland are thousands of miles from the Yucatán tropics, the marriage of a huge casona on Paseo de Montejo with a classic Irish pub theme works like a lucky charm. The stunning restoration serves as a perfect host for this lively gathering place with delicious food.


Sean Hennessy, one of the two charming Irish pub owners, explains, “Hennessy’s is a gastro-pub, referring to a pub which serves high-end food and beer. Pubs are most often thought of as serving simple, basic food; our food is delicious, with many traditional items such as fish and chips; but our chef takes it all a notch above, and into the realm of the gourmet.”


Hennessy’s generous opening hours are part of the reason so many people come back; they open at noon seven days a week and stay open til the wee hours. The sound system is superb; the background music, varying from traditional and modern Irish tunes to soft jazz to classic rock, is just loud enough to create a lively ambience without being so loud that it drowns out your conversation. On Fridays there is live music at 10 pm: the silky voice of Gina Osorno and her band Copy/Paste.


Guinness beer is always available, along with Chope on tap and other domestic and imported brands. The wine list is varied and affordable, with a good, solid selection of domestic and imported reds and whites by the bottle or glass.


The pub is divided into several spaces, so that each room feels cozy: there is a main salon which houses the long and well-stocked bar, plus several smaller rooms for private parties, as well as outdoor seating on the sidewalk and in the central courtyard.


The ample, four-page menu is divided up into Appetizers, Salads, Pastas, Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Main Dishes, Desserts, Coffees, and Teas. Some, but only some, of the most notable menu items are:


MEJILLONES A LA GUINNESS: Large bowl of mussels served in a creamy serrano chile, Guinness, and chorizo sauce.

BERENJENAS GRATINADAS: Cured eggplants served in a spicy tomato sauce and grated cheese.

ALITAS DE POLLO: Crispy deep fried chicken wings (slightly spicy) and fries served with BBQ and roquefort sauces.

PIZZA DE CAMARÓN: Thin crusty pizza with cheese, tomato, shrimps and black olives.

ENSALADA DE LECHUGAS MIXTAS CON QUESO BRIE: Mixed lettuce leaves in red wine vinegar dressing, sundried tomatoes and apple chutney, with deep fried brie.

V.I.P. PRIME RIB BURGER: Prime rib beef burger (220 gr.) served with bacon and Swiss emmental cheese.

FISH N’ CHIPS: Crunchy beer battered fish with a touch of chile, potato wedges, and home-made Dublin tartar sauce.

CURRY DE POLLO: Balti style curry in coconut milk and ground almonds served with rice and potato wedges.

SHEPHERD’S PIE: Prime rib, minced and stewed in its own juice with peas and carrots, topped with mashed potato and melted Irish cheddar.

IRISH STEW: The most famous Irish recipe. Lamb with celery, potato, onion and carrot, stewed in a seasoned gravy.

FONDANTE DE CHOCOLATE: A chocolate sponge delight with a soft creamy chocolate center, Irish whiskey sauce, and vanilla ice cream.


Recently overheard comment from a customer, as she spoke with a sigh of contentment: “I think I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.”


Paseo de Montejo x 41 y 43. Tel. 923 8993. 12 pm – 2 am seven days a week.



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