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Restaurant of the Month: Hacienda Temozón

14 march 2013
3 min. de lectura
Hacienda TemozónEach month Yucatan Today visits a restaurant in order to describe what it has to offer. This is not a review; it is a summary of the menu, service, ambience, prices, and opening hours.

March 2013


Hacienda Temozón Sur


As the saying goes, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” We would like to suggest that when in Yucatán, do as the Yucatecans do - choose Yucatecan cuisine.  And, while you’re at it, when in Yucatán, do have a hacienda dining experience.  What could be a better guarantee than to choose the hacienda where heads of state are entertained and world known personalities choose to stay - Hacienda Temozón Sur. Circa 1655, Temozón Sur is located 37 km. from Mérida and is where you want to go.


Chef Julio Ku, who actually grew up in Temozón and has been with Hacienda Temozón for 17 years, has created a Yucatecan menu with all the traditional favorites and added some international  speciality dishes that include shrimp, salmon, pasta and beef tenderloin. Literally, there is something for everyone.


Regional favorites are the traditional roasted suckling pig (cochinita pibil),  a chicken broth soup with lime and tortilla strips (sopa de lima), crispy tortillas topped with shredded turkey (salbutes), refried bean stuffed crispy tortillas covered with shredded pork (panuchos), gouda cheese stuffed with pork ragout and olives in a caper sauce (queso relleno), and grouper fillet marinated in annatto and baked in banana leaves (tikin xic). These are just a few of the dishes that are served at Hacienda Temozón Sur.


If you are new to Yucatecan cuisine, and with a group of people, you might want to choose a Yucatán Sampler Platter: a mixed ceviche (fish, octopus, and shrimp marinated in sour lime juice and served with red onion and avocado, and a beef Carpaccio Yucateco – shaved beef tenderloin fillet in a mild xcatic and parmesan cheese sauce). With this sampling, everyone can have a taste of everything.


For those who would like to try the Specialties Menu, you can choose from fusilli di mare, shrimp tequila flambé, Caribbean mango fish fillet, a hazenut encrusted salmon filet, or a delicious grilled beef tenderloin.


For dessert, Chef Ku has reinvented the traditional papaya and gouda cheese dessert by serving gouda cheese ice cream instead of the typical slice of cheese. Or, try Hacienda Temozón’s claim to fame – avocado ice cream!


When you travel the 37 km. from Mérida to the hacienda, you are not only going for delicious Yucatecan cuisine but also for a fine dining experience in a gracious ambiance at a reasonable cost. Located on the cozy second floor terrace of the Casa Principal, the restaurant overlooks peaceful bougainvillea filled gardens and the majestic mirror-like swimming pool. Tropical ceiling fans gently whirl overhead which adds to the laid back feeling of plantation style dining.


Sit back and as you study the menu, take a minute and imagine it is the early 1700’s and you have been invited to the plantation owner’s home for a meal. This is what it was like back in the day. And, you are experiencing it today.


Reservations are required; the restaurant is not always available for walk-ins.



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