The municipality of Tekax, also known as “Sultana of the Mountain” is located in the heart of southern Yucatán. Surrounded by valleys and hills, this newly announced Magical Town offers a wide variety of family activities for adventurers and nature lovers.


With its rich culture and traditions, friendly and joyful people, ecotourism activities, and abundant flora and fauna, Tekax will not let you down. You can visit for a weekend or even stay for several days, using Tekax as the cornerstone to explore the region more extensively. Located in the heart of the Puuc biocultural state reserve, where the underworld of caves begins, Tekax awaits you to experience unique and authentic adventures.


In Tekax, there are many experiences to choose from, depending on the level of adventure you seek. Whether you enjoy hiking, rappelling, off-road biking and ATV circuits, or bird watching within the mystical energy of the jungle, Tekax has something for you and your entire family. Your itinerary is easily customizable!


We present you two tour options to fully enjoy this new Magical Town and its surroundings, with a multitude of activities that will create lasting memories.




Tekax Catedral by Yucatán TodayFriday is for exploring the most traditional part of Tekax on a tour suitable for all ages. Begin your adventure by visiting the Centro Histórico (Downtown). Take some pictures at the iconic Tekax letters and continue with a visit to its church, the second largest in Yucatán after the Mérida Cathedral. Take a stroll through the alley of murals, another must-visit place in Downtown Tekax. Its 10 beautiful murals depict the history and culture of the municipality and are so breathtaking that you won’t be able to resist taking hundreds of photos.


If you wish, you can stop by the tourism office located in the lower level of the City Hall (open Monday to Sunday, 8 am – 3 pm and 5 pm – 8 pm). Their friendly staff will be ready to provide guidance and descriptions about the places you can visit. There is also a small display of artisanal products available for purchase to support the Maya communities that produce them. If you don’t have the latest edition of Yucatán Today, you can find it there.


While you’re here, you can go up to the City Hall’s balcony, visit the photography room, and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Downtown Tekax, the church, the park, and, in the distance, the Ermita that you will visit later.


Tekax cacao de Caricoa by Yucatán TodayLater, take some time to visit (under previous reservation) Caricoa, an artisanal chocolate producer. They’ll show you the entire production process and also offer you tastings! Both kids and adults will enjoy the experience from start to finish.


In the afternoon, treat yourself to one of the delectable street food delicacies from Yucatán: the Marquesita. The main park, with its French-style ironwork, is a fabulous place to sit and watch the world go by. As a cultural tidbit, there are only two parks of this style in the state: this one, and the one in Valladolid, another Magical Town of Yucatán.


To finish the day, climb up to the Ermita, the star of the “Sultana of the Mountain”. You can enter the chapel, where you will find Saint Didacus of Alcalá, the city’s patron saint, and the murals depicting his miracles. The view from the observatory will fill you with peace and joy. Then, cross the wooden bridge that leads to the gazebo, which offers spectacular views of the city.



If you crave something sweet by the end, head to Krepi Krepa and enjoy a Nutella and Edam cheese crepe at a table overlooking the Centro Histórico.



Tekax columpio infinito Parque Ecoturístico Kaalmankal by Olivia Camarena CerveraStart your day by having breakfast at El Bistró: delicious regional and international cuisine, with tasty coffees and frappes. The old colonial mansion gives it a unique touch!


This is the perfect moment to decide your level of adventure. For an exciting yet less intense experience, you can choose Kaalmankal Park, with its pendulum, swing with an infinite view, and cave. Both kids and adults will enjoy trying their hand at a small rappel, which will surely vanish any fears and invite them to relive the experience over and over again.


2022 Tekax Grutas Chocantes by Yucatán TodayFor a higher adrenaline tour, choose the Gruta Chocantes park: venture on the highest zipline in the state before or after exploring its cave, where you can see its impressive calcium carbonate waterfalls. If you’re the type who doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned, it’s better to choose an ATV tour with Tekax Adventours and participate in both experiences.


Have lunch at Doña Mirna’s kitchen in Centro, with a delicious authentic homemade regional food menu, and then take some time to rest and refresh; no matter which version of the tour you have chosen, you will likely feel that you need it.


In the evening, Downtown Tekax offers various options for dinner. If you’re looking for traditional options, nothing beats a delicious lime soup or some Panuchos and Salbutes at Lonchería Gorocica, located at the entrance of Tekax.



Tekax tacos de Us by Yucatán TodayExperience a culinary adventure at the temporary municipal market (the new gastronomic and crafts market is still under construction) and purchase the finest quality fruits and vegetables to bring back with you or carry on with your journey. For breakfast, try the legendary Tacos de Us; I assure you that less than three won’t be enough.


Complete your adventure in Tekax at the eastern end of the Puuc region: the archaeological site of Chacmultún. Its murals and Grand Ball Court bear witness to the city’s importance during the Maya Postclassic period. To get there, you have to pass through several Maya communities such as Canek, San Marcos, and Kancab; don’t miss the opportunity to get to know them and interact with the locals, who are always delighted to receive visitors and show you their homes, workshops, traditional kitchens, and much more.


As we mentioned earlier, if your itinerary has a few extra days, Tekax is also an excellent base for exploring the region. The Magical Town of Maní, for example, is only a 35-minute drive away and it’s another place that is definitely worth including in your plans. 


What is not up for debate is how much this new Magical Town has to offer to anyone who visits it, as you have read, both young and old are guaranteed unique moments. So if adventure is something you have been waiting for, Tekax is the perfect place to start.


By H. Ayuntamiento de Tekax


Where to eat in Tekax

Cocina Mirna
Calle 55 #243 x 60 y 62, San Francisco
Tel. 997 974 0564
FB: Cocina Mirna Tekax, Yuc.


Restaurante bar El Huinic de la Ermita
Boulevard 61 #201 x 50, Col. Ermita
Tel. 997 974 0312
FB: El Huinic de la Ermita


Cafetería y restaurante El Bistró
Calle 50 x 45 y 47, Centro
Tel. 997 979 3621
FB: El Bistró Tekax Restaurante


Restaurante bar La Sultana 
Calle 52 x 53 y 55, Centro
Tel. 997 155 8850
Fb: Sultana Restaurante


Lonchería Gorocica D’Martin
Calle 51 x 72 y 74, Col. Chobenche
Tel. 997 134 0179
FB: Loncheria Gorocica D’Martin


Tacos de Us
Calle 51 x 48 y 50, Centro
Tel. 997 103 2154


Where to stay in Tekax

Hotel Cielo y Selva 
Calle 51 x 102 y 104, Col. Chobenche
Tel. 997 979 0010
IG: cieloyselvatekax
FB: Hotel Cielo y Selva Tekax


Hotel El Sultán de la Sierra
Calle 50 #211 x 55 y 57, Centro
Tel. 997 974 2169
FB: Hotel “El Sultán de la Sierra”


Posada Marielena
Calle 52 #202 x 53 y 55, Centro
Tel. 997 116 5398

Photography by Óscar Góngora, Yucatán Today, and Olivia Camarena Cervera for use in Yucatán Today

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