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Trotter's Restaurants, a Legacy of Flavors

06 march 2024
5 min. de lectura

The story of Trotter's in Mérida, where to find them?

The culinary treasures of the city of Mérida are abundant, varied, and, in many cases, well-known. Such is the case of Restaurantes Trotter, a group of five restaurants that has been at the epicenter of the city's culinary scene for over 50 years. Combining the essence of Mexican cuisine with international touches, these restaurants have been a meeting point for locals and tourists since the opening of the group's first restaurant, Pancho’s, in 1972.  


2403 Trotters 6 decoracion y comedor by Sara AlbaThe history of the restaurants in this group is marked by the vision of Wayne Trotter, a Canadian who, after moving to Mérida, decided to establish Pancho’s in Centro. His charisma and dedication attracted tourists and locals alike, creating a welcoming and cosmopolitan atmosphere that remains the hallmark of Restaurantes Trotter.


Despite challenges, such as the devastating impact of Hurricane Gilbert, which destroyed Pancho’s branch in Cancún, Wayne and his family persisted in their culinary passion. Thus, La Tratto Montejo was born, under the direction of his son Paul, who later brought Trotter’s, their third restaurant, to life in 2005.  


Trotters MesaThe essence of Restaurantes Trotter lies in its unique fusion of both local and global flavors. With a focus on quality ingredients and flawless presentation, the group strives to offer memorable dining experiences, introducing innovations such as Angus steaks, and a wide selection of wines by the glass, pioneering this concept in Mérida.  


Over time, Restaurantes Trotter has expanded its culinary offerings in Mérida with the opening of Bryan’s Modern Grill, Bryan’s Burger Bar, La Tratto Santa Lucía, and, more recently, La Casa del Pastel in Progreso. Each of these establishments brings its charm and style to our culinary scene. From Bryan’s, which pays homage to Paul's middle name, offering a laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of New York-style neighborhood eateries, to the classic pizzas and pastas of La Tratto, and the savory steaks and continental-Mexican specialties at Trotter’s, each restaurant in the group offers a unique and memorable experience.  


Trotters comedorTo maintain a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere, this group’s restaurants have become meeting places for both special occasions and informal gatherings. With a careful selection of live music and subdued lighting, each visit becomes a sensory journey.  


Looking to the future, Restaurantes Trotter plans to continue growing, spreading its presence in both Mérida’s Centro and its surrounding areas. With a continued commitment to culinary excellence and exceptional hospitality, this group remains a benchmark in Yucatán's culinary scene.  


From its humble beginnings at Pancho’s to its current position as a renowned restaurant group, Restaurantes Trotter has left an indelible mark on Mérida's culinary history. With its focus on innovation, quality, and hospitality, the legacy of these restaurants will endure for many generations to come, symbolizing the region's vibrant and diverse culinary landscape.  


2403 Trotters Cubiertos by Sara Alba
2403 Trotters Botella de vino by Sara Alba
2403 Trotters Comedor by Sara Alba




Calle 5, #116-X  x 7, Residencial Montecristo, Mérida, Yuc.  


Brayns Burger Bar
Calle 60 x 35 y Av. Colón, Local 17, Zona Paseo Montejo, Centro, Mérida, Yuc.  


La Tratto
Sitio web: La Tratto
IG: latrattomid
Centro, Santa Lucía:
Calle 60 #471 x 53 y 55, Local 10, Centro, Mérida, Yuc.
Plaza Península:
Prolongacion Paseo de Montejo x 54 y 56, Benito Juárez Nte., Mérida, Yuc.
La Casa del Pastel
Calle 21 x 60 y 62, Progreso, Yuc.    


Photography by Sara Alba for its use in Yucatán Today.

Sara Alba

Author: Sara Alba

Panamanian with a Mexican accent since 2005. Editorial Assistant, a walking jukebox, and always lurking on social media, in the constant search of hidden gems to visit and share.

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