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A Seven Day Stay: Celestún, Sisal, Dzityá, Progreso

04 july 2024
7 min. de lectura

A Seven Day Stay: Celestún, Sisal, Dzityá, Progreso. 7-Day Itinerary in Yucatán. Tunich Fair, What to do Dzityá, Progreso, Celestún, Sisal.

🌞This summer, discover Yucatán's Emerald Coast! Start in Celestún with a boat tour to admire flamingos🦩. Relax in Sisal, a Magical Town perfect for seaside yoga 🧘‍♀️, and don't miss the Tunich Fair 2024 in Dzityá. Progreso awaits with activities for everyone 🏖️, while you learn about turtle conservation in Dzilam de Bravo 🐢. Bid farewell to the coast with merengues, enjoy kibis in the capital 🥥, or try our traditional desserts 🍦!








This season is perfect for exploring the beautiful beaches of the Yucatecan Emerald Coast, starting with our first stop, Celestún. Take a boat tour through the mangroves and get up close with the stunning flamingos that call this place home. For more about this amazing destination, Kate has prepared something for you.





2407 Heladerias y postres by Carlos Arguelles


Life is sweeter with a little dessert, and Mérida promises not to disappoint with its traditional ice cream shops, must-try treats on this route. Not sure which one to visit first or what to try? Don't worry, check out traditional desserts and ice cream shops and discover some of our favorites that you can't miss. 





2407 Yoga en la Playa Yuckite by Mike Diaz


On Wednesday, we'll escape the hustle and bustle of the capital to visit one of Yucatán's Magical Towns, Sisal. In addition to being the only one in its category located on the coast, it's perfect for enjoying a yoga session with the sound of the waves in the background. Learn about this and other places to practice yoga.





2407 Taller Feria Tunich Dzitya Artesanias de Madera Artesano by Edwin Aguilar


The Tunich Fair 2024 will take place at the end of the month in Dzityá, and it's the perfect opportunity to take home a unique souvenir from our land. On your way from Sisal, don't forget to make a stop in Hunucmá. Enjoy a delicious breakfast at its municipal market and explore the church and former convent dedicated to San Francisco de Asís.







Progreso, Yucatán's flagship beach, welcomes you with open arms! Discover all the activities and places you can visit this summer; there's always something for everyone. During the weekends, Progreso turns into an endless party but remember: don’t drink and drive.







On this edition, we tell you about Yucatán’s sea turtle protection program. In addition to being one of its key locations, Dzilam de Bravo is a beautiful port where you can go fishing and snorkeling, discover a freshwater spring in the middle of the ocean, explore a beautiful cenote among the mangroves, and enjoy a beach all to yourself on a boat tour. 





2407 Kibis by Yucatan Today


We say goodbye to the coast and its famous meringues, but hello to the delicious Kibis in the capital. In addition to Kibis, Yucatán offers a wide variety of snacks that are the perfect finishing touch for this week. Take a walk through Centro and try something new!





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