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Yoga on the Beaches of Yucatán: Óol Yoga, Casa Karuna, and Entre Pausa

19 june 2024
6 min. de lectura

Yoga on the Beaches of Yucatán: Óol Yoga, Casa Karuna, and Entre Pausa, Where to practice Yoga in Yucatán?
Dear reader: I'm sure both you and I know what yoga is all about, but not everyone has dared to try it. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just curious about this ancient practice, this article will definitely spark your interest in signing up for a class, and try it out in a new environment that you'll love. Keep reading and discover three wonderful yoga schools located on Yucatecan beaches.

Did you know that "yoga" comes from Sanskrit and translates to "union"? But what exactly does it unite? Well, the body, mind, and soul. This practice has roots dating back over 5,000 years in India, closely intertwined with religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

In 2024, yoga in the West no longer has an intimate relationship with religion, but with spirituality. And as its name implies, yoga also seeks the union between the body and the environment, so what better setting than the beach?


Yucatán is such a gem! Not only do we have bustling cities, but also tranquil coastal towns and breathtaking beaches. Now, imagine performing mudras (hand gestures) facing the sunset, with palm trees behind you, dancing, and calm waves in front of your eyes.

This is the perfect time to treat yourself to a refreshing yoga session or retreat by the sea. Here are some fantastic options to consider:



Óol Yoga (Progreso)




The answer to your search for plans for an upcoming weekend, Óol Yoga, is located on the nearby beach of Progreso. This place is surrounded by tall palm trees and just a few meters from the seashore on Boulevard Turístico Yucalpetén, at Calle 29, 701 x 128, Nueva Yucalpetén.

At Óol Yoga, you can take anything from a single class to monthly packages, ranging from $200 pesos to $1,500 pesos. Their offerings range from classic yoga sessions to official certifications for those who want to delve more seriously into this world, movement workshops, or different disciplines to challenge and experiment with your body.


IG: ool.yoga



Casa Karuna (Sisal)


2407 Playa Yoga Sisal Casa Karuna slogo (2)
2407 Playa Yoga Sisal Casa Karuna slogo (1)


Casa Karuna is located on the tranquil sands of Sisal; more precisely, at Sunset Shores Lot 31-A, on the coastal rural road to Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

Casa Karuna offers you a unique experience; a house with six cozy rooms, each equipped with its own bathroom and closet. Here, you can practice yoga while facing the beach, anytime you please. Whether you're gazing out from your room's window or relaxing on one of the terraces, the soothing sound of the sea will be your companion.

Additionally, a great detail from the owner, David Karuna, was to build this space consciously to cause the least possible impact on the ecosystem, where our bodies coexist with the environment in a much more empathetic way.

As an extra, you can go for a paddleboard ride or take a nap in one of the hammocks located in the house.

Ultimately, Casa Karuna is an experience that every yogi must experience at least once in their life.


IG: casa.karuna.sisal



Entre Pausa (Itinerante)


2407 Yoga Poder del Sol by Entre Pausa


At Entre Pausa, yoga is your chance to break free from the everyday grind and monotony. Their vision, sharing yoga while honoring its roots and embracing it as a profoundly spiritual journey, will allow you to understand this discipline from within, beyond its commercial profile. With a respectful way of transmitting yoga knowledge, Entre Pausa will help you grasp its fundamental principles with ease.

Something unique about this project is that it's itinerant; this means they offer their classes in different places in Yucatán. One of them is Intropic Kitesurf School & Shop, located at Calle 29, #790, Nueva Yucalpetén, on Progreso’s beach. But if heading to the beach seems like a hassle for you, no need to fret! They also offer classes in locations within the city, like Hotel Sureño, nestled right in the heart of Mérida.

Their events on special dates are worth it, as well as their master classes to become an expert in this beautiful ancient practice.


IG: entre.pausa


Don't forget to visit their official websites and social media pages to check all their schedules and current prices. And enjoy yoga on the beach!

Pamela Fernández

Author: Pamela Fernández

Storyteller and creator 24/7 in my head, sometimes through multidisciplinary platforms with which I share the passion for literature, imagination, and emotions.

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