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Mayan Ecotours, an Authentic Experience of Conscious Ecotourism

23 march 2024
4 min. de lectura

Yucatán, with its rich history and breathtaking natural landscapes, has always been a haven for those in search of extraordinary experiences. And right at the heart of this vibrant region, you'll find a company that's redefining tourism: Mayan Ecotours. Guided by Connie Leal's passion for nature, this company has been at the forefront of ecotourism in Yucatán for nearly twenty years, offering travelers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the authenticity of its culture and the diversity of its natural environment.


Originally from a ranch in the state of Hidalgo, Connie Leal learned from a young age the value of freedom and love for nature thanks to the teachings of her father. In 2000, her quest for a deeper connection with nature led her to Mérida, where she founded Mayan Ecotours with the conviction that Yucatán is a treasure of ecotourism and culture.


Authentic experiences: cultural tourism in Yucatán

Mayan Ecotours stands out for creating meaningful experiences for both tourists and the communities that welcome them. The company collaborates closely with local families to carry out its tours, where visitors are welcomed as family members, with the doors of their homes wide open. Here, they can enjoy authentic homemade meals prepared with love by the women of the house, such as Chaya with egg and Pollo Pibil. Additionally, Mayan Ecotours also offers options for those who prefer vegetarian and vegan alternatives to traditional dishes. All this while participating in the preparation of corn tortillas (in a tortilla-making workshop). This experience not only offers culinary delight but also fosters a genuine cultural connection between visitors and locals, which lasts beyond the end of the tour.


2404 Experiencias sensoriales con mayan ecotours


Exploring underground treasures: cenotes in Yucatán

Besides offering authentic cultural experiences, Mayan Ecotours stands out by offering an incredible adventure in Yucatán's cenotes. Instead of visiting the most touristy and commercial cenotes, the company strives to take travelers to lesser-known and more remote cenotes, where they can truly soak in the peace and unspoiled beauty of nature.


2404 Cenotes by mayan ecotours


Commitment to preservation: responsible ecotourism

What truly sets this experience apart is their unwavering dedication to preserving these special ecosystems. Their guides, who are local experts, deeply appreciate the cultural and ecological significance of the cenotes. During the tours, they not only share information about the history and formation of these underground bodies of water but also educate visitors about the vital importance of conserving these precious natural resources, always ensuring the safety of tourists at all times.


2404 Aventura Sostenible y consciente con Mayan ecotours


Adapted tours and exciting activities

2404 Manglar by mayan ecotoursMayan Ecotours offers a wide range of exciting activities for those with an adventurous spirit, such as rappelling, diving, and snorkeling, while also promoting mindful tourism. This involves enjoying the natural and cultural beauty of Yucatán by integrating sessions of yoga, meditation, and Temazcal into the tourist experiences. These sessions allow tourists to immerse themselves in the serenity of Yucatán's natural landscapes, thus nurturing their personal well-being and spiritual connection with nature. This way, visitors can experience the beauty of Yucatán in multiple ways, enriching their connection with the region's natural environment and their own inner essence.


With its focus on sustainability and social responsibility, Mayan Ecotours not only offers a unique experience for travelers but also contributes to the economic and social development of local communities.


For those seeking to escape the ordinary and immerse themselves in the extraordinary, Mayan Ecotours offers an open invitation to discover the best that Yucatán has to offer, an experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on the heart and soul of every traveler. From exploring Maya archaeological sites to diving into the crystal-clear waters of a remote cenote, each tour with Mayan Ecotours is an opportunity to connect with nature, learn from local communities, and live an authentic ecotourism experience in Yucatán.


Mayan Ecotours
Calle 51 #488, Centro.
Tel. +52 999 987 3710
WhatsApp: +52 999 105 4614
IG: mayanecotours
FB: Mayan Ecotours


Photography by Mayan Ecotours for its use in Yucatán Today.


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