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La Casa de las Artesanías

16 july 2019
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Casa de las artesanias bordado maquinaDiscover the best of Yucatán in the stores of La Casa de las Artesanías!
For over 30 years, La Casa de las Artesanías del Estado de Yucatán has been working in the rescue and fostering of traditional crafts, and in the stimulation of new forms of expression by the current artists, dignified heirs to the ancestral Maya culture. It is responsible for the promotion and preservation of the cultural value of the crafts as an inheritance of creative people who continue to express themselves.  

The commitment is to stimulate the work of the artists through support programs aimed at social, economic, and productive development, as well as to discover and open new markets, generating more opportunities to sell their products.  


At present, La Casa de las Artesanías has three locations where the best variety of regional crafts can be found, for the visitors who travel here and for the inhabitants of Yucatán who appreciate the creations of our artisans. The main store is in the Centro, two blocks from the Zócalo, beside theMonjas Church. They can also be found at the tourism center of Uxmal, and at the Mérida airport.


Discover the artisan products of the highest quality...come and compare prices!  Guayaberas, hammocks, huipiles, jewelry, and henequén products, as well as pottery and many more 100% Yucatecan products.


Remember that with La Casa de las Artesanías, you have the assurance of knowing that with your purchase you are supporting a great number of artists of the state of Yucatán. You will marvel at the art of these proud artisans, taking home with you the most authentic and detailed creations that will give color and light to your décor. Casa de las Artesanías, with the best of Yucatán.  


Casa de las Artesanías

Calle 63 between 64 and 66, Centro

(next to Monjas Church)

FB: Casa de las Artesanías del Estado de Yucatán  



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