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The wide culinary range of Valladolid, Yucatán

05 april 2024
10 min. de lectura

Valladolid, Yucatán, is one of those places that changes every time you blink. The good news is that, despite its constant evolution, Valladolid still holds onto the charm that made it one of the first Magical Towns of Yucatán. While this heroic city is striving to stand out in more ways than one, offering multiple attractions and activities for residents and visitors alike, it's the diverse food scene that steals the show. 


Here's a brief tour of some of its options.


1. Ebenezer Taquería

2404 Taqueria Ebenezer by atnavarreteThe Donato Bates Herrera municipal market is a must-visit spot when you're in this Magical Town. Recently renovated, strolling through its aisles of crafts, household items, meats, fruits, and veggies feels like stepping into a whole new world of colors and aromas. But don't miss the chance to stop at one of the food stalls there; for me, the Ebenezer taqueria is a must. They serve tacos, Tortas, Panuchos, Polcanes, and Pibiwajes of Cochinita Pibil, roasted pork, pickled onions, and Lomitos, among other tasty treats. With zero luxuries, but outstanding flavor and an excellent attitude from its owner, this is an excellent option to eat like a true local. 


Taquería Ebenezer
Mercado Municipal “Donato Bates”, Valladolid
Tel. 985 108 9653
FB: Taquería EbenEzer


2. Le’ Kaat

2404 Le Kaat Jardin comedor Valladolidby Yucatan TodayIf you're vegan or vegetarian and worried about missing out on the mouthwatering flavors of Yucatán and México, Le Kaat is your go-to spot. This café/restaurant offers an extensive menu featuring everything from coffee to burgers and avocado pies, allowing you to eat deliciously while staying true to your dietary convictions (or needs). For example, their "taco trilogy" is a standout, offering vegan twists on beloved classics like Cochinita Pibil, Pastor, and Barbacoa tacos that Mexicans love so much. As if that weren't enough, its location on Calzada de los Frailes and charming garden will fascinate you. 


2404 Le Kaat empanadas con frijol y ensalada by Yucatan Today
2404Le Kaat Tacos variados con ensalada by Yucatan Today


Le’ Kaat
Calzada de los Frailes #210 x 48, Valladolid
Tel. 984 142 0206
FB: le_kaat
IG: le_kaat 


3. Idilio

It's impossible to hear the word Idilio (which means idyll) and not think of wonderful things. Luckily, this restaurant, just a few steps from the San Bernardino de Siena convent, on Calzada de los Frailes, truly lives up to its name. In addition to housing the Casa Ramón Mendoza museum, Idilio offers a charming (idyllic) terrace/garden, very original dishes inspired by local ingredients, delicious cocktails, and an extensive selection of craft beers. 


2404 Pan con carne y queso by Yucatan today
2404 Bebida Humeante de Idilio by yucatan today
2404 Queso con carne de Idilio by yucatan today


Idilio Folklore Cervecero
Calzada de los Frailes #230 x 43 y 49, Valladolid
Tel. 985 112 3259
FB: idiliomx
IG: idiliomx


4. Agustín Gusto

Right in the heart of Valladolid, across from the iconic Francisco Cantón Park, you'll find a cozy spot that celebrates the diverse flavors of México. In a delightful, family-friendly atmosphere, accompanied by breathtaking views of the San Servacio Church, Agustín Gusto is your gateway to culinary excellence. While their à la carte menu offers an array of tempting options, their tasting experience truly steals the show. It offers, in five courses, a journey through a surprising reimagining of some very Yucatecan dishes. Each course is paired with a beverage, including a Yucatecan craft beer and a glass of the house red wine. This tasting experience costs $800 pesos per person and is available only by reservation with at least one day's notice; I suggest not missing out on it. 


2404 Agustin Gusto Restaurant platillo 1 by Yucatan Today
2404 Agustin Gusto Restaurant platillo 2 by Yucatan Today
2404 Agustin Gusto Restaurant platillo 3 by Yucatan Today


Agustín Gusto
Calle 42 x 39 y 41, Centro, Valladolid
WA: 985 111 0906


5. Ixcatik

If you're looking for Yucatecan dishes with a home-cooked flavor, Ixcatik is the restaurant you should visit. Another family-owned business with a lot of tradition, here you'll find the most common typical options, such as Sopa de Lima, Cochinita Pibil, and Poc Chuc, but also several that are much homier; these, like Caldo de Chaya (Chaya soup), steamed squash, or Gordita de Hoja Santa, stand out for using ingredients that are found in every Yucatecan home; the result is so delicious that you'll almost forget you're eating 100% vegan food. Ixcatik's menu also includes signature dishes, such as the Xibalba shrimp and the Ixcatik shrimp. The biggest problem will be choosing just one.


2404 Ixkatik Restaurante Valladolidby Yucatan Today


Calle 39 x 20 y 22, Colonia Militar, Valladolid
Tel. 985 104 1605
IG: iixcatik


6. Gabby & Charlie’s

The fact that Valladolid isn't on the coast of Yucatán doesn't stop you from enjoying delicious fresh seafood in this Magical Town. At Gabby and Charlie’s, seafood is brought in from the coasts of San Felipe and Río Lagartos to prepare a wide variety of options that are among the favorites of Yucatecos: breaded, garlic-style, buttered, Mexican-style, as well as ceviches and cocktails, stuffed fillet, skewers, stuffed peppers, and shrimp fajitas, served on a hot plate that you won't regret trying. Thanks to its flavor, tradition, and reasonable prices, Gabby and Charlie’s is a very family-friendly restaurant and very popular with Valladolid locals; especially if you go on the weekend, make sure to arrive early to avoid waiting too long for a table. 


2404 Gabby y Charles Ceviche en Valladolid by Yucatan Today


Gabby & Charlie's 
Calle 41 x 28 y 30, Valladolid, Mexico
Tel. 998 159 7959
FB: Gabby & Charlie's


7. Napoleta

An instant classic in the heroic Valladolid, Napoleta offers a journey to Italy in every bite. With a romantic and cozy atmosphere, you will find Neapolitan pizzas, pastas, meats, and several other authentic Italian specialties here. This restaurant, which opened just over a year ago, already stands out in Valladolid for the quality of its ingredients and the dedication they put into their preparations, which, of course, is reflected in both the flavor and presentation of their dishes. 


2404 Platillo de Napoleta Restaurante by Yucatan Today
2404 Pizza de Napoleta by Yucatan today (1)


Calle 42 x 33 y 35
Tel. 985 147 4443


Photography by Alicia Navarrete and Yucatán Today, for its use in Yucatán Today.

Alicia Navarrete

Author: Alicia Navarrete

Communicologist born circumstantially in México City, but who says “uay” since 1985. Life has allowed me to see the world, which in turn has allowed me to discover how much I love the place where I live

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