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Taquería El Paradero: Serving Your Palate Since 1968

11 april 2024
3 min. de lectura

Cuisine plays an important role in the intangible cultural heritage of every region, and while this rings true throughout Yucatán, it’s especially evident in communities beyond Mérida. Behind every traditional dish, lies knowledge, wisdom, secrets, and legacies passed down through generations. These maintain a unique touch of flavors that tantalize the taste buds and allow us to enjoy sacred foods.


Take, for example, Taquería El Paradero, located in the town of Teabo, southeast of Mérida, and close to the Magical Town of Maní. If you happen to be in the area and craving a delicious breakfast, this is the perfect spot. Their menu offers Panuchos, Salbutes, tacos, and tortas, both with grilled meat and their specialty, Escabeche, which I'll tell you more about below. 


Taquería El Paradero, a family business in Teabo

2404 Tacos de Taqueria el ParaderoTaquería El Paradero was founded in 1968 by Don Juan Naal. According to his granddaughter, Deysi, Don Juan began by selling handmade tortilla tacos in the mornings and tending to the Milpa in the afternoons. With turkeys obtained from friends and acquaintances, the business took off with its specialty Escabeche tacos, a practical choice for customers. His daughter, María Magdalena, joined the business and helped her father since she was only 9 years old; although she didn't attend school for this reason, she took over Taquería El Paradero when Don Juan passed away. 


The Escabeche of Taquería El Paradero

2404 Escabeche de Ely ChavarreaNow 65 years young, María Magdalena, fondly known as Madal in Teabo, has been the driving force behind continuing this cherished tradition. She oversees the preparation of the dishes, especially Escabeche, a regional favorite made with chicken or turkey meat. The bird is marinated with Recado (an all-purpose seasoning) prepared on site, along with ground pepper, Xkatik chili, and pickled red onion. Both Escabeche and the other dishes on the menu are served in Panuchos, tacos, or tortas. The strained beans used to fill the Panucho tortillas are homemade and also sold separately.


Over time, El Paradero has naturally evolved yet its delicious flavors have remained intact, all thanks to the diligence of the Naal family women. Today, the Taquería is run by Madal's daughters, including Deysi Tec Naal. Thus, it is the third generation of the family who proudly runs the Taquería.


El Paradero, more than just tacos

The delicious recipes of Taquería El Paradero are already famous for their flavor. Cooked over firewood and seasoned with Recados (Escabeche, Recado Rojo, and Recado Negro) they prepare according to the recipes inherited from their grandfather, Don Juan. It's this unwavering dedication that has allowed El Paradero to thrive, serving customers for three generations, not only in Teabo but also shipping their products nationwide and to the United States.


With its great homemade taste and affordable prices, this taquería adds another layer to the vibrant tapestry of Yucatecan cuisine. And tacos are not the only reason to visit Teabo: don't miss the chance to explore the parish and former convent of San Pedro and San Pablo, a historic gem dating back to 1617.


2404 Taqueria El Paradero by Ely Chavarrea (2)


Photography by Ely Chavarrea for its use in Yucatán Today. 

Ely Chavarrea

Author: Ely Chavarrea

Maya woman, mother, daughter, Maya migrant to the city; anthropologist, writer, poet, activist for the Maya language, cultural promoter, lover of flowers.

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