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Muna, the highest mountain in Yucatan

28 june 2017
3 min. de lectura

Can you imagine climbing the highest hill in Yucatán and contemplating a beautiful view of the Mayan jungle with the magnificent pyramid of Uxmal in the background, visiting an 18th century temple and colonial chapels and enjoying a trip to the past touring an old hacienda? Well, all that is possible by visiting Muna, the star of the south, less than an hour from Mérida.


Muna, “place of soft or tender water,” is a small town with just over 11,000 residents, mainly of Mayan origin. Located in the south of Yucatán, very close to the archaeological site of Uxmal, a World Cultural Heritage Site, it is a stop where you can live an adventure discovering places that exalt your senses.

Leaving Mérida you only need to take the highway towards Umán, passing Yaxcopoil and Abalá until you reach Muna, a journey of 67 km. It is a small town where you can appreciate and enjoy tranquility. You can start your visit by visiting the municipal market and having breakfast at the food stalls located on one side; Here you will find options for typical Yucatecan food, fresh waters, natural fruit and much more.

Cross the main park to enter the former convent and main temple dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption. You will recognize it by its reddish facade; Its construction dates back to the 18th century. Don't forget to take a photo there, it is worth admiring the architecture of this church. The festivities in honor of this Virgin, patron saint of the town, take place from August 12 to 15 and, as is usually done in most towns in Yucatán, the image of the Virgin leaves the church to walk the main streets dressed of a suit made to measure and surrounded by flowers, pilgrimages and songs.

Within the city there are six chapels dedicated to San Bernardo, San Mateo, San Sebastián, La Soledad, Santa María and San Andrés with origins in the colonial era. In particular, the chapel of San Bernardo, which dates back to 1819, is distinguished because it is built in a single body of masonry in the shape of a vault and supported by three arches. Another stop you can make is at the Chapel of San Mateo, in the neighborhood of the same name. Meanwhile, the Chapel of Soledad dates from the 19th century and is made up of one piece, with an arch in the center and a portal in front with two arches. Highly recommended.

A must-see point to visit is the Mirador de Muna, located on the old road to Uxmal and in the highest place in the mountain range of this town. In this place you will be able to appreciate a view that will take your breath away and put you in a mode of peace and tranquility, appreciating the low jungle vegetation with the Pyramid of the Fortune Teller of Uxmal as a background. An incredible panorama! You can also take a tour to the caves that are there and enter the jungle trails with the support of the guide responsible for the viewpoint. Right there there is a clay and wood crafts store carved by the magical hands of the Muna artisans.

Finally, the San José Tip-Ceh hacienda is located on the edge of the Muna-Ticul highway. There you can visit the main house, the power house and the chapel. It is worth mentioning that both the road from Muna to Ticul and the road from Muna to Uxmal are used for mountain biking and runner training, so be careful while driving in this area. There is also the famous “Atlética del Mayab” race that takes place every year starting in Uxmal.

Muna also has lodging and food services, so whether you are spending a day or passing through, it is a place where you can enjoy nature and history at its maximum splendor.

Violeta H. Cantarell

Author: Violeta H. Cantarell

“Meridana,” traveler, animal lover, passionate reader, commentator, and enthusiastic promoter of the natural and human beauty of Yucatán.

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